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Can You Feel The Love?

Karl Rove made some observations about the difference between the blogs on the right and left and he got some reaction to it. Those on the left are feeling no love for Rove, to say the least.

There are differences between conservative and liberal blogs (I call them liblogs for short), but the most obvious is the electoral track record of the candidates they support. Evidently all that Rove hating on the liblogs is not a great strategy for influencing elections.

Update: Let me rephrase that...Rove hating is not a great strategy for winning elections. It may very well be influencing them, just not in the way they would wish.


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Lorie, you're absolutely ri... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you're absolutely right. The liblogs, along with libradio, are a great asset ------- to the GOP!

The more the liblogs gain influence (and they certainly are) within the Dem party, the better.

Nice post.If liber... (Below threshold)

Nice post.

If liberal blogs are "liblogs" does that make conservative blogs "conlogs?"

Hillary hating is probably not a great strategy for winning elections, either.

Hillary is a veritable pina... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Hillary is a veritable pinata of political bashing opportunity, Len... You see, you can get away with bashing people like Hillary if 1) They're utterly unlikable by the majority of the people, and 2) that bashing has a hard base in truth. This is something the left hasn't learned yet, but hey.

Accept that Rove is not a p... (Below threshold)

Accept that Rove is not a political candidate..

I got into work yesterday a... (Below threshold)

I got into work yesterday and my liberal co-worker says to me "Did you see that comment from Murtha?" I said no: I had been away from the media all weekend so I hadn't heard about his appearance on Meet the Press. So he sends me a link to some news item focusing on Murtha's "fat ass" comment about Rove.
Then I took a look around the blogosphere and found out what ELSE he had said.
Did my coworker wonder at all at Murtha's citing Reagan's abandonment of Lebanon to a decade of Civil War (one of the major lows of his presidency) as a great strategic decision? Did he wonder about Murtha's similar citing of Clinton's widely decried cave-in in Somalia as another great moment in leadership? Did he wonder at all about his mind-boggling suggestion that our Iraq troops should redeploy to Okinawa?... No, none of that caused a ripple in his liberal mind. But Murtha's school yard pot-kettle name calling toward Rove--THAT was the sign of a great statesman. That's the mentality you have in the lefty blogs. One fat guy calling another fat guy fat is what passes for policy debate.

Hmmmm.Frankly I si... (Below threshold)


Frankly I simply don't understand either the severe distaste or the outright hatred and fear the Democrats have for Rove. Most of what has been attributed to Rove were nothing more than Democrats shooting themselves in the foot.

As far as I can tell the more notable Rovian plots were either outright failures or brought mediocre success.

Really how difficult is this stuff anyways?

Some people are very religious, try not to call them "Christers" and denigrate their religion. Some people are living a country lifestyle, don't call them "rednecks" or make mocking references to their having "gun racks in their pickup trucks".

Frankly if the Democrats returned to their blue-collar roots and embraced *real* diversity vs the overwhelming race-baiting Eastern Elitist nonsense, they'd actually have a chance.

It's really mystifying. And then I visit DemocraticUnderground and whoops!

All cleared up.

Hmmmm.Yeah that wh... (Below threshold)


Yeah that whole Okinawa bit is really silly.

1. America simply doesn't have the naval transport to quickly shift significant numbers of troops on a rapid basis. This is why we have the Marines. But even then supporting more than a regiment or two in combat operations is an overwhelming logistical nightmare at the tail end of a 5,000 mile long supply umbilical.

It's not enought to put boots on the ground quickly. You have to supply them and that's where idiotic ideas like Murtha's tend to go bellyup. And considering that Murtha was a Colonel in the USMC, I would think he'd understand this.

2. You aren't flying airplanes to Baghdad from Okinawa. That's just completely insane. The direct route goes over China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. So you'll have to go around. This means that any aircraft based in Okie that's tasked to deliver munitions to Baghdad would have to fly, and I'm guessing here, about 6,000 miles one way. Figure the plane would have to do a midair refueling about half-dozen times each way over the course of 12-14 hours.

And this is without any breaks, bathroom or otherwise, or opportunities for rest.

The irrational hatred being... (Below threshold)

The irrational hatred being exhibited by all of the most leftwing liberals is extremely disturbing to me. Sure, it's fun to laugh at some of the things that they say, BUT we need to keep in mind that as insane as their comments are, THEY BELIEVE what they are saying and that makes it totally frightening!

Where, exactly, did this insanity come from? Has it always been there under the radar? Are we just now becoming aware of this unbelievable lack of critical thinking skills because of the blogsphere?

Can we all say NEA and realize that a lot of the complete lack of thinking ability being exhibited on the far left is a result of the fact that teachers aren't TEACHING, they are INDOCTRINATING. The influence of the "entitlement" generation is now being seen and it is hurting this country in very serious ways.

I wonder if that idiot Murt... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I wonder if that idiot Murtha has considered what Japan would think about having such a large force on their territory. Much less China, who would make noise that the US was planning an invasion.

What about blogs about the ... (Below threshold)

What about blogs about the real truth and the peace and love of people?

"THEY BELIEVE what they are... (Below threshold)

"THEY BELIEVE what they are saying and that makes it totally frightening!"

Like murdering Murtha? Like poisoning a Supreme Court justice? Or blowing up the NYT? Hatred and anger, endorsed by the GOP.

"but the most obvious is th... (Below threshold)

"but the most obvious is the electoral track record of the candidates they support."

Lorie, what candidates has this conservative weblog endorsed?

W?... (Below threshold)


Hmmmmm.Li... (Below threshold)


Like murdering Murtha? Like poisoning a Supreme Court justice? Or blowing up the NYT? Hatred and anger, endorsed by the GOP.

Really? When?

What I find humorous is the... (Below threshold)

What I find humorous is the widely held distaste and caustic criticism of the Antique Media by both sides of the blogs. I thought it was just conservative blogs that reviled a biased Antique Media. But when I read some of the crazies on the left, they seem to hate the same news outlets as much as I do. Huh?

Again I ask - what politici... (Below threshold)

Again I ask - what politician has Wizbang endorsed for an election? Do any exist? What about Powerline? Instapundit?

I know Redstate has endorsed a few - but really, I don't think the conservative weblogs really endorse anybody. A lame argument Lorie, unless someone can name a few for me.






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