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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

A group of soon-to-be brides race for a $25,000 dream wedding grand prize during the '2nd Annual Running of the Bridezillas' in Times Square, New York, Monday June 12, 2006. The event marked the third season for the WE television hit show 'Bridezillas'. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Winners will be announced Sunday. I know I owe you winners for the last two editions. Those will be announced this weekend.


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Comments (94)

Jack Murtha strategicly red... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

Jack Murtha strategicly redeploys America's cattle brides to New York.

After years of secret prepa... (Below threshold)
Jay Wills:

After years of secret preparation, Monica Lewinski breaks into the lead at the annual Running of the Cattle Brides.

Viking brides invade New Yo... (Below threshold)

Viking brides invade New York

"Jay Tea is eligible?"... (Below threshold)

"Jay Tea is eligible?"

"A MAN!!!"(think -... (Below threshold)

"A MAN!!!"

(think -- Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

K-Fed's Plan B. ... (Below threshold)

K-Fed's Plan B.

"Yes Ladies, Massachusetts ... (Below threshold)

"Yes Ladies, Massachusetts is just a little further to the north."

moo... (Below threshold)


"nothing more to see, just ... (Below threshold)

"nothing more to see, just another IKEA opening, move along."

look, Zarchari's being chas... (Below threshold)

look, Zarchari's being chased by his 100 virgins, after they all insisted on marriage first. Heaven, I'm in Heaven................

New York's annual "Running ... (Below threshold)

New York's annual "Running Of The Brides" resulted in 2 broken legs, 4 maulings, 3 marriages, and 2 deaths.

The Running of the Heifers.... (Below threshold)

The Running of the Heifers.

The Minnesota Viking Brides... (Below threshold)

The Minnesota Viking Brides of the new WNFL run some practice plays for the crowd in New York's Times Square. The "Horned Bitches" are in town to play the New York Socialites in the very first game of the newly formed league. Here offensive linewoman Solveig Sorrenson pulls from her guard position to lead an off tackle running play.

"Follow me girls! The chin... (Below threshold)

"Follow me girls! The china shop is this way!"

The 72 virgins of hell spot... (Below threshold)

The 72 virgins of hell spot Mohammed just ahead.

Runaway Bride .... <... (Below threshold)

Runaway Bride .... please

Yearly KOS attendees trying... (Below threshold)

Yearly KOS attendees trying to get a Cindy Sheehan autograph

Man to Genie: "When I said ... (Below threshold)

Man to Genie: "When I said I wanted to be chased by a bunch of horny women, this is not exactly what I had in mind."

Paul McCartney, worth an es... (Below threshold)

Paul McCartney, worth an estimated $1.5 Billion, has just become available and, while he still believes in 'Yesterday', does NOT believe in pre-nuptial agreements.

Moo!... (Below threshold)


While "The Running of the B... (Below threshold)

While "The Running of the Bridezillas" makes for good television, the more relevant "Suck the Will to Live Out of Your Fiance" timed competition counts for double points.

Where is an urban cowboy wh... (Below threshold)

Where is an urban cowboy when you need one?

The brides made a strategic... (Below threshold)

The brides made a strategic error when they failed to realize that it's more difficult to hit a mooing target.

A stampede is every urban c... (Below threshold)

A stampede is every urban cowboy's greatest fear. In the example above, the herd was apparently spooked by the sound of turning 30.

Oops. Sorry Rodney - didn't... (Below threshold)

Oops. Sorry Rodney - didn't mean to rain on your "moo."

suprisingly, fat chicks rea... (Below threshold)

suprisingly, fat chicks really can run like the wind when expensive cake is the prize.

Thousands of would-be bride... (Below threshold)

Thousands of would-be brides from My Space race to find the Jordanian man who is looking for an American Teen to marry.

Minnesota Vikings accusers ... (Below threshold)

Minnesota Vikings accusers arrive in court ready to settle their lawsuit.

MOO-ON.org<... (Below threshold)
"We'll kill the wabbit, kil... (Below threshold)

"We'll kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill wabbit..."

Did last week's caption con... (Below threshold)

Did last week's caption contest get judged yet?

Thanks to PETA, Pamplona, S... (Below threshold)

Thanks to PETA, Pamplona, Spain is reduced to this.

You went for the emphatic "... (Below threshold)

You went for the emphatic "Moo!" where I went for the underplayed "moo"

The "Running of the Bulls" ... (Below threshold)

The "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona wasn't drawing nearly as much attention since the death of Hemingway, so the move to Times Square seemed a natural.

"And, coming down the home ... (Below threshold)

"And, coming down the home stretch it's HeiferLady by a length, followed closely by BullArtist and Horny in White."

Oh look girls. They just op... (Below threshold)

Oh look girls. They just opened the buffet.

The Metropolitan Opera is t... (Below threshold)

The Metropolitan Opera is taking auditons for the singing fat lady in the upcoming opera, The Cows of Saville

"Heifer the Hills!"... (Below threshold)

"Heifer the Hills!"

The rumor of trouble in ... (Below threshold)

The rumor of trouble in the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes led to a bizarre, though predictable, scene in downtown Manhatten.

The traditional "Running of... (Below threshold)

The traditional "Running of the Bull Dykes" takes place in Times Square.

Maureen Dowd, still looking... (Below threshold)

Maureen Dowd, still looking for her man, is left behind by the, ah, mor POWERFUL ladies.

New York out-liberals Massa... (Below threshold)

New York out-liberals Massachusetts by legalizing polygamist lesbian viking marriages, but only for 24 hours. "Yeah, the ceremony was a little rushed, but it was worth it!" panted a winded Olga.

The Yang: Grooms in easy c... (Below threshold)
Window Dressing:

The Yang: Grooms in easy chairs, smoking a fine cigar and sipping a single malt.

Two words:"Green Car... (Below threshold)

Two words:
"Green Card"

"Sandra Bullock Look A like... (Below threshold)

"Sandra Bullock Look A like Contest."

Fox "unveiled' its new real... (Below threshold)

Fox "unveiled' its new reality series "Bridal Shower"

"Gross Anatomys"... (Below threshold)

"Gross Anatomys"

Got pork chops? Then Rosie ... (Below threshold)

Got pork chops? Then Rosie will travel..

Hmmmm."Brides for ... (Below threshold)


"Brides for Odin!"

Muhammed Attas promised vir... (Below threshold)

Muhammed Attas promised virgins revolt after learning He has a history of not sticking around after the first explosion!!

STAMPEDE!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


Unfounded rumors of Donald ... (Below threshold)

Unfounded rumors of Donald Trump's latest divorce caused a small riot on the streets of New York today. Unfortunately, one of the women had to be put down after she through a shoe and broke her leg. Sports and weather are next.

To Zarqawi's dismay, all 72... (Below threshold)

To Zarqawi's dismay, all 72 escaped.

"Brides for Odin!"</... (Below threshold)

"Brides for Odin!"

That's it -- I'm out.

To Zarqawi's dismay, all... (Below threshold)

To Zarqawi's dismay, all 72 escaped.

LOL, dang it.

Come on Daunte, drop Your d... (Below threshold)

Come on Daunte, drop Your drawers!

DJA: The Bulls ran away wit... (Below threshold)

DJA: The Bulls ran away with the market today in a strong second quarter showing.

The Today show immediately ... (Below threshold)

The Today show immediately issued an apology for interviewing the newly discovered, last living two-horned male in Times Square after the remaining horned females, long resigned to unmarried life, donned wedding gowns and rushed to the scene trying to snare a mate.

"Come back, it's just a pre... (Below threshold)
Big E:

"Come back, it's just a pre-nuptial agreement"

Ex-NYC Mayor Giuliani, cred... (Below threshold)

Ex-NYC Mayor Giuliani, credited with cleaning up Times Square, could be heard cussing two blocks over when he saw what sort of 'entertainment' had been reintroduced to the area.

Thinking that Mayor Nagin m... (Below threshold)

Thinking that Mayor Nagin may have been speaking about a confection, women head for New Orleans in droves.

♫move 'em on<br... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

move 'em on
head em' up!
head em' up
move 'em on!
move 'em on
head em' up!

cut em' out
ride 'em in!
ride 'em in
cut em' out!
cut em' out
ride 'em in

...the new mascots for the ... (Below threshold)

...the new mascots for the Marshall Thundering Herd made their debut in New York today...

The cast of "Spamalot" hits... (Below threshold)

The cast of "Spamalot" hits Broadway!

Run of the Valkyries.... (Below threshold)

Run of the Valkyries.

Here's a sample of the bonu... (Below threshold)

Here's a sample of the bonus material you'll get when you buy the Special Extended Edition of Gary Larson's 'Far Side Collection.'

Beef. It's what's for dinn... (Below threshold)

Beef. It's what's for dinner.

This shot was taken during ... (Below threshold)

This shot was taken during the running of the broads moments before events take a turn for the worse when a mid-herd contestant trips and subsequently gores to death two frontrunners. Moments later, Godzilla tears apart half of New York City. No connection between the two events is evident.

The Democratic Women of the... (Below threshold)

The Democratic Women of the Senate demonstrate their "cut and run form" for all New Yorkers to marvel at.

Worship of Mithras unexpect... (Below threshold)

Worship of Mithras unexpectedly surges in New York City.

Welcome to the 1st Annual R... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the 1st Annual Running of the MOOnbats. Annnnnnnnnnnnd there off. First out of gates is Michael Moore followed closely by Natalie Maines, Nancy Pelosi, Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan.

Corn-fed queef.... (Below threshold)

Corn-fed queef.

I said "beef veal" not "bee... (Below threshold)

I said "beef veal" not "beef veil!"

U.S. soccer team returns fr... (Below threshold)

U.S. soccer team returns from Germany.

"Please don't make fun of u... (Below threshold)

"Please don't make fun of us; we're just bulls trapped in a cow's body."

John Kerry, Al Gore and oth... (Below threshold)
D. carter:

John Kerry, Al Gore and other Democratic presidential candidates left standing at the altar maneuver for another shot at electoral bliss.

"Due to the feminist moveme... (Below threshold)

"Due to the feminist movement's complete emasculation of the North American Male, the unmated Wild Cows of New York are often drawn into raging, violent stampedes when exposed to the delicate sounds of a ticking clock."

I agreewith McGehee<... (Below threshold)

I agree
with McGehee


"On your mark, get set, put... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"On your mark, get set, put on tons of weight after the marriage...we said afterthe wedding."

"Maureen Dowd was killed in... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Maureen Dowd was killed in freak, but ironic stampede today..."

"And welcome to the Second ... (Below threshold)

"And welcome to the Second Annual Running of the Potential Wives for Dennis Kucinich!

If you're just joining us, Becky "Big Blue Stater" Brukowski has just trampled the ever-loving daylights out of Gretchen "Grandma Moonbat" Monoco! Truly, this is a race for the ages."

25 Brides, horney for the l... (Below threshold)
Paul Rigsby:

25 Brides, horney for the last time.

So? So! (Breakfast club fla... (Below threshold)

So? So! (Breakfast club flashback) Now everybody and their Sister are catching on to the carpetbeggar craze sweeping NY in recent years?

"In other news, a stampede ... (Below threshold)

"In other news, a stampede broke out today in Times Square when an angry herd of albino feminists broke free from their upper east side corral and demanded their balls back."

" A group of angry women ga... (Below threshold)

" A group of angry women gathered today in Times Square to voice protest against President Bush for cancelling the National Artificial Insimination Program"

Mayor Bloomberg's recent ga... (Below threshold)

Mayor Bloomberg's recent gaffe: "I unsderstand that gay men are horny and should be married. I support a traditional approach.. white gowns, you know", has been interpreted as a sign that City Hall is about to make an important announcement.

Liberation Day for the loca... (Below threshold)

Liberation Day for the local 1368 teamsters virgins of the 911 hijackoffs..

May our bras burn with them!

The 911 widows form an insu... (Below threshold)

The 911 widows form an insurgent coup against Ann Coulter as She attends a book signing gig in NY!

Godless? Yes. Gutless? Never.

"Let's get out of here, lad... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Let's get out of here, ladies! 'The Horny Bride'
contest was a great idea, but I just heard that Mike Tyson is one of the judges."

Mike tyson? ooohhh icky, I ... (Below threshold)

Mike tyson? ooohhh icky, I almost forgot about that doormat of doofism moron! thanks for reminding Me Steve. ha ha ha

"Get off the sidewalk, horn... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Get off the sidewalk, horny brides! The Kennedy limo is coming in ten minutes; Patrick lost his license but his drunk-driving mother, Joan, got hers back last Friday. Or, what if Ted's driving.....OR Willie Kennedy Smith is a passenger and jumps out....RUN, LADIES! VAMANOS!"

Thanks, 914. Much appreciat... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

Thanks, 914. Much appreciated.

larry king live- tonight na... (Below threshold)
Clayton Thomas:

larry king live- tonight nancy pelocie and all the rest of the ladies of the democatic party

Bill should have known orde... (Below threshold)

Bill should have known ordering Internet brides in bulk was a bad idea.






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