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A Conservative "Daily Show"?

I missed this story Friday about Fox's pilot for a conservative version of "The Daily Show" with Laura Ingraham as the host. From the report at TV Newser it sounds like the pilot might never see the light of day. Even if this one is not going to fly, I hope the idea won't be scrapped entirely.

I had the same idea after Dennis Miller's show on CNBC was cancelled. I thought he would be the perfect host for such a venture. In May of 2005 I wrote this:

I would love to see Miller's show resurrected on another channel - one with a better chance of pulling a larger audience. CNN and Fox News would be smart to court him, but I think a fun place for Dennis Miller's show would be Comedy Central. It would make for an excellent balance to The Daily Show, although Miller's show is probably far too smart and covers too many serious issues for the comedy channel.


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For some reason, funny cons... (Below threshold)

For some reason, funny conservatives are few and far between. Most artists are liberal. It would be hard to think of any conservative host that could hold an audience - most would just tank like Miller.

Stewart has a taped comedy ... (Below threshold)

Stewart has a taped comedy show with writers to give him bullets. Stewart is not a pundit and recreating him with a pundit is a mistake.

Laura is very funny as peop... (Below threshold)

Laura is very funny as people who listen to her radio program know.jp2 most LLL comedians aren't funny but I guess in your world it will do.

"For some reason, funny con... (Below threshold)

"For some reason, funny conservatives are few and far between." -- jp2

Not really. The whole Bush Administration in one big joke. You conservatives want to be funny? Just show your true selves, and I guarantee that the world will laugh at you.

Heck, recall the 1970s when week after week after week, people would laugh at Archie Bunker on television, laugh at his racism, xenophobia, homophobia, selfishness, shortsightedness, and fake piety; in other words, they would laugh at his conservatism. So much so that All in The Family became one of the most successful sitcoms the U.S. has ever seen.

So don't worry, jp2. Conservatives are much funnier than you think!

Dennis Miller is a riot!</p... (Below threshold)

Dennis Miller is a riot!

Conservatives are laughing at Your pathetic attempts at winning an election by not telling us what You stand for..

... racism, xenophobia,... (Below threshold)

... racism, xenophobia, homophobia, selfishness, shortsightedness, and fake piety

Sounds like most of the frontrunners for the Dem Ticket.

I had the same idea afte... (Below threshold)

I had the same idea after Dennis Miller's show on CNBC was cancelled. I thought he would be the perfect host for such a venture.

As long as he brings along the monkey!

The last time Dennis Miller... (Below threshold)

The last time Dennis Miller was funny was.. Uhm, um.. Hmmm.. I have to think about this one for a minute...

It was probably when Miller wasn't concerned with being partisan and gave it to both sides, which is a rough approximation of what John Stewart does. If you want to see a more conservative friendly Daily Show, vote for Democrats and let them come into power. Then comedians like Stewart will have more opportunities to make fun of them.

Personally, I doubt I'd wat... (Below threshold)

Personally, I doubt I'd watch a comedy show with Laura Ingraham. I used to listen to her show before she proved what a whining little child she was when Bush nominated Harriet Miers. She takes her disagreements with Bush personally (as if he's doing this to her) and really needs to grow up and mature a lot before I will ever take her seriously again.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but she's been unfairly harsh on Bush.

Miller was interviewed on... (Below threshold)

Miller was interviewed on the Daily Show on 4/20/2005. He and Stewart were brilliant - playing off each other perfectly.
Miller could do that kind of show (fake news, not his disastrous news/interview show on CNBC) very well.

Liberal comedians do well a... (Below threshold)

Liberal comedians do well among their followers because they take normal situations and twist them into total lies for laughs. Its easy for a liberal comedian to do this because lying comes naturally for liberals - its their shtick. If they told the truth, they would have to brag about being for abortion on demand, bigger and bigger government, confiscatory taxation, socialism, etc. Not very funny stuff! Instead they make really dumb jokes that arent at all funny - their lib audiences laugh only because they hate conservatives - not really a basis for true comedy.

"Sorry if that sounds harsh... (Below threshold)

"Sorry if that sounds harsh but she's been unfairly harsh on Bush."

I considered that one of her selling points.

I like Ingraham, but like any pundit she will have serious moments and you can't really have that in a 1/2 hour comedy show. That's why a pundit will never do. You need someone much less emotionally invested in politics. That's why Jon Stewart does well with his delivery.

Any show that tries to be, ... (Below threshold)

Any show that tries to be, or is billed as 'a conservative version of the Daily Show' is doomed to fail. Period.

Considering that the actual... (Below threshold)

Considering that the actual Daily Show has been the drizzling shits for a while now...

The real problem with/for D... (Below threshold)
Camera A:

The real problem with/for Dennis Miller is: He's a legendary prick. No one wants to work with him. I did camera on his next to last HBO special (and was called to work on the last one. Turned it down. Booked.) and he is a stellar jerk. He's a jerk to his wife, he's a jerk to his kids. (Spoiled dumb and desperate for daddy's approval.) And, he's a jerk with everyone he works with. The guy is just unhappy and has no problem spreading that unhappiness to everyone within 100 feet. He treats everyone as inferior and does so with meanness and bad humor.

Of course, both liberals and conservatives in the Biz suck up to him on a job, cause he is the talent.

So, his personality comes into play a great deal. It definitely contributed to the downfall of this whow. He wouldn't listen to anyone, and those who could help, he alienated fast.

After the first few weeks, he was left to kill his own show, which he did rather well.

There are some in the biz who will put up with his shit long enough to get something like the last HBO show up and on the air, but he's not a money maker in any way. Hell, he can't even get those plum B and C list supporting roles in mid-range budget movies any more.

The ABC Football debacle didn't help either.

"Stewart has a taped comedy... (Below threshold)

"Stewart has a taped comedy show with writers to give him bullets. Stewart is not a pundit and recreating him with a pundit is a mistake."

So he must have scripted responses for his interviews too? It must be nice to have everything scripted with non-employees... I wonder about when he goes on other shows and what-not. Must have a lot of strings he can pull to script that too.
Let's be honest:
Jon Stewart makes fun of conservatives 20% because he's not and 80% because they are in power. People that regularly watch would see the jabs at both sides because both sides say stupid shit. He began the show shortly before Bush was elected, so yeah, he probably isn't going to have a lot to say about other presidents in his time on the show would he?






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