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In Honor Of Dan Rather

Dan Rather has been the poster boy for the liberal media for decades now. As Dan Rather makes his exit from CBS, I recalled the following which I wrote when Dan Rather left the CBS Evening News following the Rathergate scandal:

The word scandal gets used a lot, especially in politics. This set of events we refer to as Rathergate is a bonafide scandal if there ever was one. I believe this scandal is a watershed moment in the world of media and politics. The bias that those like Brent Bozell have chronicled for years and has been so obvious to those of us on the conservative side who were paying attention, is now naked and visible to even the casual observer. The fact that this moment would be made possible by the man who for many years was seen as the emblem of media bias is so fitting. I remember a particular occassion when I was in college in the mid 1980's working on Republican campaigns and leaving a candidate's headquarters where I had been stuffing envelopes. The bumper stickers spotted in a parking lot of a campaign's headquarters are always partisan and plentiful. I remember laughing out loud at a bumper sticker I had never seen before - it read "CBS is Rather Biased". That was twenty years ago. Conservatives have waited a long time for this moment to arrive.

The Media Research Center has an incredible library of Rather references. Here is a sampling of Rather quotes from the Media Research Center's Notable Quotes:

"The new Republican majority in Congress took a big step today on its legislative agenda to demolish or damage government aid programs, many of them designed to help children and the poor."
-- Leading off the March 16, 1995 CBS Evening News.

"Republicans kill the bill to clean up sleazy political fundraising. The business of dirty campaign money will stay business as usual."
-- CBS Evening News, February 26, 1998.

"There was no doubt Republicans in the House had enough votes tonight to pass another key item in their agenda to rip up or re-write government programs going back to the Franklin Roosevelt era. It is a bill making it harder, much harder, to protect health, safety, and the environment."
-- CBS Evening News, February 28, 1995.

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Update: More at Wizbang Pop.


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Comments (32)

"This set of events we refe... (Below threshold)

"This set of events we refer to as Rathergate is a bonafide scandal if there ever was one."

Was the story true?

The story that CBS based a ... (Below threshold)

The story that CBS based a report on obvious forgeries?


Huh. I thought several peop... (Below threshold)

Huh. I thought several people testified that the content of the documents was true, including the secretary at the time. Still, no truth to the story?

JP2, Shut up stu... (Below threshold)


Shut up stupid.

Are you a whiny sore loser?

Are you an idiot?

Why do you support the Perpetual Fraud?

John , this POS knows they were forgeries as if he had forged them himself. The only reason he ask's is cause he's POS democrat who is mad that they have again been busted in another fraud.

Democrats = Perpetual Fraud

What's is so funny is that it's only a matter of time and all they have is time being in the MINORITY watching their corruption , lies and fraud being exposed to the entire Country. All they can do is shout pout and scream like the incompetant infantile frauds that they are.

So, "fake but accurate" is ... (Below threshold)

So, "fake but accurate" is your standard?

Actually, Mary Mapes uncovered lots of interesting things in her investigation, like how Bush volunteered for a special experimental F-102 unit in Vietnam, but was turned down for lack of flight hours. Note how that wasn't in the ol' report. But some Microsoft Word documents from 1973? RUN THOSE BABIES!

I bet her biggest regret is posting the PDFs of those documents on the Internet. Her fraud wouldn't have been revealed had she just asserted the documents' existence and what they said. But POSTING them allowed them to be analyzed and debunked.

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight - there is absolutely no truth to any of the story? 100% of the statements made by the secretary and the man who claimed he helped Bush in the NG were all lying?

Just wondering about the frame of mind here.

Ha ha ha , shut up dummy.... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha , shut up dummy.

Example of democrat playing dumb.....


What secretary? Secretary to who?

When dummies think....

"{I thought}"...... several people testified"

When dummies LIE.....

"I thought .....{several people testified}"

1. If you don't know .....shut the hell up

2. Regardless of if you , shut the hell up



Yes, we know you can name-c... (Below threshold)

Yes, we know you can name-call, but you can't answer a simple question?

Again, was the story 100% wrong?

"Just wondering about the f... (Below threshold)

"Just wondering about the frame of mind here"

In your condition? Your just wondering about the frame of mind here?

First of all "YOUR MIND" is no condition to wondering about the frame of mind here and secondly , why do care?

Okay, can anyone else answe... (Below threshold)

Okay, can anyone else answer? Hopefully someone a little more clear-headed.

Rather was the poster boy.<... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Rather was the poster boy.

Cronkite was tjre grandfather of left-biased agenda driven journalism.

And now Katie...

So let me get this strai... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight - there is absolutely no truth to any of the story? 100% of the statements made by the secretary and the man who claimed he helped Bush in the NG were all lying?

The guy who claimed he helped Bush is a political enemy who has made wild claims about terrible things Bush supposedly did to him (some medical compensation claim, I think). So he's not Mr. Reliable. Again, that context was left out of the CBS story. Also, Bush's dad was a REPUBLICAN member of Congress then, I believe. At the time, Texas was mostly Democratic, so how Bush's dad would have had any pull is mystifying. And, in addition, and contrary to what many people have said, there was no waiting list for those who could pass the physical and take flight lessons to be a National Guard pilot.

As for the secretary? She's a straight-ticket Democrat, but she took one look at the documents and laughed. She may have tried to cover for that with a good story.

Ok. Thanks John. It is poss... (Below threshold)

Ok. Thanks John. It is possible to believe they are all liars and all the information was fake.

Nuts and Gews??... (Below threshold)

Nuts and Gews??

jp2, How long can ... (Below threshold)


How long can you hang onto fake but accurate?

The secretary stated that she'd never seen let alone typed the documents. They were obviously fake to her.

I'll type up some fake letters from your high school guidance counselor saying that you ate crayons and gerbil poo every day and then ask him/her if they remember writing them.

When I get a shocked response from him/her, I'll accept them as authentic and then post them all over the place. By the time you can disprove them -- and people read all of your goofy posts -- you will forever be known as the crayon and gerbil poo eating troll.

Unless you actually do like to eat crayons and gerbil poo, my documents will be about as accurate as Rather's.

But, hey, it seems like something you might do. So, it must be true -- right?

My apologies to everyone el... (Below threshold)

My apologies to everyone else on this thread for having to reduce things to such a rediculous level.

But, I needed to make sure that jp2 could understand.

Claro jp2?

You see JP2, that's the pro... (Below threshold)

You see JP2, that's the problem.

The truth is that we don't know. -There's nothng wrong with not knowing.- There is something wrong with forging evidence to tell one side of the story that you want told.

We don't know what Bush did or didn't do and the CBS debacle brought us no closer to the truth.

What we do know is that Mary Mapes and Dan Rather ran forged docs weeks before an election to "get" the President. And it bit them on the ass.

That's all we do know.

Speaking of Katie ... I cau... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Katie ... I caught her inventing some news a couple of weeks ago, so she should fit right in at CBS. In an interview, she asked a woman, "...and how do you feel knowing that everyone's talking about it" The woman responded: "The first time I heard about it was when you guys told me before we went on air"

"A serious journalist can't... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"A serious journalist can't run with a story without confirmation. Two sources at the absolute minimum.... This is how your narrator made it through Watergate. If I'd gone off half-cocked, if I'd gotten my facts scrambled, if I'd run with unconfirmed leads, I'd be selling insurance right now."
-- Dan Rather in his 1994 memoir, The Camera Never Blinks Twice, page 97.

Maybe Dan should name his blog: "The Insurance Salesman"

Would you buy insurance from Dan Rather

The Media Researce Center Link above has some laugh-out-loud gems.

Please Dan just fade away like Comrade Walter. Please...

Hey, we got a celebrity in ... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Hey, we got a celebrity in the house. Jp2 IS Dan Blather!

May as well be, the blither... (Below threshold)

May as well be, the blitherer..

Rather would have skated fr... (Below threshold)

Rather would have skated free just 10 years ago,but with the advent of the new media his lies were exposed in a matter of hours.I would trade a million to see how many of his breaking news stories were actually fake but true,a whole lot I'd wager.

Dan has always claimed that... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Dan has always claimed that much of his success comes from having guts. I think what he means is that you have to have enough guts to run with forged documents and then stick to the story even when the forgery is obvious to most of the public.

Now we'll see if Dan has enough guts to blog in a forum where anyone can respond to his stories. Kevin should give Dan an invite to blog on WizBang as a test to see if he has the guts for it. Maybe that's fake too.

That would be so much fun.<... (Below threshold)

That would be so much fun.

jp2,So le... (Below threshold)


So let me get this straight - there is absolutely no truth to any of the story? 100% of the statements made by the secretary and the man who claimed he helped Bush in the NG were all lying?

No there is no truth to the story because we don't have the facts. And the evidence so far has either been fabricated or rebutted.

Ok. Thanks John. It is possible to believe they are all liars and all the information was fake.

I call your bitter, partisan secretary and Ben Barnes and raise you a widow, a son and Ben Barnes' daughter.

Are you saying that "there is absolutely no truth to any of [their claims]? 100% of the statements made by [Colonel Killian's widow and son and Ben Barnes' daughter] who claimed [the secretary, Ben Barnes and CBS] are all lying?"

"Just wondering about the frame of mind here [jp2]."

after reading jp2's posts I... (Below threshold)

after reading jp2's posts I must ponder whether the state of mind known as "liberal" is somehow tied to the state of mind known as "severe retardation".

Thats a no brainer.. haha</... (Below threshold)

Thats a no brainer.. haha

RatherI<... (Below threshold)




"Again, was the story 100% ... (Below threshold)

"Again, was the story 100% wrong?"

Dang, you zinged us with that one.

100% wrong? No, I guess it wasn't 100% wrong. There was a guy named George Bush in the Air National Guard, that's true. After that, their story starts to fall apart, though.

So I guess in fairness we have to say their story is only 99% wrong. What exactly was your point in asking if it was 100% wrong?

True Lies! No honor here...... (Below threshold)

True Lies! No honor here...

Bottom line:Rather... (Below threshold)
pete maguire:

Bottom line:

Rather is a crap journalist.

And if the Viet Cong had decided to invade Texas they'd have had to deal with one mean muthafucka named GW Bush. (If he wasn't AWOL in Nawlins at the time, getting his ashes hauled.)

This is really simple. The... (Below threshold)

This is really simple. The documents were FAKE. The "story" was a lie. President Bush produced his military records, without exception, on multiple occasions. On the other hand, John Kerry has NOT YET produced his military records (only small, selected bits of them), despite numerous assurances that he would do so. My question is - why is Kerry being so coy about his military record? Could it be that he was dihonorably discharged for making a trip to Paris while still on active reserve, where he met with the North Vietnamese (a violation of our law)? And that James Earl Carter of unhappy memory cleaned up Kerry's record while he was in office?

As to Dan Rather - good riddance to a despicable human being and a third-rate poseur!






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