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Dan Rather Considers Blogging

Dan Rather is considering many different possibilities to pursue upon his retirement from CBS -- including blogging. According to the NY Times:

Dan Rather also said that in April, in anticipation of what seemed to be his imminent departure from CBS, he had formed a company -- he named it News and Guts, in a nod to what he considers the pillars of his professional life -- through which he plans to create several other journalism ventures, including, perhaps, a blog. (Though he has not yet settled on a title, he says he has ruled out one: "I'd Rather Say This.")
I have a hunch that Wizbang readers can come up with some possible blog titles.


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Comments (45)

Rather in a Lather?... (Below threshold)

Rather in a Lather?

Rather at the Gates.... (Below threshold)

Rather at the Gates.

Rather Blogging would be li... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Rather Blogging would be like a Texas red ant trying to weave a silk web.

Rather's character is less suitable to blogging than a Cadillac transmission in a John Deer farm tractor.

Lets see what other "Ratherisms" people can come up with.

Courage! What's th... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:


What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

I Am God Here

The Frequency... (Below threshold)

The Frequency

I imagine if Rather does st... (Below threshold)

I imagine if Rather does start blogging, everyone will clearly see how unintelligent he actually is. I remember when someone decided to give Larry King his own radio talk show. King was so clueless on the air that the show was cancelled about a year later. Larry King is used to tossing softball questions and kissing butt on his TV show but when he needed to actually do some homework and show prep in order to know something about the topics scheduled, he royally screwed up. I imagine whatever blog Dan Rather comes up with will expose his ignorance and arrogance rather well (pun intended).

404 Error... (Below threshold)

404 Error

Rather Not- or - <... (Below threshold)

Rather Not

- or -


Like Velcro to Stupid... (Below threshold)

Like Velcro to Stupid

Blabberpuss 101... (Below threshold)

Blabberpuss 101

Signed-off and Sold-out... (Below threshold)

Signed-off and Sold-out

"I'd Rather Still Be On TV!... (Below threshold)

"I'd Rather Still Be On TV!"

Liar, liar!... (Below threshold)

Liar, liar!

Jennings stole My hair!... (Below threshold)

Jennings stole My hair!

Travis county Traitor... (Below threshold)

Travis county Traitor

Rather Dumb... (Below threshold)

Rather Dumb

A bumper sticker I used to ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

A bumper sticker I used to see alot during the late 80's and early 90's was "CBS is Rather biased." I guess Rather Biased could work. At least it would be honest.

"Rather than Truth"... (Below threshold)

"Rather than Truth"

Feel free to choose one Dan... (Below threshold)

Feel free to choose one Dan:
Dan's Can
Cronkite's Laughing
60 Readers
Blather Vomit
The Fallen Anchor
Canned Rather
Rooney's Bitch
Will Blog For Food

Ratherzone: Where falsehood... (Below threshold)

Ratherzone: Where falsehoods become realitys.

Danarrhea... (Below threshold)


All the news that fits, I t... (Below threshold)

All the news that fits, I tint.

I can't beleive no one has ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

I can't beleive no one has yet come up with the canonical, obvious name - "Fake But Accurate".


Dejected here I sit!... (Below threshold)

Dejected here I sit!

"Fake, But Accurate"<... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Fake, But Accurate"

"Stand By Your Lie"

(Thought: Why do I picture Rather being like Homer Simpson sitting at his computer muttering and reading the computer instrutions, "To get started press any key. Hmmmm....which one is the "any key"?)

"I'm Dan rather, And You're... (Below threshold)

"I'm Dan rather, And You're Not"

Legend in my own mind.... (Below threshold)

Legend in my own mind.

BTW, Carl,

I remember when someone decided to give Larry King his own radio talk show. King was so clueless on the air that the show was cancelled about a year later.

I agree with your observations about King, but he was national on Mutual Radio Network from 1978 to 1994.

"Burkett and Mapes, an inco... (Below threshold)

"Burkett and Mapes, an inconvenient truth"

Truth is to Rather like wat... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Truth is to Rather like water is to oil; put together they tend to separate.

Truth is to Rather like a skunk is to a bloodhound; seldom found together.

"Mapes-le Syrup"... (Below threshold)

"Mapes-le Syrup"

McGehee:<blockquote... (Below threshold)


"I'm Dan rather, And You're Not"

Maybe take this to the next step (a la SNL of course):

"America, you ignorant slut."

...would nicely sum up his attitude toward Joe SixPack, no?

The T.A.N.G. Dynasty ... (Below threshold)

The T.A.N.G. Dynasty

Or not.

Really Arroga... (Below threshold)

Really Arrogant Twit Has Early Retirement

"News and Nuts"... (Below threshold)

"News and Nuts"

Rather unhinged dont ya ... (Below threshold)

Rather unhinged dont ya think?

Synthetic Orange Juice........ (Below threshold)

Synthetic Orange Juice......Think about it.

...would nicely sum up h... (Below threshold)

...would nicely sum up his attitude toward Joe SixPack, no?

I like it!

He has to save his failed... (Below threshold)

He has to save his failed , incompetant and criminal democrat party by the only way he knows how. POUND THE PERPETUAL FRAUD. Like a couple minutes ago on CNN , Wolf your a POS, liberal media lets dirtbag Dean tell LIE after LIE.

The new plan for the Dimwits is to claim the Republicans have no plan , oh and that they are not smart enough to keep America Safe.LOL.

When are we going to classify these traitors as the enemy?

The world would be a safer place without these assho!es(democrats).With no Media to give the suicide bombers the only thing they want "AIR TIME" and with no traitorous cowards aka (Democrats) putting the finishing touches on the PERPETUAL FRAUD deceiving the Americam public , we wouldn't even have this problem with Osama and friends.

Thank the Democrat Party for keeping the terrorist's hopes alive. How about doing something for your Country and the hell with your personal agenda and your "WANTS" , selfish traitorous basturds!

Sorry, Rob, but it is time ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Rob, but it is time to push you neandrethals aside and get this job done. It's the right thing for America.

Rathergate.com? Oops! Alrea... (Below threshold)

Rathergate.com? Oops! Already taken!

Rather Biased? Oops! That's taken, too!

How about Rather's Blather?... (Below threshold)

How about Rather's Blather?

Rather than Research.... (Below threshold)

Rather than Research.
"Good God man you're only human."
After you've been beaten by 'em, join 'em.
Foiled by Superscript

I could go on all night.

THAT'S A DANNED LIE! ... (Below threshold)


TRUE LIE'S... (Below threshold)


"Looking for Lucy"... (Below threshold)

"Looking for Lucy"






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