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Jerome Armstrong's Nutroots

MyDD founder and DailyKos doppelganger Jerome Armstrong, who earlier in the week was exposed as a dot-com era fraudster, has another secret.

It turns out that after being busted by the Security and Exchange Commission his initial work at MyDD was anything but reality-based. Dan Reihl and RedState document Mark Warner and Sherod Brown's top Internet advisor's history in astrology.

In the hours since the story broke it looks like a search and replace has been done at MyDD for the term 'astrologer ' See this post (Original / Sanitized) for and example of the purge - look for the second comment by 'Hugh' in the original post. Suddenly it's not there anymore in the latest version of the 2004 post, which Google cached in February 2005.

The Warner and Brown campaigns are in a bind. Dropping Armstrong is the logical course of action, but it they do they risk losing the support of Kos, whose support seems to correlate pretty strongly to Armstrong's employment.

Update: The New Republic's Lieberman-loving neocon owner has a few well written words for Kos and the kiddies...


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Comments (40)

I think you mean "doppelgan... (Below threshold)

I think you mean "doppelganger" rather than "dopelganer"...


What to do, what to do. Sha... (Below threshold)

What to do, what to do. Shadenfreude like this is so delicious.
One touter/astrologist, two willing politicians that can't get rid of an albatross without causing an implosion in funds and support from the raving left side of their party. Just like a rock into the pond, this has wider implications.

By all means keep the Daily... (Below threshold)

By all means keep the DailyKos guys on Warner's campaign staff. We all know that the candidates that Kos backs are sure-fired losers. Look at Howard Dean.

You mean democrats are hiri... (Below threshold)

You mean democrats are hiring potentially sleezy characters as political operatives?

Yahoo! It's about f*cking time! Look at the success Republicans have had along with that strategy! Why should they have all of the fun.

Now come on, Lee, we hire *... (Below threshold)

Now come on, Lee, we hire *much better* sleazes than this. The Dems have a long way to go yet.

Kos is 0-20 backing candida... (Below threshold)

Kos is 0-20 backing candidates. If they're smart, they'll give him a cement copy of Maos 'Little Red Book' and drop him in the Bay. You know he won't let go of the book.

Well, it sure worked for th... (Below threshold)

Well, it sure worked for the Reagans.

mcg - you're right, but at ... (Below threshold)

mcg - you're right, but at least it's a start.

Anything you can sleaze I c... (Below threshold)

Anything you can sleaze I can sleaze better!

So many people act surprise... (Below threshold)

So many people act surprised to discover that Kos and Armstrong are in it for the money.

Heck, the left has always been well-populated by those whose beliefs were for sale, and the right is no stranger to the phenomenon, either.

The middle isn't even pure. Two words: David Gergen.


"Shadenfreude like this is ... (Below threshold)

"Shadenfreude like this is so delicious."

That's "schadenfreude"; I propose a ban on German terms until everyone has a spellchecker.

You mean I can't say, "Gesu... (Below threshold)
Mike D in SC:

You mean I can't say, "Gesundheit" anymore? Well, just don't ban German beverages. I have too many bottles of it in the fridge for that.

Poor Hugh...He's b... (Below threshold)
Purple Avenger:

Poor Hugh...

He's become an "un-person". Purged completely(both comments). I imagine he's chained to a wall in some gulag by now for having the bad luck to have spoken (now) inconvenient words in the past.

50 years from now, an internet archives datamining operation will undoubtedly uncover thousands of these lost souls who were sentenced to electronic extermination.

0-20, I guess Kos may be du... (Below threshold)

0-20, I guess Kos may be due. Of course, this reminds me of the Krusty the Clown scene after he bet all his money against the Harlem Globetrotters:

"I thought the Generals were due! He's spinning the ball on his finger! Just take it, take the ball. That game was fixed. They were using a freakin' ladder, for g*ds' sakes."

LOL & 'sigh', I wonder about all the poor people supporting Kos, and their wasted money that makes those guys a pleasant living.

I forget......was it the Tr... (Below threshold)

I forget......was it the Trumans or the Kennedys that bent over backwards to keep soviet spies in the White House?

Gmac,The Kos kidz ... (Below threshold)
John C. Randolph:


The Kos kidz aren't a significant source of funding for any serious candidate. Democrats, like the Republicans, get the big bucks from the corporate welfare queens like ADM.


Yes, yes! That's true.</... (Below threshold)

Yes, yes! That's true. Have fun with the Kossack meltdown, but let's not drive Zuniga too far from mainstream party viability: he is an absolute guarantor of electoral defeat for any Dhimmicrat whom he endorses.

Payback is such a bitch, eh... (Below threshold)
jesusland joe:

Payback is such a bitch, eh, Kos!

the astrology thing is defi... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

the astrology thing is definitely weird, but I think epador has got the right idea:

Anything you can sleaze I can sleaze better!

If you want to drag people ... (Below threshold)

If you want to drag people through the mud who have been in trouble with the SEC, let's talk about Sen. Frist and Dubya Bush and their insider trading deals. Double standards?

You guys are dreaming if yo... (Below threshold)

You guys are dreaming if you think this irrelevant BS about Armstrong will in any way hurt Kos. He gets hundreds of millions of hits every day. This site gets squat. Here's the comparison:


He gets hundreds of mil... (Below threshold)

He gets hundreds of millions of hits every day.

Boomerang you're obviously a moron. You can go to TruthLaidBear and check the traffic for both sites. Kos is in the 400K visitors per day range and Wizbang is in the 40K vistors per day range. One has nothing to do with the other, but nobody is getting hundreds of millions of hits per day.

BTW, no one gives a shit about hits anyway; the only thing that matters is visitors and pageviews. Alexa numbers are relative not absolute, but even still difference the Alexa ranking (~10x) corelates to difference in traffic.

I think dope-l-ganger was b... (Below threshold)

I think dope-l-ganger was better.

Hmmm.The responses... (Below threshold)


The responses by the liberals here are somewhat amusing. Normally they're actually much better coordinated.

I suppose the Kos originated ban on discussing this issue has left them bereft of marching orders.

Kevin, you're obviously ill... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you're obviously illiterate, my post is 100% correct. I said hits not unique visitors, and Kos has two sites listed on the truthlaidbear, not just one.

You better talk to Alexa if you think their charts are mislabeled, which they aren't. Live in denial, if you will, but Kos does get hundreds of millions of hits every day. You must not be used to taking into account the thousands of member posts and scores of advertisers that link into successful, high volume websites like Kos.

Since Kos is in the 900,000 unique visitor per day catagory, and not the 400,000 you claim, that makes Kos 20 times larger than wizbang, not 10. In comparison, 1/20 is 5%, which is squat, like I said before.

Ed, What issue? What ban? T... (Below threshold)

Ed, What issue? What ban? There is no ban at Kos for talking about this nonissue.

You're welcome to sign up and post your own diary any time you want, as long as you are civil, logical and can offer verifiable proof for any claim or charge you make.

> Kos is 0-20 backing candi... (Below threshold)
Andy Freeman:

> Kos is 0-20 backing candidates.

No. He's at least 1-19. (May be 1-20 by now.)

IIRC, the win was an ex-repub/dlc type.

That is utter bullshit, Boo... (Below threshold)

That is utter bullshit, Boom. The Daily Kos is one of the most heavily censored websites I have come across and, to boot, Kos himself explained why without apology a long time ago. I know, I used to read it and still at times follow a link to it.
Also, I rarely see citations and your implied description of the type of conspiracy theory posts and comments that abound at DK as logical and civil just boggles the mind.
Have some dignity. Make your point without resorting to transparent lies. It degrades you.

Enjoy the freedom here, that I am denied when I try to comment at DKos.

Hmmm, so this guy's attempt... (Below threshold)
Brian O'Connell:

Hmmm, so this guy's attempted to make money pushing crappy stocks, astrology, and Democrats on the public. What's next- time shares?

BOOMERANGER wrote, "You guy... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

BOOMERANGER wrote, "You guys are dreaming if you think this irrelevant BS about Armstrong will in any way hurt Kos. He gets hundreds of millions of hits every day. This site gets squat."

Talk about irrelevant. The number of hits is irrelevant to the truth or significance of the matter. If the sides were reversed and a conservative had boasted about a site's hits, I'm sure BOOMERANGER would now make snide, irrelevant remarks about the inadequacy of certain portions of the commenter's anatomy. I won't descend to that level.

What makes this so hilarious about this is that Kos was right. If his "defenders" would just SHUT UP, the whole thing would blow over. The louder they shout, the more attention they draw, and the worse it looks. Of course, they're too used to speaking "truth" to "power" and are too angry and self-important to realize just how stupid, insecure, and downright funny they look.

Now we have Armstrong in classical leftist revisionist mode, covering his tracks as a worthless astrologer. A ringmaster (Kos), wild animals ("defenders"), contortionists (more "defenders"), a fortune-teller (Armstrong) - it's a three-ring circus! Better than Barnum!

Boomerdork - 100's of milli... (Below threshold)

Boomerdork - 100's of millions?... Looks like you're having some trouble with a few decimal points. Hopefully what ever McDonalds you work at doesn't let you make out the pay checks.

In the mean time, is any of this really all that surprising. Take away any sort of personal responsibility. Play "blame game", race card, cultural warfare, anti-Americanism in the guise of human rights "caring", sprinkle in the most wild raving paranoia, and BDS, call any sort of personal accounting as lame "conservative control", and what do you think you'll get. JR would be proud....

"Well hell Darlin'.....once you get past the ethics, character, and honesty, the rest is a piece of cake..." - JR Ewing

mikem said, "Make your poin... (Below threshold)

mikem said, "Make your point without resorting to transparent lies. It degrades you."

What transparent lies? If your post is an example of the content you posted on Kos, it is obvious why you got booted.

dailykos.com is a Liberal/Progressive website, remember? They endorse and support Democratic candidates, remember?

If you want to challenge their belief systems, remember, the burden of proof is on you, the Conservative accuser, not the other 900,000 Liberal members.

You can't just make uncivil, ad hominem remarks about people and accuse them of lying.

Conservative accusations against Liberals without proof = Kos' boot.

It works the same way on Conservative blogs with Liberal accusations. Why would you expect it to be any different with Kos?

Boomeranger, you are postin... (Below threshold)

Boomeranger, you are posting here, in spite of being belligerent.

A conservative would have been banned at DailyKos LONG ago.

It works the same way on... (Below threshold)

It works the same way on Conservative blogs

- Not really. Your third unsubstantiated claim, and put lie to by the fact you're still here, in spite of doing exactly the one thing that Liberal posters always do that does get their asses booted - thread jacking. OTOH, as a conservative poster I could get banned from 10 Liberal sites in 10 minutes, just by posting a logic based refutation of whatever the topic is.

- You know just one of the many problems the "Progressive cult" has is wild over-self indulgence, and a pathetic "little guy put upon" mentality. Your entire agenda, and reason for being, is based on self-inflated bullshit.

- 900,000 in the gaggle of morons? What happened at YKos then. Seems like 899,000 of that fun-crowd stayed home.

- Anyway, whats your take on the Kos dustup, if you can bring yourself to stay on topic for a change.

Billions more people poop e... (Below threshold)
Buddy Larsen:

Billions more people poop every day than view the Sistine Chapel. When you think about it, that says a lot about things and stuff.

BOOMERANGER I have six site... (Below threshold)

BOOMERANGER I have six sites listed there - you failed to mention that. If you'd actually investigated you'd find that, in fact, there are not two DKos Site Meters or 6 Wizbang Site Meters. He's got one SiteMeter and so do I (the second one shown here is private - TTLB can't see it).

Follow both the Kos links they lead to the same sitemeter, which right now shows 427K a day. How you extraolate that to hundreds of millions of hits a day is beyond explanation.

Our stats software shows 400K hits and 197K visits for this week. There's nothing magic at DKos, so even using a 4 to 1 ratio it's 2M hits a day. Not quite hundreds of millions a day.

They are approaching 500M visitors, but that's spread over 4 years; not one day.

Dubya says he talks to God.... (Below threshold)

Dubya says he talks to God. That's far worse than someone who claims to use astrology, that's delusionary. Could it be flashbacks caused from his chronic, life long alcohol and illegal drug abuse?

There is close to 20 billion dollars missing from Iraq, so far, because of the mismanagement by the Bush/Cheney administration. That's far worse than someone who can't pick good stocks. That's criminal.



Keep looking for more inconsequential liberals to blame for all of your problems instead of holding accountable the worst administration ever. See you later kool-aid drinkers. You're doing a heck of a job!

boomerang-"Dubya s... (Below threshold)


"Dubya says he talks to God."

It would seem to me that anyone who prays does that, what's your point? The President of the United States prays...that's supposed to be scandalous?

"Keep looking for more inconsequential liberals to blame for all of your problems instead of holding accountable the worst administration ever."

I read all of the comments, and not one commenter blames liberals for all of their problems.

Way to hijack the thread!

The last comment by David B... (Below threshold)

The last comment by David Brooks was apt. Kos is doing what he accuses the GOP. Will everyone search back in the archive and keep it from not being santized?

Google strikes again. The ... (Below threshold)

Google strikes again. The old cache has been updated with a cache from June 24, the day after this post. At best, google tries to respider a story that has a lot of cache hits. At worst, google is jumping in with the far-left and tossing things down the memory hole.






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