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Planned Troop Reductions Leaked

Michelle Malkin has a great new collection of "loose lips" posters as part of her post about the New York Times publishing a leaked report of a classified briefing by Gen. Casey about planned troop reductions in Iraq. (I will have more to say on planned troop reductions in a later post). Ed Morrisey points out that these plans were expected and that this is quite possibly an intentional leak from the Pentagon.

Speaking of leaks, as I type this, on the television is a special about the Night Stalker serial killer who terrorized California in the 1980s. The scene that just aired showed the press conference Diane Feinstein, then mayor of San Francisco, gave disclosing critical pieces of evidence that until then had been successfully kept from the public. The investigators on the case were furious and devastated because Feinstein's disclosure jeopardized the investigation and endangered lives. I have seen video of the Feinstein press conference on several occasions and everytime I do, I wonder how, after doing that, she could be elevated by the voters of California to a position where she would have classified information critical to national security. Not being from California, and the case happening so long ago, I don't know whether or not she ever paid any political price for that. I am just curious to know if any readers are aware of the fallout from that disclosure. I see it referenced from time to time, but am not aware that Feinstein ever suffered politically for it.


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I am from California. This ... (Below threshold)

I am from California. This state is very much two states in one. Here in my area of So. Calif., most of the counties are red, except for the large population center of Los Angeles and the border Imperial county. Diane Feinstein comes out of northern Calif. which is dominated by San Francisco (Alameda) and Marin county. Democrats never lose in those areas so Feinstein is never in trouble up there. I don't much care for her, but I would take her over Boxer any day. Boxer, of course, is also from northern Calif.

I feel for You Sara. I live... (Below threshold)

I feel for You Sara. I live in Minnesota and it is pretty much the same thing. A kook like Mark Dayton is selected not elected and the taxes and regulations are becoming more and more oppressive every year. Thanks a lot Pawlenty! .75 tax increase on a pack of cigs because their evil? the Troll. I think I will move to a red state.

I can't believe they are cu... (Below threshold)

I can't believe they are cutting and running.

The left never pays for the... (Below threshold)

The left never pays for their indiscreations, their progressives you know.TeddyCowardly Kennedy is just one case in point,Barney Frank,McDermot, William Jefferson,Mckenny,etc.

I'm from Michigan (a blue s... (Below threshold)

I'm from Michigan (a blue state) with two democrat senators. I live in the western part of the state which is red :)

My impression was that Fein... (Below threshold)
Big D:

My impression was that Feinstein always got a pass, because, well, at least she was not that idiot Boxer.

All things in California politics are relative.






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