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A date which will live in blogging history...

A little bird (I think it was a Jay) tells me that today is Kevin's birthday.

Feel free to offer congratulations and condolences in the comments below...

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Happy birthday Kevin! It j... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday Kevin! It just so happens that today is my un-birthday.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Happy Birthday Kevin! :)</p... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday Kevin! :)

Happy birthday Kevin. Anot... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Happy birthday Kevin. Another great person born on this day besides me. Ha.

I read it first on Rather's... (Below threshold)

I read it first on Rather's new blog: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kevin! ... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Happy Birthday, Kevin. Don'... (Below threshold)

Happy Birthday, Kevin. Don't you just hate it when people make a fuss?

Happy birthday Kevin. I als... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday Kevin. I also share this birthday with you. Hope yours is fun filled and pleasant.

Thank you all!... (Below threshold)

Thank you all!

Congrats to Kevin "The Jizz... (Below threshold)

Congrats to Kevin "The Jizzer"!

Happy birthday to you,<br /... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birth....<*erk*>

RIAA Policy: "Nothing to see here folks, just a routine arrest. Move along."

I didn't see this till this... (Below threshold)

I didn't see this till this morning but June 19th is my birthday also!
Happy Birthday to all of us!

Happy birthday, Kevin.<br /... (Below threshold)

Happy birthday, Kevin.
I'm sorry for being late.






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