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Weekend Reading

Here are some links to some great blog posts and columns that I neglected to link earlier, some because I just missed them and others because I couldn't think of anything to add to them. Enjoy the following:

John Hawkins' excellent primer on the Kos-Armstrong pay-for-play controversy. This is the most comprehensive piece I have found on the subject, with not only lots of links and excerpts, but also great analysis.

La Shawn Barber's column Scottsboro Revisited and her blogging on the Duke Lacrosse Team rape case.

All of Betsy Newmark's blogging last week, but especially her posts on the stories the mainstream media won't tell you about John Murtha (here and here).

A Rasmussen poll shows Bush approval rating at highest point since April.

Sean Hannity interviews Whoopi Goldberg -- via Newsbusters and Expose the Left.

Carol Platt Liebau has some interesting posts at her blog -- use the scroll.

As usual, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has lots of good stuff to read. I especially liked the post about the lonely Gitmo protest.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Fine, but don't you have an... (Below threshold)

Fine, but don't you have any links to John Hawkins?

The word on the street is t... (Below threshold)

The word on the street is that Zengerle has been had. The e-mail in question, which he bases the article on, apparently was never sent to the list in question.






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