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Mini Bloggage III

Mini Bloggage n Bigger than a linkfest but smaller than a full blog post.

Bush's approval rating is up 4 points. (to 44%) Only 7 more points before the moonbats go into complete meltdown.

TV Producer Aaron Spelling has died at age 83.

The Duke "Rape" case continues to crumble.

Police Report: Accuser in Duke Rape Case Initially Said 5 Men Attacked Her

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - A woman who accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape initially told police she was attacked by five men at a team party and at one point denied she had been raped, according to a police report released Friday by a defense attorney.

Authorities said previously in affidavits that the accuser reported she was raped by three men at a March 13 lacrosse team party where she and another woman were hired to perform as exotic dancers.

At this point, Mike Nifong better have a very large rabbit in his hat.

George Bush beat John Kerry - Again.

Kerry: Iraq vote was 'dramatic step forward'

WASHINGTON -- After the Senate overwhelmingly rejected Sen. John Kerry's plan yesterday to bring American troops home from Iraq, the Massachusetts Democrat called the vote a "dramatic step forward" in correcting the president's failed war policy.

No Senator, it was a "dramatic step forward" for Karl Rove outting you and your pals for being the retreat and defeatest you are.

The New York Times ran an editorial that was complete hyperbolic balderdash. The title is, Following the Money, and the Rules but nowhere in the editorial do they accuse the Bush administration of breaking any rules. Only the last paragraph gives the piece any redemption.

A gay British couple had been arrested for abusing young foster children put in their care. Within months of being approved to have foser chilren they got busted for taking naked pictures of the young boys, showing them gay porn and assorted other sexual abuse. I'm shocked.

And on a humorous note, our pal Saddam Hussein ended his hunger strike after missing a single meal. Did you expect anything less?


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Comments (19)

Saddam just couldn't get en... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Saddam just couldn't get enough of those Doritos...Especially with them piping in Jay Leno's "Eat all you want... We'll make more" commercials.

Better watch it though, Paul... Some of these liberal idjits think Zogby is the picture of accuracy, while Rasmussen is just a "GOP Shill".

mak44: "had you taken... (Below threshold)

mak44: "had you taken the time to read..."

OK, I did. You were RIGHT about the 17% v. 38% Strongly disapprove, and WRONG about the "no lower than 40% approval while every other national poll has found him as low as the high 20's in approval at one point or another"

right there in the article Rasmussen points out Bush had been at 38% in May. Further no REPUTABLE poll EVER had his numbers in the 20's.

Like a VERY typical Moonbat, you can't just stick with the ONE FACT you know (credit given above), but must instead MAKE STUFF UP!!


Point is though, America does appear to be paying some attention to the FACT that the economy IS good, and the siutation in Iraq IS improving.

Success for America = Defeat for Democrats (how truly sad!)

Late 2003 John Kerry said,... (Below threshold)

Late 2003 John Kerry said, "I fear that in the run-up to the 2004 election the administration is considering what is tantamount to a cut-and-run strategy," Kerry told the Council on Foreign Relations. He said it would be "a disaster and a disgraceful betrayal of principle" to allow "a politically expedient withdrawal of American troops."

Now he has a vote to doe xactly what he said would be a mistake. The two-faced lying on the left continues. They have no position, willing to take any position in order to try and gain power.

Power and domination is the only thing the left is concerned with like any socialist/communist/fasicist groups do.

Justrand S... (Below threshold)


So, the 40% was the lowest showing in the past results in the left-hand column on the Rasmussen page. I didn't happen to read the Rassmussen article through and simply referred to the past monthly data in the left-hand summary.

And, some time in May, the Harris Interactive Poll had Bush at 29% approval.
It was not "just made up." http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2006/05/11/bushs-approval-ratings/

In regard to the economy, the stock market doesn't quite square w/ your assessment, nor do the ongoing deficits and the incredibly expanding National Debt, not to mention the Balance of Payments deficits and the weakening dollar. Between Reagan/Bush41/Bush43, the GOP will have added 7 of the 9 trillion debt in the past 25 yers, amounting to a future tax on unborn Americans of some $33K per individual. Some Econoimy!!! As to Iraq, the nailing of Zarqawi is hardly a benchmark for "Mission Accomplished," of which we're still waiting for the "Accomplished" 3 years and counting.

With your, "Success for America = Defeat for Democrats (how truly sad!)" equation, you got it wrong. What you are looking for is not victory for America but rather victory for Bush and the Republicans . Don't equate that & America when the unfit & incompetent is Bush: America is a helluva a lot better notwithstending that She currently has " the worst president in American history." It is sad when partisans like you equate America's victory w/ vindication of the inept. As such, victory for America was doomed, at least in the near term, in January 2001.

So, are you & Paul one and the same?

Well the resident moonbats ... (Below threshold)

Well the resident moonbats are out spouting their idiocy.

Lee and Mak: read Louis Fr... (Below threshold)

Lee and Mak: read Louis Freeh's column in WSJ yesterday--the reason you Dems keep losing is because you are no longer serious about defending America.

Berger and Clinton tried to cover-up the Iranian sponsorship of Khobar Towers bombing. It is very revealing to read what the Dem's own FBI Director says of the last admin. Truly, they were the "worst administration in U.S. History."

MItchell, Lee and Mak don't... (Below threshold)

MItchell, Lee and Mak don't have time to read ANYTHING!! They are key players in the ANYBODY BUT GEORGE W. BUSH IN 2008 campaign.

Only that would explain their fascination with Bush's poll numbers. Sadly, despite the upward movement, it does appear Bush's chances in '08 are slim. :) I guess Lee's and Mak's efforts are paying off!

I would question Pee and Ak... (Below threshold)

I would question Pee and Ak's patriotism. No doubt about it, they are not patriots. They don't want America to succeed (under GWB), and they, in fact, hate the country and themselves.

It really is not a matter of not being informed. Lee and Mak read this stuff. They just don't care because they are losers in a country of winners.

Sad for them. I love this country, I am proud of our President and what he's done to protect us so well, and the continued strong values upheld by his admininstration in protecting private property, liberty rights, and tolerance. Either you believe in this as the essence of U.S. greatness, or you are a delusional traitor.

Mitchell Louie Fre... (Below threshold)


Louie Freeh:"They were the worst administration in history." He nailed it!


"That Rasmussen report website looks so realistic! How much did the RNC pay to have it made?"
Ahhh actually nothing. they simply duplicated the Zogby poll web page and did a little touch up in photoshop. If You must know.
However, they screwed up. Bush is really at 56% but they did not want to look to obvious..

Faith+1You ... (Below threshold)


You posted: "Power and domination is the only thing the left is concerned with like any socialist/communist/fasicist groups do"

You need a refresher course in PolySci bcuz you clearly have no concept of the meaning of the above words in bold. When you want to use words like these, you'd appear a slightly intelligent if your usage reflected your understanding of their meaning.

Better you should stick to your Batwoman's comics, your're beginning to write like 914 and Rob in LA.

Sad for them. I love thi... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

Sad for them. I love this country, I am proud of our President and what he's done to protect us so well, and the continued strong values upheld by his admininstration in protecting private property, liberty rights, and tolerance. Either you believe in this as the essence of U.S. greatness, or you are a delusional traitor.

Only a Sith deal in absoloutes

Sorry, I just watched Star Wars this morning, although this quote is strikingly similar to Anakin's (actually by this time Darth Vader) beliefs at the end of the movie. Hmm?

sean nyc/aa: what are you ... (Below threshold)

sean nyc/aa: what are you trying to say? You believe the movie "Star Wars III: Revenge of the Stith" is real? You take your life lessons from fantasy movies? What about comic books? That, too?

I am talking about real life problems on this planet, bud. Get off your Nintendo or Playstation and figure out what the Hell is going on.

I suppose this makes me Darth Vader? Do you believe there is a "Darth Vader?" Does he speak with you regularly?

Just like I said--delusional.

Mak44"you'd? ap... (Below threshold)


"you'd? appear a slightly intelligent if Your usage reflected Your understanding of their meaning."

And Your commenting on My typing correctness??

I bet if Bush could run aga... (Below threshold)

I bet if Bush could run again like Clinton? He would beat the intellectual team up of Kerry/Gore..

Or Mak44 for that matter. ha ha..jk

You believe the movie "S... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

You believe the movie "Star Wars III: Revenge of the Stith" is real?

No, but life has been known to imitate art.

I was just pointing out the absurdity of your argument. There are millions of people in this country who do not agree with you and who are not delusional.

Frankly, thinking that anyone who has a different opinion than you is delusional, as you apparently do, in reality makes you the delusional one.

Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy? 'Cause if that's the case, maybe I am.

Sorry, I like movies.

My Dear 914 ( and I ... (Below threshold)

My Dear 914 ( and I do mean that) aka the 2 faces of Eve

If you're going to quote me, stop capitalizing words in your quote that weren't capitalized, for starters.

If your nitpick was "You'd," that happens to be the accepted contraction for "you would" or "you had" depending on the usage.

As for "And Your commenting on My typing correctness??" take the time to decide whether you want the modifying preposition "your" or the contraction of "you are."

As the reincarnated "914," I am beginning to find a little more respect for you because you seem, at least human, if not still a little bit silly. Please refrain from disillusioning me.

914The "a' was an ... (Below threshold)


The "a' was an errant keystroke.

A little bit Human? why tha... (Below threshold)

A little bit Human? why thank You. coming from You, that is a bold admission.

This is the only time I remember ever commenting on someones writing/typing whatever? It does not matter to Me that people make mistakes. big deal? I get the point of what people are saying regardless of their grammatical skills?

By the way, Batwoman/Girl is Hot.

The definition of insane is... (Below threshold)

The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over, wishing for a different result that never comes.

The Dems. have that locked. Kerry, Gore, Dean, Sharpton, Kos, Rangel, McKinney, Reid, Pelosi, and the pathetic list goes on.

sean nyc, thank God you're in a minority. This country is great dispite you and all the phonies (see above) in your party.






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