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Splish splash...

I work on Sundays. I don't really care for it much, but it has its advantages. For one, it's a bit slower at The Day Job. For another, it means I get a weekday (usually Tuesdays) off, and it's a LOT easier to get my errands and whatnot done when everyone else is at their jobs to wait on me.

Alternately, I can gas up the Shaggin' Wagon, tool off 90 minutes east, and hang out with my friend Candy, her family, and relax. She'll give me a nice lunch, I'll get to try to drown her two sons in their pool, and get peed on by a baby bunny. I'll be shown the survivors of the epic bear attack, and in general do the kind of stuff most people take for granted on days off (most people with lives, that is).

However, even almost sixty miles from home, I find I just can't leave some things behind. You see, for all her rural ways, Candy has broadband and wifi...

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No ducky????Those ... (Below threshold)

No ducky????

Those are vintage antennae for your WiFi...

[I meant No Helmet for the ... (Below threshold)

[I meant No Helmet for the Ducky????]

Are you horny, baby?<... (Below threshold)

Are you horny, baby?

Get it? Horny?

The Viking horn thing hat deal.

Never mind.

Still having Austin Powers flashbacks for some reason.

Where's your pocket protect... (Below threshold)

Where's your pocket protector?


Are you receiving a complet... (Below threshold)

Are you receiving a complete signal there, Jay. Or is that the Moonbat stabber

Jay, you didn't put in a pl... (Below threshold)

Jay, you didn't put in a plug for Kraft EasyMac. I really thought you would after you enjoyed your first bowl.

(In my defense, I was making homemade chicken salad and egg salad when he happened upon the boys' EasyMac and decided he had to have some.)

In regard to my wifi signal - let it not be in question. It is EXCELLENT, and I'll bet I could pick it up in the chicken coop if I were so inclined, which I am not.

Jay, I can't help but think... (Below threshold)

Jay, I can't help but think that that picture is going to come back to haunt you some day...

I agree, Clancy. It wouldn'... (Below threshold)

I agree, Clancy. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Kevin use this somewhere down the line as a "Caption Contest" photo.

You'll get a better signal ... (Below threshold)

You'll get a better signal if you point that hat/antenna norse.

A little birdie whispered i... (Below threshold)

A little birdie whispered in My ear.

Next thing you know Jay wil... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know Jay will singing in the shower in a soprano voice.

Oooh, that picture needs to... (Below threshold)

Oooh, that picture needs to be Farked. Anyone here a member?

Those are some mac daddy shades, btw.

I always thought you were a... (Below threshold)

I always thought you were an asshole with an oversized ego. Didn't know you were an ugly ****er too.

Getting touchy are we?... (Below threshold)

Getting touchy are we?

What is it with these lefty... (Below threshold)

What is it with these lefty trolls and the "ugly" meme? It isn't even creative.

Cat, if you want to insult somebody, you really need to stretch your imagination. I once said somebody had a face that could scare a chupacabra.






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