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Another hidden cost of illegal aliens

A friend of mine tipped me off to this story, about another place that illegal immigration is costing us in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

Hmm... could we possibly use this to win the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and few more of the environmentalist groups over to the side of the angels on the illegal alien issue?


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I doubt it. Ideology always... (Below threshold)

I doubt it. Ideology always trumps principle with leftists. Just like women`s rights groups are fine with the excesses of Bill Clinton. He may be a cad, but he`s their cad.

In a rural suburb of Atlant... (Below threshold)

In a rural suburb of Atlanta, in the last few months, two families have been devastated by homicides committed by illegal aliens driving drunk; one received his usual "free" medical care for his injuries, was released from the hospital, and promptly fled the jurisdiction - yet to be captured and tried for his crime. These families will never be made whole, and our government is directly to blame.

Calling on a local public health center, I was told the story (by a medical professional) of another illegal who received "free" medical care at the facility for his multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. The epidemiological analysis of those people known to have been in close contact revealed over fifty (50) people who had a positive reaction to tuberculin tests as a result of exposure from this single illegal alien. Not being willing to take meds as directed, this illegal was hauled before a judge, as can happen with some communicable diseases. What to do with this "Tuberculosis Maria"? The judge first tried to get the American Lung Association to spring for the 12 to 18 months hotel bills to put this "patient" under house arrest while undergoing "directly observed therapy" for his tuberculosis. As Georgia closed its tuberculosis sanitarium years ago, the good citizens of Georgia were given the privilege of paying for this illegal to be housed in South Carolina's tuberculosis hospital for the required period. He will likely be "discharged" just like the drunk-driving killer.

How many American adults and children have been injured or killed at the hands (or by the breath) of criminal or diseased illegals who have invaded our country? How can our country not be safer by clearing our country of these parasites? What are the statistics for the the spread of diseases by illegals who enter from places who do not innoculate their citizens against communicable diseases? Why does our government care so little about the suffering of its citizens that is caused by these invaders? I would like to see some "shock and awe" right here at home.

The same thing happened in ... (Below threshold)

The same thing happened in Nashville just last week - illegal immigrant driving drunk fleeing from police hit a couple and killed them. Unforturnately the uber PC local paper and news are afraid to call him illegal. "A 27-year-old Madison man was charged with vehicular homicide Monday in the deaths of a Mt. Juliet couple killed in a car crash Thursday. Gustavo Garcia Reyes of 814 Anderson Lane was booked into Metro Jail on charges of vehicular homicide and evading arrest, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said. He is being held without bond. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a detainer on Reyes because he appears to be an illegal immigrant, police said.
Reyes has been booked by Metro police in the past as Gustavo Reyes Garcia. His past arrests include charges of drunken driving, evading arrest, driving without a license and leaving the scene of an accident." There are some reports that he had been arrested 20 times - and apparently during those 20 times the issue of him being illegal apparently never came up even though one of the times his last address was Mexico.

Senate Democrats may be ove... (Below threshold)

Senate Democrats may be overstepping their bounds.
When the Senate passed their massive guest worker amnesty proposal in May, they included tax provisions for former illegal aliens on their "path to citizenship." The Senate sold the idea as illegal aliens paying back taxes for at least three of the last five years they have been present illegally. These back tax provisions quickly drew fire from House members because the Origination Clause of the Constitution requires that all tax revenue measures originate in the House of Representatives.

The House Ways and Means Committee has jurisdiction over all tax provisions in the House. Like other members of the House, Chairman Bill Thomas has expressed his concern with the Constitutional implications of the Senate tax provisions and has threatened to 'blue slip' the Senate's passed immigration bill. This procedure called 'blue-slipping' allows a Representative to offer a resolution to return the bill to the Senate because it violates the Origination Clause. The process is called 'blue-slipping' because the resolution printed on blue paper. In response to complaints from House members, Senate Democrats suggested the House ignore the Constitutional issues raised by the tax provisions and simply begin the conference committee. However, Chairman Thomas has confirmed he plans to assert the House's Constitutional right to initiate tax provisions.






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