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Quote Of The Day - French Technology Victories Edition

"This is a step forward for all citizens, which places France at the forefront of new technologies."

French President Jacques Chirac speaking of GeoPortail, the $7.5 million dollar, taxpayer financed, competitor to Google Earth and Microsoft's Virtual Earth systems as reported in The Register. The system promptly surrendered...


Viva La France!

Comments (16)

Vhat ees ziss Deeg effect o... (Below threshold)

Vhat ees ziss Deeg effect of which you speak?



I like the Babel Fish trans... (Below threshold)

I like the Babel Fish translation: "You are incredibly numerous to connect you to Géoportail, gate of the territories and the citizens since his setting on line. We recorded several million connections in a few hours. Because of this multitude, the site is currently saturated. Our teams put all in?uvre to allow you to reach it again under satisfactory conditions of navigation and thank you for the interest which you carry to this innovative interdepartmental site."

Mon dieu!... (Below threshold)

Mon dieu!

They sure talk purty to say... (Below threshold)

They sure talk purty to say its broke.

Meanwhile, Sergei Brinn is ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, Sergei Brinn is laughing so hard he's fallen off his Aero chair over there at Google HQ.

It work just as designed, i... (Below threshold)

It work just as designed, it surrendered as any Frenchman would.

Tant Pis! GeoPortail ne ma... (Below threshold)

Tant Pis! GeoPortail ne marche pas!

Merde alors! I wonder if i... (Below threshold)

Merde alors! I wonder if it's actually so popular it's bogged down, or if they just want people to think that it is?

Maman est morte aujourd'hui... (Below threshold)

Maman est morte aujourd'hui. Ou peut-être c'était hier. Je ne sais pas.


I thought maybe that last p... (Below threshold)

I thought maybe that last part of the last line:

le site est actuellement sature'


the site is actually satire.

8AM Tuesday (Eastern) and i... (Below threshold)

8AM Tuesday (Eastern) and it's still down!

Kevster:Viva Spani... (Below threshold)


Viva Spanish. Vive French.

Kevin:Viva spanish... (Below threshold)


Viva spanish. Vive french.

Anyone notice that all the ... (Below threshold)

Anyone notice that all the sites they have mapped appear to be former colonies?

You have to love the url of... (Below threshold)
Right of Center:

You have to love the url of the "surrender" page:


I think the automatic tran... (Below threshold)
peter parker:

I think the automatic translation is carried out by a french guy somewhere. It sure sounds like french speaking english.






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