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Perception Versus Reality

One of my favorite blogs, Viking Pundit, pointed me to a really fun Boston Globe magazine article:

How embarrassing is this? Pro-environment, green-thinking Massachusetts has virtually shut the door to alternative energy developers such as Cape Wind. Meanwhile, oil-loving, redneck Texas is poised to build the nation's largest wind farm. Most of our local political establishment has united in opposition to wind. At the same time, Lone Star politicians are spearheading what they call the "Texas wind rush" in the Gulf of Mexico. Massachusetts was once in the fore-front of developing renewable energies. By the end of this year, Texas will probably be the number one source of wind power in the United States.

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And we still have some of t... (Below threshold)

And we still have some of the lowest energy prices in the nation here in Texas.

Then again, Ted Kennedy doesn't have a boat house in Corpus Christi.

What is the Right's positio... (Below threshold)

What is the Right's position on this? Do you guys favor or oppose wind and other alternative energy sources? And why?

Just curious...

Why is it a right vs. left ... (Below threshold)

Why is it a right vs. left issue?

Seems to me we need alternate sources of energy period.

I'm tired of everything being politicized. It's not a political issue.

lorie, did you check with J... (Below threshold)

lorie, did you check with Jay before you posted this? Massachusetts is his baby!! I sense a Wizbang turf war coming up.

And I agree with JustJoe, why does this have to be a political issue? What does your political affiliation have to do with renewable energy?


What is your position on this?

While it should not be a po... (Below threshold)

While it should not be a political issue, it is worth noting that certain politicans are long on talk and short on action.

Or as Teddy would say, "Uh, not in my, er, ah, back yard".

The last two years in a row... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

The last two years in a row I have driven through Republican Texas and have marveled at the wind farms. I have also marveled at ultra-liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy's refusal to allow a wind farm in Cape Cod because it would ruin his view.

Texans put their money where their mouths are. Liberal dinosaurs put in office approvingly by Democrats year after year after year, well...

You tell me, Publicus, who seems to favor them.

I'm flattered that people w... (Below threshold)

I'm flattered that people want to know my position!

I think we need to identify the most promising sources of alternative energy, and develop them to the utmost. I'm not expert enough to know which ones are most promising, though...

Last Wednesday they also an... (Below threshold)

Last Wednesday they also announced plans to double the capacity of the South Texas Nuclear Project.

This, along with the wind farms and separate power grid, is just another way of trying to keep the state from being dependent on others for our energy needs.

I think we need to ident... (Below threshold)

I think we need to identify the most promising sources of alternative energy, and develop them to the utmost.

Sounds reasonable enough. I competely agree. Now keep away any Government mandates designed to bring about this result and I'm all for it. It doesn't have to be left or right.

I don't think the "right" h... (Below threshold)

I don't think the "right" has a monolithic opinion on alternate power, aside from it having to make economic sense.
That is, don't try expect me to switch to an alternate scheme that is double or more the cost of what I am currently using.
That, and the right as a whole is less concerned with the feel good aspect of alternate power. Any warm fuzzies from using solar cells, wind farms or hybrid cars are a nice side effect, but not the primary motivating factor.

You mean that during the di... (Below threshold)

You mean that during the discussion about oil company windfall profits a while back those Republicans who kept saying developing alternate energy IS NOT A VIABLE SOLUTION were lying in order to help their oil company pals?

Now there's a surprise....

Flip - flop - flip - flop.

You mean that during the... (Below threshold)

You mean that during the discussion about oil company windfall profits a while back those Republicans who kept saying developing alternate energy IS NOT A VIABLE SOLUTION were lying in order to help their oil company pals?

Odd, since Bush has championed fuel cell and hydrogen energy since he took office. Jesus, Lee, try and keep up a little would you?

But, hey, it's always easier to demonize a myth than reality.

And a "windfall profits tax" is a bad idea since "windfall profits" is just a bit of a nebulous term.

Lee,What on earth ar... (Below threshold)

What on earth are you talking about? You make yourself more irrelevant with each passing day.

The price of producing wind... (Below threshold)

The price of producing wind power using the new wind power generators is roughly equal to oil now. The biggest problem is creating a good enough matrix so the generation of wind farms is somewhat consistent. Storing energy isn't very cost efficient and we don't have that infrastructure right now anyway. Ethanol is getting closer but is still roughly 20% more expensive then oil (debatable) and then there is the engine issues. Solar cell is nowhere close yet but is getting better. Nuclear is cheaper in short run but we still have large issue of spent fuel disposal that has never been taken care of.

I can't figure out what Lee... (Below threshold)

I can't figure out what Lee is talking about either. When I hear "windfall" (when people aren't *obviously* talking about trees) I think they are probably talking about taking away someone's profits. How that relates to alternative energy sources I can't even imagine.

As for those alternative energy sources... we love energy, energy is good, more energy is better, yee-haw.

The wind farms in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas (approximately the road-route to grandma's house) are beautiful. I really can't *imagine* what Kenedy's got up his rear because it would seem they'd go with the beach a bit like sailboats.

And if I may sing the praises of capitalism just a bit... scsiwuzzy is 100% correct. It has to make economic sense, not just feel good. Because if it doesn't make economic sense no amount of feel good is going to make a project work. Facilities need to be built and payroll has to be met and the people with financial and investment knowhow need to get paid. If that can't be supported by the market the project itself will just be one huge tax revenue suck. If it *can*, well then the private sector has the motivation to do so and the motivation to do so in the most efficient manner.

And in case that's too involved, what does the "right" think about alternative energy sources?

We love energy, energy is good, more energy is better, yee-haw.

WRONG! DC is the nation's ... (Below threshold)

WRONG! DC is the nation's leading source of wind power.

I'm in the oil and gas busi... (Below threshold)
jesusland joe:

I'm in the oil and gas business in the Southwest(Texas, Arkansas) and I have always believed that we need to develope alternate sources of energy. Believe me when I say that most in our business(at least the small producers) realize that oil dependency is the single most dangerous problem facing this country.

Most of us are now seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, as wind energy production is way up here in Texas, new natural gas finds in Texas and Arkansas have vastly increased our reserves, and the production of ethanol is about to spike. If further exploration and production had been allowed to progress in Alaska, I truly believe that the worst of the energy crisis would be behind us. But progress is being made. Too slow for me, but perhaps that is the way it should be.

If there was only a way to ... (Below threshold)

If there was only a way to harnass the wind that comes out of Ted and the Masses mouthes.

We could harness the power ... (Below threshold)

We could harness the power of the kidneys of a Kennedy. With all of the liquor that misbegotten clan consumes, their kidneys have to marvels.

I once saw a Japanese game ... (Below threshold)

I once saw a Japanese game show where contestants would urinate onto a water wheel, to see who could spin it fastest, and thus making a light bulb turn on.
Teddy could light a small city...

I was recently approached t... (Below threshold)

I was recently approached to invest in a different Texas alternative fuel project, this one involved producing ethanol to make electricity. It seems that conservative Texas has a much better grasp on these issues than the libs in Boston.

I'm a Texan.You mi... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

I'm a Texan.

You might want to be a little... moderate and judicious in handing out compliments. Wind power, like most forms of alternative energy, is highly subsidized, by tax breaks and direct payments.

When money is falling from the sky, keep in mind that Texans have big hats.







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