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Lessons To Be Learned From The Dixie Chicks

In my new column at Townhall I look at the Dixie Chicks' recent statements and how their disrespect for their fans presents an example politicians should not want to follow.

When Maines made her now famous comment about being ashamed of the president I thought she was out of line. I thought so because she was on foreign soil and we were on the eve of war. That is her right, though, and if that was all she said, it would have most likely blown over eventually. Willie Nelson and some other country music stars are vocal Democrats who have spoken out against the war. What the Dixie Chicks did that was different from other country music singers is disrespect their fans.

Recently Dixie Chick Marti Maguire said "I'd rather have a small following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith," Maguire said. "We don't want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do."


The example of the Dixie Chicks' rejection by many country music fans is one that carries a lesson those marketing any product would do well to heed. It easily translates from musicians and fans to politicians and voters, too. When politicians treat voters as ignorant and backward for not accepting their position on an issue, the voters are likely to go elsewhere.

When a politician accuses the president of being an idiot or a liar for believing or espousing a particular point of view, voters who hold that same view are likewise going to feel assaulted. Those wondering why so many voters in the red states have rejected the Democratic Party could learn a lesson from the Dixie Chicks' example.

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As a friend of mine said re... (Below threshold)

As a friend of mine said recently of Natalie Maines...

..what she understands is controversy = publicity, and if they are changing from a country act - where patriotism is important to the fan - to pop - where the fans really don't care or are completely mixed...they keep a fan base and generate new interest.

Maybe she's not so dumb...

Classic American success story, just like Michael Moore.

Only better looking! ... (Below threshold)

Only better looking!

"...do well to heed."</i... (Below threshold)

"...do well to heed."

Break me a give. We have a legend in her own mind!

Famous entertainers (and ot... (Below threshold)

Famous entertainers (and other celebs) want everyone to love them. That is the essence of the ego trip. Trouble is, when you start to spout politics (actually any politics), there will be significant numbers of people who WON'T love you. The celebs just don't get that. So they feel very betrayed and wounded by those rejections. Well, boo hoo, they asked for it, plain and simple. They just don't get it.

Yup - they don't care who v... (Below threshold)

Yup - they don't care who votes for their cause - only the votes at the point of sale.

When you apply their incoherent message to politics (hey, they started it, not me), then they merely are an example of why the Dems don't really need their help to begin with - and that's why their message should be dismissed outright by any logical U.S. Democrat.

When a politician accuse... (Below threshold)
pete maguire:

When a politician accuses the president of being an idiot or a liar for believing or espousing a particular point of view, voters who hold that same view are likewise going to feel assaulted.

Yeah, good point. But - doesn't this leave the country in a bit of a bind when the president is an idiot and a liar?

Pete, Clinton is no longer ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Pete, Clinton is no longer President. It is disrespectful to refer to him as a liar and an idiot. Your point is well taken though. If you smoke pot and and you claim you did not inhale, you are either a liar or an idiot. By the way, lop, old gas, new gas, WMD is WMD. 500 155mm shells held enough gas to wipe out where ever it is you live. Zarqawi would have liked to share it with you. Thanks to GWB, that will not happen, not that you appreciate the act. Idiot.

Yeah, but that guy's not th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but that guy's not the president anymore.

The Wall Street Journal edi... (Below threshold)

The Wall Street Journal editorial board on immigration is fast becoming the Natalie Maines of conservative politics.

"Yeah, but that guy's no... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, but that guy's not the president anymmore."

Is that the new standard? I look forward to you guys applying it to GWB after the next president takes office:

PETE: That @$$hole Bush - he and his f'n Halliburton cronies destroyed this country! They -

PJAYCK: Hey, now - that guy's not president anymore. Can't talk about him. Wouldn't be prudent.

Yeah. . .like that'll happen.

Loris great article...Thank... (Below threshold)

Loris great article...Thanks

There you go again Maguire blaming your "uncool" small minded fans for "limiting what you can do."
I think it's more your own mouth.

Maguire.....if you can use a dictionary look up patriotism...."Love and Devotion to one's country."
Now I understand why you don't get it..."Your Love and Devotion" is to MONEY and trying to KILL Earl.

Patriotism: "Love of one's ... (Below threshold)

Patriotism: "Love of one's country and willing to sacrifice for it."

Chicks...."Variant of Chicken"

Makes sense to me!

Glenn...They haven't got me yet....hehe

I think you are exactly cor... (Below threshold)

I think you are exactly correct that their good sales in the beginning were fueled in significant numbers by those moonbat morons who bought the CD out of "political solidarity," even though they wouldn't be caught dead at a dogfight listening to anything sounding remotely like country music.

Harold Ford, Jr. might be an exception.

I have to wonder why Townhall doesn't credit your Wizbang! work at the bottom, though. Didn't they used to mention the "other place," or am I misremembering?


They never served.... (Below threshold)

They never served.

Dixie Chickenhawks?

Laura Ingraham said it best... (Below threshold)

Laura Ingraham said it best-

"Shut Up and Sing"

Although I disagree with what Natalie says about politics (it's is her opinion and she's entitled to it), when Martie said...

"I'd rather have a small following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith. We don't want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do."

..that scratched the Chicks off my favorites list.

I would hate to be their PR dude.

Forget the chicks and they'... (Below threshold)

Forget the chicks and they'll fade away, fast. New groups are starting daily and some of them will appear at american as apple pie events like a county fair or a NASCAR race. The chicks stated they don't need us so just let them have their wish. That's the american way.

Every time they are intervi... (Below threshold)

Every time they are interviewed and they continue to explain their original dopey comments with more dopey comments, you gotta wonder if anyone over in their camp has enough brains to right the ship.

Ahhh come on Guys the Dixie... (Below threshold)

Ahhh come on Guys the Dixie Chicks obviously just need some bigger red white and blue vibrators! that'll pacify them.

I'd like to suggest that yo... (Below threshold)

I'd like to suggest that your continued efforts to slam the chicks would help them further, as it has in the past (their latest album is STILL at the top of the charts #1), but it appears that - so far at least - there are ZERO trackbacks to this article. Guess no one much cares anymore...

So Natalie and the extreme ... (Below threshold)

So Natalie and the extreme left wacko syndicate buy up or inflate their albums just like they do poll #s..so what.

No, I think their sales fig... (Below threshold)

No, I think their sales figures are legit. On the other hand, the Chicks have had to revamp their current concert tour because ticket sales at some red-state venues are way, way low. Not that this should be a surprise.

I fell EXACTLY as you re Di... (Below threshold)

I fell EXACTLY as you re Dixie Chicks past and present. What really topped it for me was a recent article where she criticicized the likes of Reba, Toby, Merle and others, and said any fans of theirs are no fans of hers. I hope she likes being poor. I will NEVER again listen to their music or go to ANY concert where they are playing, even mixed venues.
I turn the station every time their music comes on and would love to know of any stations that have boycotted them. Anyone know?

I'm Canadian and take the side of your President. Even if I didn't though, I find her disrespect and disloyalty offensive. To label anyone that has the likes of Reba and Toby in their 5-disc changer as ignorant and no fan of hers is reprehensible.

May god bless America.

Must be the hour, I lost my... (Below threshold)

Must be the hour, I lost my capital G in God. I'll have to ask for extra forgiveness.

Will someone please explain... (Below threshold)

Will someone please explain to me why we are so obsessed with the Dixie Chicks (and Britney and Paris and Angelina, etc. etc. etc.)? A lot of intelligent conservatives are just obsessed with every word that comes out of Natalie's mouth. Yet they are unable toa articulate why. Is there anyone out there who can explain this?

For the record, I've never ... (Below threshold)

For the record, I've never thought the dixie chicks were attractive...well natalie maines was the least attractive of them all anyway, and I really don't like their version of "country" anyway.






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