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Duke Lacrosse Rape Case - DA Attacks Blogs

Newsweek nicely summarizes how the Duke lacrosse rape has been imploding upon itself as the discovery process allows defense lawyers to analyze the evidence that the prosecution says form the basis of its case. District Attorney Michael Nifong is sticking to his guns, even as case crumbles around him. To call the conclusions initially proudly trumpeted by District Attorney Michael Nifong deeply flawed is to understate the level of misconduct that is slowly coming to light.

Asked for an interview last week by NEWSWEEK, Nifong declined, but sent an angry e-mail accusing the national media of getting spun by defense lawyers and sticking to his earlier comments to the press. "None of the 'facts' I know at this time, indeed, none of the evidence I have seen from any source, has changed the opinion that I expressed initially," he wrote. He lashed out at "media speculation" (adding, "and it is even worse on the blogs"). He said that he was bound by ethics rules against commenting any more about the case or evidence.

Oh really?

At this point, even viewed in a light most favorable to the prosecution, it's just not possible to piece together all of the publicly available evidence in a manner which even supports the contention that a crime was committed, let alone that the three young men charged were involved. The Newsweek article indicates that that the alleged victim may just stop cooperating.

It is not certain that the accuser will go forward with the case. Ten years ago she claimed she had been raped three years earlier by three men, but her father told reporters that the rape never happened, and she never followed through with the authorities. The father has been supportive of her this time around, but he told yet another version of what happened - that the Duke players used a broom handle. Recently, he has said that his daughter is struggling with her "nerves" and may not be up to testifying in a trial. According to their lawyer, Mark Simeon, the accuser's parents have not heard from their daughter for weeks and are very concerned.

If that comes to pass, as seems increasingly likely, the focus will turn to the conduct of Nifong; in which case things will really get interesting.

Take a look at the rest of the Newsweek story or check out two posts at The Johnsonville News (June 17 and June 15) [Note - Though we are well aware of the alleged victims identity, we are not publicizing it. The Johnsonville News is.] to see how the conduct of the lead detective and the DA have become the story. They were talking earlier, and their statements (or more accurately misstatements) are a major part of the story.

A prominent Duke law professor, James Coleman, last week called on Nifong to remove himself from the case and appoint a special prosecutor. "Either he knew what the facts were and misstated them, or he was making them up," Coleman told reporters. "Whether he acted knowing they were false, or if he was reckless, it doesn't matter in the long run. This is the kind of stuff that causes the public to lose confidence in the justice system."

Coleman seems to have hit upon the problems noted in a defense filling [PDF], and the aforementioned Johnsonville News posts, in that Nifong was professing to have read medial records that don't appear to have been retrieved (via subpoena) until well after his statements were made.

The rape case may have collapsed, but that case against Nifong is just getting started...


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Comments (83)

Unbelievable. It's obvious... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable. It's obvious this case is a hoax like the Tawana Brawley accusations, yet the lives of these young men on the Duke lacrosse team have been thoroughly destroyed, and they'll always be tarred as "rapists" and "oppressors" in the eyes of the media. Of course, the fact that this case is a hoax, will be hush-hushed and swept under the rug by the media. As they say-- Accuse on Page 1 (for many months, one might add), Acquit on Page 15, for a day.

Total crap. And of course, these young men will still be picketed and blacklisted, publicly humiliated and so forth. There'll be more candlelight vigils on evil violent pampered young white men and their victims, the horribly oppressive and racist white male-dominated society, calls for more remedial affirmative action and all that-- IOW, the mess gets worse, and as whites in the US increasingly become the minority, we'll have to deal with even more of this crap, not less.

It's obvious that the USA is starting to split apart, so why prolong the agony? Even now, the majority of blacks basically want to declare the Duke lacrosse team defendants guilty and lynch them-- even with all the new evidence. If I were their friends, I'd fear for their safety once Mike Nifong finally bites the dust and drops the case. They can't win no matter what they do, no matter how honest they are and how much they cooperate with the police and the justice system. Maybe we should just split into little ethnic sub-nations and get it over with quickly. Or maybe just emigrate to a few medium-sized European or South American countries where we don't have to deal with this sort of crap.

In the same period in which these young (and obviously innocent) white men were dragged so brutally and mercilessly through the mud and publicly humiliated, thousands of white women have been raped by blacks, with almost none in the opposite direction. Yet obviously, that isn't newsworthy. How much longer are we supposed to just remain blithely silent, drugged on American Idol and Survivor, and just sit and take this?

Ethics and evidence do not ... (Below threshold)

Ethics and evidence do not have the opportunity to cross swords with Nifong.

Speculation here is being l... (Below threshold)

Speculation here is being labeled as truth. A dangerous thing to do, if you care about truth, that is.

Hmmmm.1. Frankly I... (Below threshold)


1. Frankly I thought something was up when Nifong was openly speculating about proof of a "date rape drug" when he had to have known that no toxicology tests were taken.

2. A lot of people are forgetting that this is Nifong's very first election. He was previously appointed to his position and he is seeking election for the first time.

Perhaps someone needs to post an election FAQ for people like this.

3. I think it's rather unlikely that this will go to *criminal* trial. But unless there is some substance to these allegations by the accuser then I'm pretty certain that there's going to be one hell of a civil trial. No idea how much money these guys are going to ask for, but it should be fairly epic as the actual damages are both massive and far spread. One of the accused, at least, has had a job offer rescinded while the two others have had their very expensive educations put in limbo until this matter is cleared.

As to whom might be the targets of such a civil lawsuit? Absolutely it will be Durham County and the Durham Police Dept. Very likely it'll include the lead investigator and, unless immunity applies, Nifong as well. It, or separate suits, might also include 88 or more Duke University professors who came out and openly declared these three players guilty.

If I were them I'd want to share the pain.

Derm and Duke are going to ... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

Derm and Duke are going to settle out of court. I suspect Derm will soon be bankrupt.

Engaged,You are wron... (Below threshold)

You are wrong about the Black White split. Coleman, the professor calling for a new DA is Black, former attorney for senate ethics committee. Read this letter from a BLACK Lacrosse player. This is about race, race baiting by a Democrat trying to get elected, what's new about that? Here is letter from player: http://media.www.dukechronicle.com/media/storage/paper884/news/2006/06/15/Columns/Apologies.Necessary-2087398.shtml?sourcedomain=www.dukechronicle.com&MIIHost=media.collegepublisher.com


Very enlightening kemperman... (Below threshold)

Very enlightening kemperman.

Seems we might have some co... (Below threshold)

Seems we might have some competition now for Nifong

Hey, you can't claim Nifong... (Below threshold)

Hey, you can't claim Nifong's lying if he didn't read the medical reports and other investigation docs! Come on, fair is fair!!

But, at the least, I'll take gross negligence.

He said "none of the evidence I have seen from any source." So, he hasn't "seen" any. But, he wasn't looking, as it turns out.

By the way, and I'm not making this up, he told a friend of mine at church early on that he equated procuring strippers the same as procuring prostitutes. This might give you an insight to his "thinking" and the power of his discernment about the evidence.

<a href="http://video.msn.c... (Below threshold)

MSNBC has a video interview with Dan Abrams about the Duke case and he SLAMS the prosecutions case. According to the video, Dan Abrams was given exclusive access to all of the information the prosecution disclosed to the defense and went through all of it.

Abrams, really comes down hard on the prosecution.

At this point, whatever hap... (Below threshold)
Billy Bob:

At this point, whatever happens is going to be highly interesting. Side-by-sides of Nifong's stances from begining and end will be classic. I can't wait for the inevitable Diane Sawyer sit-down with Crystal. We're going to need Rand-McNally just to track the progress of Ms. Magnum's accounts of that night. Even if it turns out that one of the lax players did assault CM, it's going to be a complete cluster f*&^ before all is said and done. I just wish I could avoid hearing anything about it until it's all over then get the complete thing on DVD. Catching up on Entourage that way right now. Does anyone think CM's still turning tricks?

Dan Abrams has never been o... (Below threshold)

Dan Abrams has never been objective about this case!!. He is so bias, I find him to be totally disgusting!!. The duke 3 are not so "innocent" as you wish them to be. They lied from the beginning about their names, who the party was for, and about how many people were to attend that party. I blame their parents for not raising them to have respect for women. They were out of control with their drunken parties, diarespectful to their neighbors, urinating out of windows and having no morals themselves. I am just sick of them.

It gets even worse. There's... (Below threshold)

It gets even worse. There's just been a complete info-dump to the news media. All 1300 pages of discovery evidence has been released to NBC. Here's a link to Dan Abrams who has seen the whole thing and it gives his take on the matter


It's just unbelievable. When was the last time you can think of when a defense team releases _all_ the discovery evidence to the media? I've never heard of such a thing.

Nifong has a lot to answer for.

Nifong tried to use this ca... (Below threshold)

Nifong tried to use this case as an election platform, and now it has turned into a nightmare. Politics and Justice do not mix and this is why Nifong should be disbared and held criminally liable for his actions.

Mike Nifong is a good prose... (Below threshold)

Mike Nifong is a good prosecutor and he is seeking justice in this case. The person that wants to challenge Mr Nifong is using this case for his own political gain... let me sum it up by saying...HE WON'T WIN. This person wants to come in and dismiss this case whether the evidence is THERE or not.

The 1300 pages of evidence ... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

The 1300 pages of evidence is out!

IMO, it's as much a mistake to focus on Nifong to the exclusion of other players in the Rape Case as it is to fixate on Osama bin Laden and "bringing him to trial" as the only threat radical Islam poses.

1. The cops are the ones that did the "cooked" photo lineups, lied to the Judge that issued the search warrants, have possibly crossed the line in witness intimidation (taxi driver, duke players - tell us they story we want to hear or we will harass you), and may have concealed, misrepresented evidence in their Grand Jury Testimony. One name keeps coming up - Benjamin Himan, the rookie investigator. The cops, not Niphong, are exposing Durham to significant legal liability. And if legal consequences happen, it will be the cops swinging, not Nifong. I can see Himan facing criminal charges.

2. William Brodhead appears to have thrown his students, unprotected, to the mob. And done considerable damage to the schools reputation. This is a guy who tossed an innocent Yale professor out when his PR machine and New haven media falsely fingered the professor as a murderer. Already in the Duke alumni ranks, a movement is growing to deny Duke alumni funds over a President that reflexively guns for his wards if any trouble happens and who tarnishes his school's good name. Duke may face substantial legal exposure from cleared students over Duke administration violating their civil rights, and the fired Lacrosse coach may sue to recoup the value of his damaged reputation and loss of future income from Brodhead tossing him to the wolves.

3. In defense motions, attorneys are persisting on having the Court force divulgence on who conceived and issued the "Wanted Poster" on the 46 "guilty" Lacrosse players. The Durham police explaination that they "only advise" and have "no reponsibility" to dilulge who may have made up and distributed the poster is not flying with the attorneys. With the average legal costs of the 43 non-indicted players already over 12,000 dollars apiece as of 2 weeks ago and the good names of all 46 publicly impugned as conspirators, lawsuits for malicious defamation may be launched to recoup damages. If not the Durham Police, who on the Board of Crimestoppers did it? Was it approved by the Board, and who on that Crimestopper's Board was there as an employee of a prominant local business, NCCU, or a Well-Endowed University (hint!) with Deep Pockets??? All it takes is just a few defamed players to pursue this as a civil tort. If Nifong or any of the police were in on it or pushed it and City of Durham provided the computer or printing resources Durham could be in for a major lawsuit outside the criminal case. Nothing like private citizens never charged with a crime having their names and faces slapped up by a quasi-official group out to destroy their reputations by groundless slander.

4. Little conversation has gone into what sort of repercussions should fall on "Crystal". Many believe none - as she is a victim, or is so "troubled" - that as a single mother of two she only merits "sympathy". I disagree. She needs to face justice for the enormous damage her false accusations of rape did to the Duke players, the coach, the community....and would have done to the 2nd stripper if the police and Nifong had gone with Crystal's charges that Kim was an active participant in the bathroom rape. Her tax cheat and welfare fraud crimes from unreported high income stripping and prostitution should not be ignored by the Feds or NC taxpayers. Finally, the rape shield the mainstream media and most alternate media maintains should be removed on conclusion she was a false accuser out to victimize others - her name and face should be covered in every media that plastered the names and faces of the 3 false accused all over their product.

5. Yeah, Nifong. While fixation on him masks other major culprits in this - he will be getting his. I just worry that liberal media and the people in power in Durham are just waiting on word Nifong is stepping down or Crystals "tremendous trauma" will prevent her from testifying -- to launch the immediate "OK, it's all over now, time to move on!!", claim. With demands that "What the community needs, what the poor woman needs" is "CLOSURE and Time to Heal" - with no consequences to Crystal, Nifong, or any of the other players that made a mockery of justice.

Comment by Chris Ford -- 06.19.06 @ 3:11 pm


VOTE FOR County Commiss... (Below threshold)
Bety Friedan:

VOTE FOR County Commissioner Lewis Cheek's for Durham District Attorney

Lewis Cheek for DA! Ditto!... (Below threshold)

Lewis Cheek for DA! Ditto!!

Real credibility, fairness, intellect. Everything Nifong doesn't have.

Then, Lewis, prosecute the stripper/hooker!!

Clean our the dirt in the Durham system.

Don't you wish!!! It will n... (Below threshold)

Don't you wish!!! It will not happen

GOD BLESS MIKE NIFONG!!!</p... (Below threshold)


Huh Uh, Justice58!... (Below threshold)

Huh Uh, Justice58!

Mitchell - good one!<... (Below threshold)

Mitchell - good one!

J58 - if you could manage to put your racism on hold for a minute, you might actually want some real justice, not railroading people falsely accused of a crime. Think about it - if Nifong would try to railroad 3 falsely accused who have the means to hire good legal counsel, how much concern do you think he would have in steamrolling people with minimal means to defend themselves?

Mike Nifong is NOT railroad... (Below threshold)

Mike Nifong is NOT railroading anyone!!... LOOK... You need to STOP thinking these duke 3 are so "innocent", and they're certainly NOT.. These duke players were out of control from the beginning with all kinds of bad behavior. As you know... Bad behavior always has consequences and it always lead to other bad behavior. This is of their owm arrogant actions and thinking they could get away with it. BTW.. I am not racist, I would feel the same way for any woman regardless of her race. No one deserves to be raped.

I don't think anyone will d... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone will disagree with you, no one deserves to be raped. And in THIS case, it is abundantly clear that no one was.

Yeah, they weren't aspiring priests (?!), but urinating, loud parties, and underage drinking is a light year jump from what has been accused. If those minor violations should require hard jail time, then about 95% (should probably be 100%, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt because I never actually saw some of them) of the males and 60% of the females that I know should have been locked up. You say you went to college, may I ask which one? I've been to college parties at Univ. of Delaware, Carnegie Mellon, LaFayette, Duke, University of Tenn, UNC, and NC State, and Duke parties were pretty tame by comparison. The scholarship athletes at Duke were, by far, the least arrogant (Tommy Amaker is one of THE nicest guys in the world).

If you would focus on the facts of the case, a reasonable person, unbiased and not harboring some political or validation agenda, would have to conclude that the allegations were false.

Sundance.... That's not tru... (Below threshold)

Sundance.... That's not true... and yes, I have been to college and I am still continuing my education BUT, I perfer not to say where. I'm not being sarcastic, just cautious.

Justice58: "Huh, uh!"... (Below threshold)

Justice58: "Huh, uh!"

As someone who went to Davidson and Wake Forest, and has spent a fair amount of time pee-peeing in bushes during fraternity parties, I am glad a prosecutor never decided to prosecute me for rape because I bush pee-peed and watched a stripper dance. I'd be doing 20 years to life!

Having spent time in the reality-based community, I would extend an invitation for Justice58 to join us, unless someone here objects.

Mitchell.... that is just n... (Below threshold)

Mitchell.... that is just nasty but, you know, some people like nasty stuff.

J58: you sound intrigued. ... (Below threshold)

J58: you sound intrigued. You into it, too?

There is nothing greater on this globe than being able to wip it out and hose down some vegetation. It is liberating.

YOU'RE NUTS!... (Below threshold)


Mitchell - I would be servi... (Below threshold)

Mitchell - I would be serving a number of consecutive life terms.

J58 - No, he's not! I cannot prove it, but I would bet that over 90% of the gentlemen pro golfers have hosed down a bush or two. Never ran any cross-country in HS (another over 90% bunch)? Never peed in a swimming pool? That's much more gross and offensive, but I'll bet you did it.

And have you never been to one of your college parties before you were 21? No beer or Purple Jesus Punch ever passed your lips? If not, you would be classified as abnormal, since that is by far the norm.

Well SundanceI gue... (Below threshold)

Well Sundance

I guess that I'm abnormal because I never did that, and I don't drink. Both of you is just so nasty.

J58 - I respect your decisi... (Below threshold)

J58 - I respect your decision not to drink alcohol. I made a different decision and it was one part of having the time of my life. I don't think that makes/made me out of control, though. And I certainly didn't rape anyone. And, from all that I've heard, neither did the Duke players.

I noticed you didn't answer about peeing in the pool. Never been in the infield at the Preakness or the Indy 500, either? Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do when nature calls and there is no alternative. And, trust me, there would be PLENTY of company.

SundanceNo, I've n... (Below threshold)


No, I've never did it in a pool. I'm not saying that people that drink are out of control. A person can always have a good time without hurting other people. One should always respect other people, period. I'm saying that these duke 3 and others with them were so out of control and that they were told a year before to tone it down and they didn't. You know, this would have never gotten to this point if the guy with the broom would've kept his mouth shut. I probably would have slapped him myself if he displayed a broom at me. A broom!! come on... that's very insulting. I'm for having a good time, but not at the expense of other people... it's just wrong.

Why hasn't the defense just... (Below threshold)
lois Olmstead:

Why hasn't the defense just filed to dismiss this case?

Total sham! Nifong doesn't... (Below threshold)

Total sham! Nifong doesn't care about the evidence or ruining others lives. Someone around him should smack some sense into him before all 46 lacrosse players and families file a civil suit against Nifong, Himan, The DA office, Durham Cty and Duke itself for doing such damage to these kids and their. How much does it cost to make up for the fact that everytime one of their names are Googled it comes back as being associated with this false rape? My guess is...a fuckload! Spead the pain and collect a massive amount of money, 46 times over, for being sop thoroughly and falsely screwed! These families will get thier pound of flesh before this sham is over.

I agree with the position t... (Below threshold)

I agree with the position that Mr.Nifong, the Durham Police Department, the city of Durham and Duke University have made serious errors in judgement. The media has been slanderous, sloppy and should be held libel for much of what was printed before any facts were known.
I think the three student atheletes are innocent of this particular accusation. I think the alleged victim could come forward at any time and say, I'm sorry, I lied.
She obviously needs help. I ask the question about filing for dismissal because I don't know how the law works and if the defense has all it needs, that would seem to be the obvious next step. Instead, they are trying to get Mr. Nifong to tell all he knows.. so there must be more we don't know that he does. Of course, it could be that if Mr.Nifong did what was ethically expected of him he would loose his job. It benefits him to go to a jury and take his chances. He will continue until he figures out what to do with his life. The legal system in North Carolina isn't very impressive at this point. If half of what we've been told is true, someone in the system above Mr.Nifong should have stepped in by now. The response of outrage and attempts to put this in the proper light have come only from others outside of Durham North Carolina. The people in power all have their own livelihoods to think of now. They don't care about these boys or their ruined reputations. Duke University only cares about the revenue stream they will loose if 85% of their student body which comes from outside of North Carolina decided to go somewhere else. Everyone is watching.

Kudos to Chris Ford for a s... (Below threshold)

Kudos to Chris Ford for a succinct review. And Mr.Coleman for bringing some measure of thought to Durham.

Justice58: "Both of you is... (Below threshold)

Justice58: "Both of you is just so nasty."

Yes, we is, sista. Yes we is. . . .

Lo: the DA is the only one empowered to dismiss the case at this stage. If the defense takes a defense motion to a judge, all the judge can do is determine if there is ANY evidence that supports the claim. Since the accuser's testimony, as deficient as it is, is some such evidence, then the judge would have to allow the case to proceed to a trial and most likely an acquittal at that point.

The problem with a rogue prosecutor's wide discretion is that he can tie this thing up for over a year while the kids twist in the wind, even if the evidence doesn't justify it.

J58, please don't comment on this. We is certain this is the case.

From ABC News:"In ... (Below threshold)

From ABC News:

"In their discovery motion, Seligmann's attorneys specifically asked for access to the accuser's computer, which they said is believed to be in the possession of the Durham Police Department, and records from the Durham Access Center, where the accuser was taken for involuntary commitment in the hours after the party and before she told police she was raped.

Defense attorneys have suggested that the district attorney has not given them all the evidence he might have, as required. Last month, Nifong provided nearly 1,300 pages of discovery, saying that was all he had to turn over."

So, the accuser has a computer she likely used after the event, but it hasn't been reviewed by the DA, or the DA hasn't produced records of the review. Either way, it's another problem Nifong has created for himself. That's clearly legally discoverable evidence and should have been produced earlier.

Wonder what she said when they were going to involuntarily commit her? That's when her story changed to rape. Intereting timing on that, isn't it Justice58???


Thank you Mitchell.... (Below threshold)

Thank you Mitchell.

Kemperman, thanks to you to... (Below threshold)
Lois Olmstead:

Kemperman, thanks to you too. The truth is not being heard by many but I'm glad it is out there for some.

MitchellWhy... (Below threshold)


Why are you using words like "we is"... what's the matter with you? You know that it's not right! what's up!!

What up? We is, that's wha... (Below threshold)

What up? We is, that's what.

We is going to pee your flowers in your front yard!

MitchellFir... (Below threshold)


First.. You have to find my front yard, otherwise I don't think so. I thought you mentioned that you went to college. I'm not beleiving that now, since you are speaking that way. I thought you were more educated than that!(shaking my head)That's too bad Mitchell!

Sorry about the spelling...... (Below threshold)

Sorry about the spelling... In a hurry, I have to study for an exam.

Spelling exam? Or, verb te... (Below threshold)

Spelling exam? Or, verb tenses?

More bad news for your boy,... (Below threshold)

More bad news for your boy, Nifong, J58.

An additonal 500 pages were ordered given to the defense (the judge had to order it because Nifong wrongfully held back).

They show there is no toxicology report, so Nifong saying there might have been a date rape drug has no foundation.

They have cell phone records showing the "accuser" used her phone during the relevant time she was supposedly raped.

So, Nifong continues to be shown as a liar, and continues to have no credible evidence. And, in fact, is holding back credible evidence which tends to exhonerate the accused.

What a winner you got there, J58.

That's BS Mitchell... (Below threshold)

That's BS Mitchell

This case didn't magically disappear like some of you, wait..most of you thought. This case is moving forward. I didn't see such a dramatic performance by your so called boy. The defense had motions slapped down so fast, they didn't have time to blink their eyes, muchless finish a sentence. I would say, things went pretty well for the prosecution's side. BTW, I am studying for a psychology exam and I don't appreciate your "little" comment.

What was it that you though... (Below threshold)

What was it that you thought went so well for Nifong?

The bail one one of the defendants was reduced from $400,000 to $100,000, the def. got more docs wrongfully with-held, and another court date in July to further review Nifong's production of docs.

What went so well for Nifong, pray tell?

Mike Nifong didn't set that... (Below threshold)

Mike Nifong didn't set that bond himself! It was set by the court and what does that mean? "the bond being reduced"... NOTHING...The case is moving on. The defense didn't get ALL what they wanted, you know... motions denied, denied, denied. Why don't you ask the defense to let you see what's in those 536 pages, I bet they'll let you look??,huh??

He asked for the $400k bond... (Below threshold)

He asked for the $400k bond originally.

And here is the report from local paper on the hearing which didn't go well for Nifong, especially since he had to produce more docs that shows he has even less of a case--note the additional story the accuser tells--

"DURHAM - District Attorney Mike Nifong on Thursday handed more than 536 pages of rape-case evidence, and a defense lawyer immediately said the new material casts more doubt on the charges against three Duke University lacrosse players.

Lawyer Joseph B. Cheshire V said after a court hearing that the documents, which bring the evidence divulged by Nifong to a total of 1,814 pages, contain a reference to the accuser saying she was raped by five people. Defense motions have pointed out that the woman has given different accounts of how many men she said raped her after an escort service sent her to dance at a March 13 team party.

"We've got none, we've got three, we've got five, we've got 20. I mean, pick a number -- any number you want to pick," Cheshire told reporters outside the courtroom. "She's told so many different stories I'm not sure how many there are."

Defense lawyers have declined News & Observer requests for copies of the evidence, and Cheshire did not make them available Thursday. An investigator in Nifong's office called into question Cheshire's claims Thursday.

When Cheshire told reporters that the woman claimed five people attacked her, investigator Linwood Wilson asked Cheshire to show him that page in the evidence.

"You're welcome to come get it," Cheshire said.

"Yeah, I'd love to see it," Wilson said.

Wilson walked away, and Cheshire continued talking with reporters.

Cheshire said half or three-quarters of the pages are copies of information already provided. But the new pages refer to a previously unknown police lineup -- the second in which the accuser could not identify a team captain charged in the case as one of her attackers, Cheshire said"

Later, Mr. Cheshire faxed the DA "investigator" with the document that the DA had produced but apparently the investigator didn't read! They're some real legal eagels over there, huh?

I don't see the "Cheshire c... (Below threshold)

I don't see the "Cheshire cat" making a b-line to file any motions, they'll tell you anything and you just suck it up like air. You say, "yes, yes Mr Cheshire cat, I believe you, I believe you"... don't be so gullible! Face it, this is not going away.

The stripper sooo lied. She... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

The stripper sooo lied. She's going to jail!

First she says she was raped by 20 men, then by five men, then by three men after a frustrated police officer told her to "pick a number!"

First she didn't say she was raped, then after being arrested she said she was raped, then she claimed the 2nd stripper helped with the rape and robbed her, and now she claims that the second stripper was separated from her, but the second stripper stated they were separated for less than 5 minutes.

First she denied being raped, then she said she was only vaginally raped, then she said she was beaten, choked, and kicked after being dragged into the bathroom by three players, but the medical reports stated that there was only mild vaginal swelling and small scraped on her knee and ankle. No signs of a beating.

First the stripper said she didn't have sex for over a week, then she confessed that she had sex with her boyfriend, a vaginal sex toy at the party before the Duke party, with the two guys who drove her to the Duke party, and a "client" the day before. This women was dripping with DNA, non of which was from the boys.

"If Mike Nifong doesn't... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

"If Mike Nifong doesn't get disbarred after this, then there really is a corrupt system in Durham that protects rich white guys. In Nifong's case - stupid rich white guys with transparent political agendas."

He won't get disbarred..."y... (Below threshold)

He won't get disbarred..."you just wish" ain't gonna happen. Why don't you come watch him at trial? And BTW, she is soooo NOT going to jail because a person has to be charged with a crime first and then convicted. That's not happening either.... wrong AGAIN Betty... "you lose"

Unfortunately, Justice58, y... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, Justice58, you have already lost and don't realize it. On many different levels and many different ways.

You just don't get it.

MitchellYou and BF... (Below threshold)


You and BF are on the same sinking ship and it's crazy because you both refuse to get off. Well then.... drown!!

I would tell justice58 to c... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

I would tell justice58 to check the hole in her own ship, but it's hard to check for leaks when your ship is twenty feet under water.

Her ship, the S.S. Nifong, sank just out of dock.

The S.S. Nifong is a total loss and there's no way to salvage it. The only thing remaining are the rats still making noise(justice58) and two wet strippers wading around for dollar bills.

Justice58 followed me fr... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

Justice58 followed me from this blog where she attacked me.


You should check this blog out, justice58's antics are quite humorous.

Here's an example.

justice58 said "Listen Stef and the THING disguising herself as Betty Friedan.... I swear, when I see BF's name on a blog, I really see the DEVIL himself and I hate him dearly."

I responded : LOL! When I see justice58's name on a blog, I think of a two monkeys in a small ccage jumping and screaming over a grape.

But then again, two monkeys fighting over a grape makes more sense than justice58 insisting that a rape occurred just because a drunken stripper/hooker-with-a-substance-abuse-problem,-a-long-criminal-history,-and-pattern-of-making-false-accusations-of-rape-and-kidnapping said so.

Justice58: "Both of you is ... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

Justice58: "Both of you is just so nasty."

Mitchell: Yes, we is, sista. Yes we is. . . .

**** LOL! LOL! I can't almost type!!! LOL!

Justice58 says: Sorr... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

Justice58 says: Sorry about the spelling... In a hurry, I have to study for an exam. June 22, 2006 05:29 PM

You should go back and study, it seemsyou have a very difficult time comprehending facts.

Betty FriedanI hav... (Below threshold)

Betty Friedan

I have no problem comprehending that Mike Nifong will win this case and you know it also, that's why you chase down every blog trying to convince others to your thinking. SORRY... You are still a LOSER. Don't worry about my exam... You should get a little education yourself... WAIT...You can't, because you just had a PREFRONTAL LOBOTOMY. Therapy won't even help you now.

J58 - for a little while, I... (Below threshold)

J58 - for a little while, I thought that you might be becoming reasonable. Having read your posts on another blog, I see that is not the case.

Please answer me this: If you could choose any of the following four as the true event and eventual outcome, which would it be?
A) Mangum telling the truth, lacrosse players found guilty,
B) Mangum telling the truth, lacrosse players acquitted,
C) Mangum lying, lacrosse players found guilty,
D) Mangum lying, lacrosse players acquitted.

Please choose the scenario and outcome that you honestly hope is true.

SundanceWhat is yo... (Below threshold)


What is your reasoning for this question??

No reasoning, assuming the ... (Below threshold)

No reasoning, assuming the "right" three lacrosse players were identified and the case goes to trial (which it most likely will, since Nifong controls the process and he has painted himself into a corner), these are the only possibilities. I just would like to know what your underlying hopes for the case are.

BTW, how did the exams go? Awfully late in June for finals, isn't it? Mine were usually over by the 1st week in June at the latest, sometimes in May.

SundanceIn respons... (Below threshold)


In response to the exam question...It's summer session 1 my dear and I made 96, 92, 91 and summer session 11 will start July 7th. Are there any other things you would like to know??

A is the answer and you shouldn't be posting her name on the internet because that's not right! what if that were your mom, sister, aunt that was rape. You wouldn't like that, otherwise you'd be a lowdown, dirty, vile person...or... ARE YOU???

J58 - first, congratulation... (Below threshold)

J58 - first, congratulations on the scores! 3 courses for a summer session is a tough load. You must be a study animal, a good student, or both.

Secondly, thank you for your honest answer. I suggest, however, that you take a sabbatical, go sit in a corner or a cave in Tibet, and reflect on your values, the person you are, and the person you want to be, and here's why:

In event/outcomes B & C, an injustice would occur. Either a crime was committed and no justice was meted or innocent people were unjustly punished. Neither is fair and an innocent person(s) would suffer without justice.

You chose event/outcome A. Justice would be served on criminals, which is good. But, do you realize that you are actually HOPING that this woman was brutally beaten and violently assaulted multiple times? This person who you claim to love and support as a beautiful woman? Is this really what you want? Is this what you would want your friends to hope for if you were in her position?

In event/outcome D, no one would be brutally assaulted and violated and no one would be unjustly punished. Yes, both parties would suffer some residual negative effects, but this is the event/outcome with the least amount of injury and undue suffering on any and all parties and the only option that a genuine, fair and caring person should hope for.

Lastly, her name is not a secret. Anyone who wants to know can readily find it anywhere on the internet. Mostly, though, I don't subscribe to the rape shield one-sided "protection". In this country, the accused are innocent until proven guilty. They have not been proven guilty, thus they are innocent at this time. Yet, their names, families, finances, etc. have been widely published. Even if eventually proven innocent, they will have suffered the injustice of being labelled as rapists, thugs, hooligans, etc. Even if proven innocent, the stigma and a certain amount of doubt will always follow them. A true victim of rape evokes sympathy, because they have suffered a crime and injustice through no fault of their own. My position is either air both the accused and alleged victim's names, or neither.

Listen SundanceThi... (Below threshold)

Listen Sundance

Think whatever you want because I certainly can't stop you. I believe a rape occured and you don't. I can't hope for something that has already happened. BTW, one exam was a make-up exam and the other two were finals. I only had a two course load but it was still very draining. I do get a few days break and then it's back to burning the midnight oil.. again. (whewwwwwwwww)

justice58 we all know you "... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

justice58 we all know you "believe" a rape occurred, in spite of all the facts and evidence that proves otherwise.

In fact, the only "evidence" that a rape actually happened, is the claim of the stripper/hooker who created the rape-lie to get out of being arrested and having her probation revoked.

And about your exams, I really don't care about your exams. It doesn't seem important to you, so why should it be important to me?

Yet I find it strange that you have "finals" since college has been out of session for weeks and summer sessions only began.

Do you find the college unusually empty? Do you find yourself sitting in an empty room? Are you sure you're in college, or do you just "believe" that you're in college, just like you "believe" a rape occurred?

Dear justice58, <b... (Below threshold)
Betty Friedan:

Dear justice58, Crystal Gail Mangum isn't a rape victim, she victimized 47 innocent boys by first robbing them, and then gang-false-raping them

The Crystal Gail Mangum's father said that his daughter's face as beaten and swollen, but medical reports stated that Crystal Gail Mangum only had a minor scratch on her knee and another n her ankle. Seems like Mr. Mangum has a problem with telling the truth as well.

The Crystal Gail Mangum's father said she was raped by a broom stick, but the Crystal Gail Mangum never mentioned a being raped by a broom stick in any of her twelve different stories she told the investigators.

The Crystal Gail Mangum's ex-husband stated that he believes that Crystal Gail Mangum didn't lie about being kidnapped and raped, but then claimed that Crystal Gail Mangum made a false claim of kidnapping in 1998.

The Crystal Gail Mangum made a similarly suspicious claim against three boys in 1996, was dishonorably discharged from the Navy, had a child from another man while married to her ex-husband, arrested for grand larceny and attempting to kill a police officer in 2002, finally was found intoxicated and was arrested until she cried rape. It took 6 line-ups for the stripper/hooker to innocent boys to be her Duke Lacrosse rapists out of a photo lineup of only Duke Lacrosse players, she claimed she didn't have sex with anyone for over a week, but later confessed to having sex with a "client" the night before, her boyfriend earlier that evening, a battery vaginal sex toy at the party before the Duke party, and the two guys driving her to the Duke party.

On the night she created the false-rape claim, Crystal Gail Mangum's was dripping with DNA evidence, none of which is linked to the innocent Duke lacrosse boys.

P.S. And the only way I would believe that you would score >90% on any exam is if you attended a "special" college for "special people".

What's "special people?" You claim to score in the 90th percentile, so you figure it out.

BettyYou can stick... (Below threshold)


You can stick it up your.....

The victim was robbed by th... (Below threshold)

The victim was robbed by the dukies... she said, they raped her and then took her money which LE found at the resident.

Frankly BF

you need a broom shoved up your..........

No no justice, she said THE... (Below threshold)

No no justice, she said THE OTHER STRIPPER STOLE HER MONEY. Much like the accuser, you don't have your stories straight. The dukies didn't rob her. Nice try though

I just found this blog, and... (Below threshold)
David "Justice59" (A guy one up on justice58):

I just found this blog, and it's interesting, but what's up with the psycho "justice58"? Justice58 is either a nasty 12 year old or a raving idiot.

Sundance, Betty, and Stef make perfect sense. The stripper seemed to have been lying from the beginning and the evidence proves it. Gys should have protection from false accusers of rape. I hope people get sued big. The DA needs to be hanged by the balls from the closest tree

So do you David!! Not only ... (Below threshold)

So do you David!! Not only that but a broom shoved up yours to the hilt... Got that!!

One more thing...when black... (Below threshold)

One more thing...when blacks stand up for themselves....they are labeled raving idiots or trouble makers. I know your kind (David) but people like you are not going to silence my voice. Yes, we are standing with the victim of this horrible crime with one mighty voice and we will not stop until justice is served. You or no one else will intimidate us. We are waaaaaaaaaay past that point baby, and that is the reason you and others are scared. Chew on that for a minute.!!

God justice it's not when b... (Below threshold)

God justice it's not when blacks stand up for themselves, it's when PEOPLE MAKE FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE OTHERS TEND TO LOOK DOWN UPO THEM. No one gives a fuck if this lady is black, everyone sees the evidence that is available that makes it very predictable that this woman is lying. Don't you get it?

And you didn't comment about the 2nd stripper stealing her money. Avoiding the fact that she claimed 27 different stories that night?

And if you want to talk abo... (Below threshold)

And if you want to talk about draining, try taking 17 credits a semester, double majoring in English and broadcast journalism, while volunteering at planned parenthood 4 days a week and big brothers/big sisters 2 days a week, while studying for your LSATS, 4 finals, and writing 4 papers, 2 10 pages long, 1 15 pages long, and 1 5 pages long. Then, after you graduate with 122 credits in 4 years and a degree that says you double majored, try applying to some of the best law schools in the country with a 174 LSAT exam and a 3.5 gpa (my top choices were Notre Dame, NYU, Fordham, and Georgetown...I ended up at NYU/Stern) and planning your life around another 3 educations.

WHEW! Talk about burning the midnight oil, but yeah your 3 exams, 2 of which were finals and 2 courses sound absolutely overwhelming, I don't know how you do it! My god! You must be wonder woman.

ListenYes, dumb as... (Below threshold)


Yes, dumb ass, it is a full load when you have school, children,husband, and a home to care for everyday, which includes cooking a d*mn good home cooked meal everyday and taking care of the needs of others. B*tch that's a lot. And I still maintained a GPA of 3.5

So don't come here throwing your little sh*t at me. You have no one but yourself to care for.

I also volunteer to go shopping for 2 old people that live next door to me....SIMPLY... because I like them and have respect for old people.(who happens to be white)

I have no one else to take ... (Below threshold)

I have no one else to take care of? My boyfriend plays baseball for the Yankees, I spend every dollar I make on 2 things: rent for my apartment, and traveling to be with my boyfriend. You have the pleasure of having those that you love near you, in the same house. I am constantly traveling to see those I love.

I cook for myself nightly as well. I never considered cooking "overwhelming", but I mean, to each their own. I've cooked meals for my 3 room mates before.

Congrats, you are nice to white people. Would you like a medal? Perhaps a monument? I volunteer with black children daily. What's your point?

And Justice, looking back o... (Below threshold)

And Justice, looking back over past posts on this, I find it funny that in someone making fun of you for your poor sentence structure when you said "you is just both so nasty", and people coming back at you saying "we is sista, we is", you suddenly turned it on them and say "i thought you had better education than that" in reference to the grammatical mistake, when YOU were the one who made the mistake and other people are simply picking up on it and trying to show you your mistake. You are too dense to realize they were making fun of the fact you are illiterate and can't form a sentence with the correct tenses.

By sundance responding "we is sista, we is", she is pointing out the error you made in assuming "IS" would pertain to more than one person.

"You both ARE just so nasty" would be the correct way of saying it. IS refers to the singular, and since "BOTH" refers to mroe than one, or plural, it would be ARE, not IS.

And you comment on other people's education? How do you pass written exams? Do you have your children do them for you? What college do you go to?

And where the hell is ... (Below threshold)
Curtis Roys:

And where the hell is the North Carolina State Bar in all of this? In most states the Bar has an interest in maintaining the integrity of their profession. Evidently, the North Carolina State Bar is not at all interested in reigning in one a rogue prosecutor despite numerous (17 at last count) unanswered formal complaints, not just in this case but in others as well. As a result of their malfeasance this story which should've been dead from day one is like the Energizer Bunny: will just keep on going and going and...What a shame that the once great state of North Carolina will be dragged through the mud ad infinitum.

Ah, the crazy ranting lady ... (Below threshold)

Ah, the crazy ranting lady justice58... you were wrong. so wrong you should be forbidden to raise children.






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