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Sick Troop-Smearing Cartoon

Sister Toldjah called this cartoon "sick" and she is right. She also suggests readers vote on the same page where it asks "do you like today's cartoon." I did. Readers are commenting, too, and they are not loving the cartoon.

Update: E.D. Hill has had it with the hate America crowd.


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Comments (26)

I don't see the troops riot... (Below threshold)

I don't see the troops rioting in the streets or calling for a jihad over this, do you?

Ted Kennedy would love this... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Ted Kennedy would love this cartoon. "Abu Ghraib is open under new management..."

WTF is the matter with some people? What kind of morals and values does one lack to see the world this way? The utter lack humanity, common decency and taste to even print such vile crap is just mindboggling.

True enough, epador.

I am still mulling over wha... (Below threshold)

I am still mulling over what was worse on that site. That POS drawing (cartoon is too light a word for that piece of toilet paper), or some of the comments by the supporters thereof.

There are some that really show the eletism of the left, essentially saying that if you only see the cartoon as directly comparing the US to Al Quada, then you are too stupid to understand the nuances of what Mike L. was trying to convey. These must be the same people that pay to see some of the "art" being displayed now-a-days (Virgin Mary statues made of elephant dung, rooms wherein the lights are turned on and off, etc.). The funny thing is that ecah time they posted their contempt for the Right, they never did "explain" it, just called all of the righties stupid and signed off.

This would only be remotely... (Below threshold)

This would only be remotely true if we beheaded our prisoners. Otherwise that cartoon is as relevant as Helen Thomas giving make-up tips to Angelina Jolie...

It's an editorial cartoonis... (Below threshold)

It's an editorial cartoonist's job to provoke, but I agree that this one crosses over the line.

I remember a lot of similar "over the line" cartoons like this during the latter years of the Viet Nam war. It's just a sign of the times... but I voted "no" on this one.

The cartoonist is the one w... (Below threshold)

The cartoonist is the one without the American flag! wait.. vice versa, ohh the hell with it. it works both ways.

I think this crossed the li... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

I think this crossed the line, especially on the day it was published. I guess they really don't get it and I'm afraid they never will.

Off topic - Lorie, the othe... (Below threshold)

Off topic - Lorie, the other day you mentioned that liberal blogs could be judged by the effectiveness of the candidates they endorse. What I didn't get an answer to was what candidates the most popular conservative blogs endorsed: Powerline, Instapundit, and Wizbang. (I know Redstate has endorsed relatively few)

Anyways, what candidates has that blog endorsed? What about Instapundit and Powerlie?

Sorry for going off topic, but I am hoping to get a few answers.

jp2 you really are a lamebr... (Below threshold)

jp2 you really are a lamebrain...........

"Right Leaning" blogs do NOT endorse anyone. They just report the news, write their opinions about it, and let the readers decide. Most, but not all, read the blogs, decide how to vote, and go on with their lives. Their are exceptions where certain readers have their brains locked, you being prime example ONE.

Yep, just keep that brain stuck on stupid and keep on "trooling". Yep, your brain is definitely locked.

Jonas Planck:


For one thing, the message is indistinct, the "American" sadist is not clearly defined as being any branch of U.S. policy or enforcement. Not to mention that it relies on knowledge of classified material for the joke to work, incriminating anyone who reads it. It's a direct violation of the new loopholes under Patriot that state that any attack on America's oh-so-spotless reputation is tantamount to an act of terror. And finally it (like the evidence) is a direct contradiction of what we know in our hearts to be true, that no American anywhere has ever done anything bad to anyone, and that anyone who would imply otherwise is the ENEMY, and should be shot.
also, the cross-hatching needs work.

The only solution is careful monitoring of all published material by the state, arbitrary censorship of all potentially seditious material, and mandatory minimum sentences for the purveyors of this filth. All drawing and painting materials must be registered and traced to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Drawing without a liscense will be dealt with harshly. No one will ever cross another line.
Who's with me?

"Right Leaning" blogs do NO... (Below threshold)

"Right Leaning" blogs do NOT endorse anyone.

How do you explain redstate then?

""Right Leaning" blogs do N... (Below threshold)

""Right Leaning" blogs do NOT endorse anyone.

How do you explain redstate then? "

I would define redstate as "Right-Wing" not "Right leaning"

Ahaha. Classic. ... (Below threshold)

Ahaha. Classic.

North Korea's press agency ... (Below threshold)

North Korea's press agency could use you, Jonas Planck.

Jonas, that was utterly bra... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Jonas, that was utterly brainless and stupid. Shame on you.

You know damn well what that cartoonist was doing, and you know damn well why it ticks us off.

I think We can assume that ... (Below threshold)

I think We can assume that the American sadist is a fair representation of the way the MSM views the military. nothing out of character here.

I don't think Wizbang forma... (Below threshold)

I don't think Wizbang formally endorsed any candidate, but just before the 2004 election, I announced my votes for the top four races in New Hampshire:

President: George W. Bush (R) (Won)
US Senate: Doris "Granny D" Haddock (D) (Lost)
US House: Jeb Bradley (R) (Won)
Governor: John Lynch (D) (Won)

The Haddock vote was a throwaway; Gregg had a lock. But I just can't stand him. So I split my ticket evenly between the two parties, and three of my candidates won.


Jonas, that was... (Below threshold)
Jonas, that was utterly brainless and stupid. Shame on you.

You know damn well what that cartoonist was doing, and you know damn well why it ticks us off.

Typical attitude of the American Liberal. "As long as I am insulting you or your beliefs, it's free speech; when you tell me how offended you were, it's censorship."

I can't get to the cartoon ... (Below threshold)

I can't get to the cartoon -- AJC.com seems to be down, or slashdotted (heh) or just inaccessible from here (less than 40 miles away). But anyway...

I see by the URL it's a Luckovich cartoon. So, no surprise. I won't actually need to see it. Ted Rall he ain't, but that's because (1) Luckovich can (almost) draw, and (2) Luckovich has had at least one, maybe two funny cartoons in the last six and a half years.

Offended by an ink scribble... (Below threshold)
Jonas Planck:

Offended by an ink scribble, offended that I am amused by you being offended by an ink scribble, offended that anyone would mistrust the government, offended by the government, and I'm willing to bet, offended by the nude human form, the Creation of God. Sometimes the best Dee-fence is O-ffensive, right?

I've had my intelligence insulted every day for the last 28 years. This is a free country, right? You have your prejudice, I have my cynicism. You say "trust America," I say "See where that got the Indians." There is a fine line between a patriot and a sucker. There is a big difference between a Human and being a political bartering chip. Serve well, and be rewarded.

So are you gonna write your congressman, or are you just gonna take it? Gonna take it? Good, glad to see you're not a wussy. I knew you had the inner strength.

I've had my intelligence... (Below threshold)

I've had my intelligence insulted every day for the last 28 years
And has yet to see the common thread that explains why so many for so long have questioned it.
Could it be the things he says?

Cynicism vs. prejudice... h... (Below threshold)

Cynicism vs. prejudice... heck, no weighted words there.

Cynicism is easy. It's the same answer for every question.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ... (Below threshold)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer was just as bad.

Check here.

According to the poll on th... (Below threshold)

According to the poll on the AJC page, 90% of their online readers feel that the cartoon is disgusting.

I wonder if they care -- or if they feel that they've accomplished their desire to create "dialogue".

I've had my intelligence... (Below threshold)

I've had my intelligence insulted every day for the last 28 years.

I don't believe that. You're older than 28.

Unfortunately the sickest t... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately the sickest thing that I heard today is that the Kansas Westboro personality cult of Rev. Fred Phelps is intending to protest the funeral of Medford, Oregon's young soldier, Thomas Tucker who was taken hostage and brutally murdered along with Houston's Kristian Menchaca.

Words cannot explain the pure outrage I feel about this. These were two excellent young men, and well loved and admired by their hometowns. How the ghoulish cult of Rev. Phelps can stage a gruesome and sick protest of the very sad funeral of Thomas Tucker just awes me.

The little town of Madras, Oregon will cetainly not roll out the red carpet for Rev. Phelps and his sicko church members. The Website of the Westboro church even includes a female member offering "thanks" to God for IEDs and American war deaths. These sickos are only one violent act away from the sheer evil of Al Qaeda in my view. A motorcycle group of veterans will counter Rev. Phelps mentally ill lunatic fringe members. The town sheriff should find it very interesting keeping things from not boiling over because the townspeople of Madras love the Tucker family so much and feelings will likely run very strong.

Any sick cartoon simply pales in the face of Rev. Phelps disgusting brand of graveside vile.






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