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Tired of Murtha's Rhetoric?

Then support the effort to throw him out of office. Murtha Must Go is a new blog created by the mother of an American soldier stationed in Iraq in an effort to support Murtha's challenger Diana Irey. This blog should be a daily read for those who think Mr. Murtha has gone too far in his anti-American and anti-military rhetoric and should be defeated.

If you are unfamiliar with Diana Irey, be sure to catch her on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning, June 20th at 8:20am.

Update: Power Line is also endorsing Diana Irey for Congress.


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Comments (8)

His rhetoric is tiring.... (Below threshold)

His rhetoric is tiring.

His spitting into the mic is inexcusable.

Just a minor correction, I'... (Below threshold)

Just a minor correction, I'm a dad of a deployed Iraqi Freedom soldier.

Thanks for the link--

There's nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to have Murtha's fat backside handed to him in November!

Hate to sound shallow but a... (Below threshold)

Hate to sound shallow but after seeing the website she has my vote!

I thought that she looked m... (Below threshold)

I thought that she looked mighty fine when she appeared on the Big Story with John Gibson

Irey's is the first congres... (Below threshold)

Irey's is the first congressional campaign I've ever donated to.

Murtha is beneath contempt. Now I have to get my husband, a recent US citizen, to register to vote. That will give her two...

Zeb, I'm not worried that y... (Below threshold)

Zeb, I'm not worried that you sounded shallow. I'm just thankful that you're voting for her this November!!!

PS- I'm proud to be Psyc's blogging partner at MMG. He's a great guy who passionately cares about winning the war against the jihadists. After watching Mrs. Irey on TV yesterday & this morning, I'm convinced that she's just as passionate as Psyc about having the military killing bad guys overseas rather than cleaning up after theme here.

"Hate to sound shallow but ... (Below threshold)

"Hate to sound shallow but after seeing the website she has my vote!"

No kiddin'. She IS a babe.

Yeah, I bet She looks bette... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I bet She looks better in a bikini then Ol,Murtha any old day!






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