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Can we use this to just shut down the whole state government?

One of the biggest points in the illegal alien mess is the economic factor. Many of the illegals come here to work, and as such a lot of people blame the employers for providing them with jobs. There are calls for increased penalties against the employers. Some even say that the indirect employers, the people who hire the contractors should bear some of the penalties for the illegal workers.

If that were the case, then the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would be in big trouble right about now...

You just KNOW the illegal aliens problem is pretty bad when the Boston Globe is going after it... even to the point of spelling out just what job sites and what contractors are involved, as well as a lengthy sidebar on stolen Social Security numbers and how they are obtained.


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This goes right back to the... (Below threshold)

This goes right back to the other day when some of us suggested that social security numbers need to be run through a computer system before an employee is cleared to start work. Should I take off my rose-colored glasses now, or keep ranting?

The practice of issuing pho... (Below threshold)

The practice of issuing phony social security numbers was open policy in the Dukakis administration.

While it's great reporting, it's hard to imagine that the Globe doesn't have an ulterior motive, such as to taint the Republican Governor.

If I recall correctly, a Ru... (Below threshold)

If I recall correctly, a Russion politician was assassinated when the concrete platform he was standing on blew up. It was later learned that terrorists had been involved in the construction of the dias and they had implanted explosives during the construction phase.

Also, the Belsan school massacre was possible because the Chechnian (sp?) terrorists were able to retrieve their weapons and explosives from under the floor of the gymnasium. They had been put there by workers when the school was remodeled in the previous year.

It may seem like a stretch, but if terrorists are willing to learn how to fly planes and crash them into buildings, isn't it possible that terrorists are willing to become involved in construction? They have infinate patience. Eventually, some could work on a project that could be used in a terrorist attack.

They've done it twice before, just not in America - yet.

Another example of why SSNs... (Below threshold)

Another example of why SSNs are really horrible when used as ID numbers. You can make one up at random and there's a fair chance it'll be someone poor soul's valid number. And even if it's not valid, no one is likely to notice.

Heaven forbid we should hav... (Below threshold)

Heaven forbid we should have a national ID card. Why, it would be Fascist, Totalitarian, an unspeakable revocation of our in-alien-able rights, Right?

I love reading rap sheets t... (Below threshold)

I love reading rap sheets that look something like this (fictional, of course):
[CLETS header info]
CII A09831428

FBI 642318LF0
DOB 01011979 02051977
CDL X5544345 H09877654
SSN 123559498 566446023 567234242
CDC H059679 J142233 YA092367
[start arrest record]
Pity the poor REAL holders of all the SSN's and CDL's that Jorge has used.

This is California's answer... (Below threshold)

This is California's answer:

500 - Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-36th, Murietta (2002)), Budget Vice-Chair. Health care for all illegals making less than $60,000, based on a formula that considers eligibility at 300% of the Federal poverty level, at a cost of $500 million per year.

This is inserted deep in the budget where it will probably be passed without comment or debate. Better healthcare for illegals than most California and American citizens enjoy.

I heard about this from Dennis Mountjoy and Frank Pastore (www.frankpastore.com) and I just wish I had a way to make more people aware of it.

UPDATE: This just passed through committee this weekend and is well on the way to becoming our new budget.

i suggest all of you supply... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

i suggest all of you supply your bank accounts, phone numbers, guns serial numbers to our government and pray for a national ID that has all this information on it. After all you are legal so you should have no problem. Yep, a national ID card is the answer...I say no intrusion is too much if we can keep those brown people out...

I agree with the medical situation but where is your scream for national low cost healthcare for all U.S. citizens? Until you demand it for us don't bitch about what "they" get.

where is your scream for... (Below threshold)

where is your scream for national low cost healthcare for all U.S. citizens?



'nuf said






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