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Congratulations to blogger Betsy Newmark for coaching her school's quiz bowl team to a national championship. Betsy has lots of interesting posts today and this weekend, as well, including one about how the Democratic party is trying to be the anti-war party without seeming like the anti-war party, which is quite a juggling act to say the least.

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Amazing how she can guide s... (Below threshold)

Amazing how she can guide students to a trivia bowl yet at the same time having a blog riddled with lies and errors.

Amazing how you can state h... (Below threshold)

Amazing how you can state her blog is full of lies and errors yet at the same time not offer any examples.

Nah Sputnik, that's not unu... (Below threshold)

Nah Sputnik, that's not unusual for the likes of JP2.

It's why they're called trolls. Too dumb to have their own blogs and debate the issues. They just jump on each and every thread and throw out insults.

Pity their Mom and Dad doesn't kick them out of the house and make them at least get a minimum wage job.

JP2's type could never hold a real job and make their mark on society. Check that; they will make their marks alright. Their marks will resemble road kill.

Now we know why her page wa... (Below threshold)

Now we know why her page was sabotaged. It was not Democratic Party operatives, but rather other teams!

jp2, Actually, she... (Below threshold)


Actually, she was able to prepare her kids to win the quiz bowl by getting them to concentrate on facts.

Not the fantasy misconceptions that dominate your life.

Here are two examples:... (Below threshold)

Here are two examples:

Steele and Oreos + the Democratic Staffer Memo via Powerlie. She took back one of those.

Now Murtha is advocating th... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Now Murtha is advocating the Somalia solution for Iraq. jp2 is trying to divert from the obvious disgrace of the Dems and the left. It seems that the liberals cannot afford to be honest about themselves.

Are you sure you posted thi... (Below threshold)

Are you sure you posted this on the right thread? Anyways, nice to silence the crowd.






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