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AP Shows True Colors

The AP let their bias show by running this picture of the Vice President accompanying a story about his speech today.

Vice President Dick Cheney makes remarks at the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize luncheon sponsored by then National Press Club, Monday, June 19, 2006, in Washington. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

The photo editor who ran this should be reprimanded. During Clinton's second election, I was assigned to take pictures of Al Gore when he came to town doing his stump speech. I got a shot of him sniffling or something -I'm not real sure- but his whole face was contorted and he looked like an idiot.

We printed an 8x10 in the darkroom and offered to make copies for all the liberals in the newsroom. It provided us hours of laughter. (even the libs got a chuckle or two) Did I run it? No. Did I ask the managing editor if I could run it? Sure... And he got the joke.

Why we didn't run it is obvious. Photographers routinely get unflattering pictures of famous people. That's what happens when you freeze time unnaturally. It is unethical to run them. -- At least not in a straight new story. A few days ago there was unflattering picture of Whitehouse communications director Tony Snow. I not only didn't mind the media running it, I highlighted it prominently.

The difference between the two is why we have photo editors. In the Snow case, the absurdity of the picture was the whole point. Even if Snow came off the butt of a few jokes, it was obvious he was in an unrealistic situation and the photo had a certain novelty that made it news.

This picture of Cheney has no such redeeming values. Of the dozens of pictures the photographer took, the the photo editor SPECIFICALLY picked one that would make Cheney look bad. That is both unethical and disrespectful.

I doubt anything will be done. It's just another example of the media doing anything they can do to make the administration look bad. They keep telling us there's no liberal bias in the media. And who are you going to believe, them or your lying eyes?


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Comments (33)

Maybe Cheney will take the ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Cheney will take the AP photo editor bird hunting...? That'll teach him!

Believe it or not I do not ... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Believe it or not I do not subscribe to the Cheney "snarl" that really is in just about every photo if you check it out. I truly believe it is a subtle paralysis as the result of one of his heart "situations." I have an uncle with the same physical thing.
I may not like the guy but I will not jump on a physical situation any of us are subject to...

Looks like Dick Cheney to m... (Below threshold)

Looks like Dick Cheney to me. He never has been the most photogenic fellow in the room.

You're obviously too young ... (Below threshold)
John S:

You're obviously too young to remember the covers of Time and Newsweek during the 2-year long "fake but accurate" Watergate hysteria. Each week the editors picked the most unflattering photo of Nixon they could find and ran it as the cover. The one that really pissed me off was a Newsweek cover where it looked like Nixon was picking his noise. 32 years later I still wouldn't wipe my ass with that magazine.

Don't let the hype put out ... (Below threshold)

Don't let the hype put out by the AP bother you. I discounted them as a news organization long ago. I now look for the credit of every story, If it says AP or Rueters i naturally assume it's 80 % inaccurate, and 15% outright lies. That doesn't leave many of their stories to be believed as accurate. The only accurate thing in any of the antique MSM print outlets is the date on the page and they manage to screw that up sometimes. I've cancelled all Media General publication, they ran something like 99% total lies and 0.75% inaccurate. The 0.25% accuracy was on the comic pages.

Stop the presses: Did Lee a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Stop the presses: Did Lee actually make a joke? I do believe that qualifies as one.

And so does his second post.

You're right about the phot... (Below threshold)

You're right about the photo, but of course this is now standard operationg procedure for our beloved mainstream media. Take a look at this photo of the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell, which ran above the fold on the front page of the Washington Post's June 8 Business section (apologies if some of you have seen it before via Wizbang; I posted this link in a recent Carnival of Trackbacks)

Is it me, or does he look l... (Below threshold)

Is it me, or does he look like Tony Montana about to say...

"Say hello to my little friend!"

And no, this isn't another ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

And no, this isn't another failure the White House can foist off onto the CIA. Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney are at fault for this failed strategy. They should be run out of Washington with their pants around their ankles for getting us into this mess.
And whoever joined hands with Murtha to slander our military should be condemned in the strongest terms. These people shouldn't be allowed to lie about Iraq and the great progress our military has accomplished there. We should not allow these despicable people to continue the bloody legacy of the cold war.

The AP is full of self-cong... (Below threshold)

The AP is full of self-congratulatory J-school myrmidons, uh, graduates, fully immersed in multiculturalism, post-modernism, moral relativism and holistic synthesism. AP does stand for Assholistic Press, doesn't it?

Oh, yes -- almost forgot: t... (Below threshold)

Oh, yes -- almost forgot: the AP is full of social Clymers, too.

He has that look because He... (Below threshold)

He has that look because Helen Thomas asked Him for some nookie..

FreeKeys et al... (Below threshold)

FreeKeys et al

I get it: when any of the MSM reports anything in conflict w/ your illusory world, it's obviously biased &/or lying.

Some of us could have had some mighty laughs had there been bloggers back in the days when it was still debatable about the Earth really being flat.

I can just imagine the condemnation that you all would have heaped on the "moonbat" reports coming in from Chris Columbus.

AND, especially to John S

Pity about your poor Nixon getting unmasked for crimes against the Constitution. Now we understand your affection for The Chimp-in-Chief.

AND Christopher Fotos

That pic of your pal, Brent Bozo-elle depicts him exactly for what he is, even if the pic was but a microsecond in time. The man is a hypocritical puke & that is exactly how the foto displays him. What's wrong w/ truth in photography?

914, He has that lo... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

He has that look because of the despicable behavior of the left.

That would do it too!... (Below threshold)

That would do it too!

914, It is amazing ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It is amazing that there are people still displaying the same behavior that made Cheney frown (right in this thread). Looks like the people on the left knows the total corruption of their own side, so they have nothing but to project their own corruption onto others.

I guess the death of Zarquawi was a real distress for them. I haven't read any thing they wrote about Zarquawi close to their expression of hate towards Cheney. I guess these people have a more tender heart towards their allies.

BTW: Here is the hero of th... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

BTW: Here is the hero of the left, Murtha: a disgraceful example of both corruption and incompetence. In one interview, he advocated both the cut-and-run Somalia solution and the transfer of US troops from Iraq to Okinawa, where we just signed an agreement to reduce our troops there. And this is the hero of the left. It is truly a sad spectacle.

LoveAmerica Immigrant </... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Immigrant

You posted: "I haven't read any thing they wrote about Zarquawi close to their expression of hate towards Cheney."

This sort of comment just reflects how damn dumb you really are.

Those of us on the Left are far more concerned w/ what this Bush Administration has done to this country. It goes w/ out saying that Zarqawi was a criminal thug and that Iraq & the world are now far better off.

But that is no cause for cheers as Bush/Cheney grind up America's sons and daughters for a demented cause likely to ensure far more terrorism than any that has been eliminated w/ swagger.

Unfortunately, the same is not true of our country. I don't know from what country you came from where you learned a slavering acceptance to those who govern regardless of what they do in the name of the people, but you sure as hell brought no gifts to your new homeland w/ your extremist rightwing admiration for guts and glory and war. By the way, have you put yourself in harm's way in defense of your super-patriotism or are you just content to cheer from the sidelines while others die protecting your right to make an ass of yourself as you beat the drum for more war?

Seriously - I've never seen... (Below threshold)

Seriously - I've never seen him smile. This might be the best one out of two rolls of film.

Unfortunately, the same is ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Unfortunately, the same is not true of our country. I don't know from what country you came from where you learned a slavering acceptance to those who govern regardless of what they do in the name of the people, but you sure as hell brought no gifts to your new homeland w/ your extremist rightwing admiration for guts and glory and war. By the way, have you put yourself in harm's way in defense of your super-patriotism or are you just content to cheer from the sidelines while others die protecting your right to make an ass of yourself as you beat the drum for more war?
I came from VN, a communist country. I learned first hand the consequence of the left 's bloody cut-and-run policy. They used the same rhetoric against America in the service of the communist North. The left was silent during the Cambodian genocide and the jailing of hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese. Half a million died on the sea escaping from VN. They left couldn't muster an ounce of outrage over the communist atrocities. They still support people like Carter who is embracing the communist dictators like Castro and Chavez today.

I think you are hiding your cowardice. You are defending a corrupt movement and party, who are willing to sell out the poor/oppressed in Iraq and Afghanistan just to regain political power. YOu are right it is despicable of people on the left who is enjoying the freedom secured by the US military yet at the same time take every opportunity to slander them (eg. Haditha) and to belittle their great accomplishment in Iraq. They are willing to ignore these accomplishment while trumpeting the atrocities of the terrorists as failures for the US military. They were even willing to lie just to smear these brave men and women again. I am compelled by first hand experience to continue speaking out the dangerous behavior of the left. I wished VN had the opportunity Iraq has right now. You are either living in an illusion or a lie created by the left or you are willfully ignorant.

IF you don't believe in war, then go talk to the terrorists and convinced them to lay down arms and leave Iraq to the Iraqui people. Then I can believe you. Otherwise, it is the cheap talk I have repeatedly seen from the left: only proptest against America or American military since they know that they are in no danger. Go protest in Iraq, Cuba, or North Korea. I don't know what right you are losing in America today. I think America today is much better now because the corrupt nature of the left has been exposed for all to see.

By the way, have you put yo... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

By the way, have you put yourself in harm's way in defense of your super-patriotism or are you just content to cheer from the sidelines while others die protecting your right to make an ass of yourself as you beat the drum for more war?
This is again cheap talk. I am not slandering and stabbing the military in back as the left has done in the VN war and now in the GWOT.

THe fact that you can always expect to see the left propangandize on behalf of the terrorists and against the US military.

Go protest against the terrorists who are blowing up your countrymen!

Nicely stated LoveAmerica I... (Below threshold)

Nicely stated LoveAmerica Immigrant.

"National Press Club? Smel... (Below threshold)

"National Press Club? Smells like bull ass to me."

Gregory how would You like ... (Below threshold)

Gregory how would You like a face full of birdshot?

Ya know, the one side of hi... (Below threshold)

Ya know, the one side of his face looks a lot like my great uncle's does. He had a stroke several years back and his face muscles have never been the same. I know Cheney hasn't had a stroke, but his heart problems could be doing roughly the same thing.

It's rather low to use a person's physical condition to make political hay, no matter which side of the aisle one is on.

Love America Immigrant - Go... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Love America Immigrant - God bless you and a belated WELCOME TO AMERICA.

Rest assured, asses like the trolls on this board are the minority in this great country.

Big Mo, thanks (and I do lo... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Big Mo, thanks (and I do love this great country on God 's green earth)

Mak44 you bring shame on al... (Below threshold)

Mak44 you bring shame on all of your ilk. Whether or not you disagree with the policies of this government, the Vice President has done nothing, at least that you can prove, to desearve your disrespect. But, what is there to expect from scum of the earth.

The AP isn't the only one. ... (Below threshold)

The AP isn't the only one. I was at the Special Libraries Association annual meeting just last week. Reuters was one of the exhibitors. Their entire backscreen, huge, was a deliberately embarrassing picture of George Bush (showing him grimacing at a door), & written right under it was Reuters openly bragging about trying to find those kind of pictures. I wish I'd had my camera--I would have taken a picture of it for the blogs. They're not called al-Reuters for nothing!

LoveAmericaImmigrant:... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Just read your post. I might have been shooting at you forty years ago, but Semper Fi now. Actually, can't immagine your having been Viet Cong.


Your not even a pimple on this guys ass.

Here's an equally unflatter... (Below threshold)

Here's an equally unflattering photo of H Clinton.


Sorry, Paul, but as always -- reality wins again.

Oh, and yes - that is an <b... (Below threshold)

Oh, and yes - that is an AP photo of Hillary.

And here's another one, thi... (Below threshold)

And here's another one, this time of Ted Kennedy.


You need to put down the bong, Paul, and find a new hobby. You're hallucinating waaay too much these days.






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