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Why me?

For some reason, three people have e-mailed me links to this story...

For the record:

1) My chest hair has barely ANY gray;

2) I have an alibi for last Friday.

Enough already, folks.


Comments (4)

Listen up - I sent it to yo... (Below threshold)

Listen up - I sent it to you because you are from NEW HAMPSHIRE and for no other reason. Well, it's also hysterically funny. And somewhat disturbing.


The cops say "reports of th... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

The cops say "reports of the flasher -- who uses underwear to mask his face -- have been sporadic through the years."

Based on the description and the behavior, I'd say Senator Teddy is a better candidate for being this guy -- a lot better.

Check his day-planner.

Ya shooor, Jay. Are you sur... (Below threshold)

Ya shooor, Jay. Are you sure you have an airtight alibi? Sounds pretty shaky to me.

I don't know, but if three people independently identified you based on this article, there must be some troothiness to it. What do these people know that everybody else doesn't? After all, where there's smoke, there's fire. The mention of chest hair rules out the possibility that it might have been a liberal. The fact that you brought this up sounds like a cynical attempt to deflect attention to me.

Karl Rove's whereabouts on this day have already been tentatively confirmed and he's been reluctantly cleared (although, as always, he continues to be a "person of interest"). There's no mention of puppy smoothies, so ipso fatso it must have been you. It won't be long before the libtard blogs pick this story up and start getting to the "real" truth.

Better lawyer up. ;-)

Uh, they didn't mention any... (Below threshold)

Uh, they didn't mention anything about a wheelchair, did they?






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