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National Cowardice Day

Today is the day that anti-American, anti-war leftists are celebrating Lt. Ehren Watada, the Fort Lewis officer who refused to deploy to Iraq.

In my post about Lt. Watada's refusing to deploy to Iraq, I said this:

This is more than just one man refusing to deploy. It's a coordinated effort by the anti-war left to undermine our troops, our war effort, and President Bush, and Lt. Watada is its pawn.

Take a look at the coordinated effort going on today. Rallies are scheduled all over the country to support Lt. Watada's "courage" to refuse to do his duty: Fort Lewis, WA; Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Oakland, CA; Oklahoma, OK and many, many other cities. As I said, this isn't just about one man refusing to go to Iraq. There's a much larger anti-American, anti-war leftist agenda here.

Take a look at these moonbats' objective:

COURAGE TO RESIST is a group of concerned community members, veterans and military families that supports military objectors to illegal war and occupation and the policies of empire. Our People Power strategy weakens the pillars that maintain war and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere by supporting GI resistance, counter-recruitment and draft resistance, which cuts off the supply of troops.

So not only do these moonbats disapprove of the war in Iraq, but they also disapprove of the effort in Afghanistan, which ousted the Taliban after we were attacked by al Qaeda on 9/11. In fact, they aren't just against war in general. They seem to be against the existence of the military completely, thus their goal to cut "off the supply of troops."

Check out Michelle's Vent, in which she talks more about Lt. Watada's cowardice.

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Cue accusations of question... (Below threshold)

Cue accusations of questioning the patriotism and right wing flag waving in

It becoming moot. Gen. Case... (Below threshold)

It becoming moot. Gen. Casey told the republicans that it was time to plan the end game and start withdrawing troops, despite their anquished cries that it wasn't, so Watada and his supporters aren't really contibuting anything.

I have the misfortune to li... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

I have the misfortune to live out here in HI and I can tell you that the moonbats are out in force today. They are protesting in front of Ft. Shafter for this idiot. He's been tooting his own horn for weeks about how courageous he is & he is also encouraging others to follow his lead. See the June 18, 06, Honolulu Advertiser OP-ED. The Moonbats show their anti-war info every evening on public access here in Honolulu. I asked about putting on a program that supports the soldiers not make fun of them as they do when the marchers are confronted by military personnel in cowboy hats and they scroll on the screen, "Are these real cowboys, or fake cowboys or soldiers who want to be cowboys". I was told that there is no room available for people such as myself. I wasn't going to do a show but I was just curoius about it.
They will be praising watada, (I refuse to state his rank) to the skies on the news tonight and in the anti-war, left papers out here.
Hawaii is a nice place to visit but there is an awful lot of moonbats here.

The Seattle P-I on May 31, ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The Seattle P-I on May 31, 2006, with an excerpt grabbed at DailyKos (I couldn't find the article in a very brief search):

Anti-war protesters gathered Wednesday at the Port of Olympia to demonstrate against a 950-foot military cargo ship bound for Iraq.

Yes, cutting off supplies, too. Like medical supplies to aid wounded soliders, ammunition to keep killing the enemy, loading Strykers and other military machinery and armor to keep them from being killed. And this list goes on.

Yes, they should be so damn proud of themselves for protecting our troops so thoughtfully. Bastards.

See the pitiful story of an Olympia councilmen allegedly being "shoved" by the police just for being at the protest (why?) here.

Welcome to the Unhinged Northwest.

I was told that there is... (Below threshold)

I was told that there is no room available for people such as myself

Public access television is regulated by the FCC, and requires equal access for anyone with opposing views -- or did the republicans do away with that bit of regulation as well? I don't think so. What is the name of the cable tv company that is carrying the public access programming?

Lee, you are a troll. I t... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Lee, you are a troll. I think you know that you and your buddies at Kos buy up all the time and therefore there is no room for anyone else. It's called TimeWarner or maybe they've changed their name to HawaiiTelcom. Not sure but why don't you call them and tell them you want to be on. I'm sure they'll make room for you.
Also, I had these moonbats protesting in front of my home because I hung a Blue Star in my window since my hubby is deployed to Iraq. I was told to take it down because the protestors caused a commotion in the neighborhood. I refused because I will not buckle under to Nazi tacticts that you people use on the left. So, they eventually got bored with being run off my street by my neighbor who is almost a huge Hawaiian guy and by my sitting on my front yard with my shotgun and 9mm.
So Lee, I think you'd fit in perfectly in the Aloha state.

That cargo ship might have ... (Below threshold)

That cargo ship might have been a Military Sealift Command Ship...or might not. If the ship was painted gray with blue and gold trim on the stack...count on it ;-) (I sail as a 3rd Assistant Engineer with MSC, currently on the USNS Saturn, a dry cargo combat support ship, supplying the troops with foodstuffs and miscellaneous goods.)

Cate, Cate, Cate.H... (Below threshold)

Cate, Cate, Cate.

Here's who to contact to get your own public access television show produced (if you are on Oahu): Olelo.

There is a link right there on their home page that tells you how to get your message on the air. I've done it myself, it's not that hard. It's best to get a number of people to help you, to divide up the work. Keep track of your efforts, and if, as you claim, they tell you "I was told that there is no room available for people such as myself." then you can take that to the FCC and get them in deep doo-doo.

If this war was about achie... (Below threshold)

If this war was about achieving peace, nobody would have a problem.

But when its for money, trillion dollar oil pipelines and scamming from a $320 billion a year defence budget, then it becomes an act of treason.

It also makes it an act of Genocide.

I take my hat off to Lt. Watada, now there is a true patriot and person of solid integrity.

Yeah, it takes a "true patr... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Yeah, it takes a "true patriot" of "solid integrity" to abandon the post that he swore to uphold and signed up for after the start of the war.

Don't drop the soap in Leavenworth, Watada. The people you were sworn to lead are much better off without you.

Mark: The rest of your post is pure pig tripe.

Let's bring back the draft ... (Below threshold)

Let's bring back the draft and we wont have these problems!

Mark:Like you woul... (Below threshold)
Doug L.:


Like you would know a patriot.

This is amazing. When did Wizbang suddenly become a moonbat magnet?

So Lee (and Mark) just how ... (Below threshold)

So Lee (and Mark) just how is this different from treason? Why don't you moonbats just admit that you despise the Uniited States and don't want the United States to succeed in this war.This would save much time as you would no longer have to pre-emptively complain that your patriotism was being questioned when it is plainly obvious that you have none.And Lee:The withdrawal proposed by Gen. Casey will occur only if consistant with US victory,whereas the Democrats withdrawal will occur regardless of the situation on the ground in Iraq.The worst thing that could happen for the left would be for the US and elected Iraqi government were to be seen as succeeding in the war-this must be prevented at all costs.Hence the fawning attention given to Lt. Watada -a pathetic coward but someone who moonbats belief will disguise their true motivation of malice toward the United States and its people.

And Lee: The withdrawal ... (Below threshold)

And Lee: The withdrawal proposed by Gen. Casey will occur only if consistant with US victory,whereas the Democrats withdrawal will occur regardless of the situation on the ground in Iraq.

No, it occur as long as there isn't a good reason for it to not proceed. We're pulling out of Iraq - it's just that your leaders don't want to tell you yet becuse it will appear to give sway to the democrats.

I'm happy to have Bush declare victory several months from now, and declare that the reason we're pulling out is because republicans totally rock.

Either way, we've seen the beginning of the end this week, which makes me happy. We never should have invaded that country to start with, and the war on terror has been mis-managed because of the attention diverted towards Iraq. We STILL don't have OBL for cryng out loud.

But that's just my opinion.

Its very easy to label ever... (Below threshold)

Its very easy to label everyone who opposes this war as an "American hater"...but it doesn't wash.

Your days of manipulating the stupid into murderous campaigns, just so that you can make a quick buck are numbered.

$320 billion a year, obtain from financial fraud on Income tax is just "organised crime".


Nobody wants anything to do with neo-con (neo-nazi) genocidal campaigns...nor their fascist beliefs..

" Fascism is a government structure. The most notable characteristic of a fascist country is the separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population based upon superficial qualities or belief systems. "

How's the anti-gay campaign coming along?

...I hear the President made a laughing stock out of all of you by setting you up with the vote on the constitutional amendment that would never go anywhere...

How does it feel to be used?

Lee & Mark:Your po... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Lee & Mark:

Your posts are so loaded with remarkably far-fetched, totally unproven conspiracy theories (Mark mostly) and anti-war, juvenile rhetoric ("nah-nah, you still don't have bin Laden!" as if he's the end all be all of the entire Islamo-fascist Middle East movement) that it's just about impossible to know where to start thoroughly debunking everyone of your regurgitated hairball arguments and theories.

So why bother. We'd all be better off talking to drywall.

Lee:OBL only became famous ... (Below threshold)

Lee:OBL only became famous because Clinton couldn't be bothered to deal with him when he first started killing Americans-Billy might have gotten a few bad headlines.That you reference him now merely shows that you are stuck in the failed law enforcemnt method of tackling terrorism which led to 9/11.The threat from Al-Quaeda would continue even if OBL was preserved in a jar of formaldehyde and on display in the Smithsonian.Most of my adult life Saddam was said to be the greatest terrorist threat to the United States-that you say he was not worth bothering about shows just how successful Bush43s policy has been.I agree that the withdrawal from Iraq should proceed-why shouldn't it when we are winning despite the best efforts of the left and Lt Wanada? My leader and yours-GWB-has said for a long time that we would be leaving Iraq-why haven't you heard this? Mark:Sober up before you make postings visible to other people.You might actually make sense-I'm sure your mom would be SO proud of you.

Peter F says:"Your... (Below threshold)

Peter F says:

"Your posts are so loaded with remarkably far-fetched, totally unproven conspiracy theories..."

Yeah...the definition of specific terms such as fascism do not apply if it comes from within the US...

Who do you think you are kidding?

If the shoe fits...and all that...

Lee, you must be out here o... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Lee, you must be out here on Oahu then too. I was chanel surfing earlier this afternoon and they had an hour (maybe longer) on that Code Pink on that Olelo. When I called Oceanic Time Warner they were the ones who said they had no room for views such as mine. I have never seen anything that was not anti-war or anti-Haole for that matter on there (excluding the neighborhood board and school things, traffic and arts in the morning). Perhaps you were one of the individuals who was at my home for four weeks from the end of March thru most of April. Will you be at the rallys for Watada?

I wonder how much support t... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I wonder how much support the far left is going to give Watada for the next 5 to 10 years, while he is twiddling his thumbs in Levenworth, and then spending the rest of his life with a dishonorable discharge. If you take the kings shiling, you fight where and when you are told.

Part of the oath of a military officer is to serve at the pleasure of the president, not the antiwar crowd.

scsiwuzzy, Lee, Mark, field... (Below threshold)

scsiwuzzy, Lee, Mark, field-negro, et al.,

In the spirit of Jay Tea, "Blood For Odin!"

It's too bad that Lt. Watada was compelled to enlist after September 11 occured. What's that? He wasn't drafted? He enlisted voluntarily? You mean he knew that he might have to deploy to a war zone, and enlisted anyway?

I don't understand...

wave... mine was a predicti... (Below threshold)

wave... mine was a prediction of the Trollslaught(TM), not the opening salvo. ;)

Perhaps, "accepted a commis... (Below threshold)

Perhaps, "accepted a commission" rather than "enlisted". According to his press release, it was 3 years ago. Let's see, March 17, 2003, President Bush issues the 48 Hour deadline. March 19, 2003, war begins. June 2003, Lt. Watada is commissioned as a Lt. in the Army.

I'm even more confused...

scsiwuzzy,Duly not... (Below threshold)


Duly noted. But you were off by 3 minutes. ;->

wave,if you count as... (Below threshold)

if you count as slowly as a point move through a troll's mind, Lee was right on time.

SCSIwuzzy,Lets see... (Below threshold)


Lets see... 5..............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ

Huh? Oh, 4...............

I get it!

The silence of the Trolls.<... (Below threshold)

The silence of the Trolls.

Up past their bed times?<br... (Below threshold)

Up past their bed times?
Or have the raves kicked into full swing?

The Lt. had proven by himse... (Below threshold)

The Lt. had proven by himself that he's not much of a man. Now his supporters have backed him up. If a man's word and his oath means nothing then the man is nothing. Good luck in your future life as a known coward and traitor and it may be short if you travel in the wrong place. I suggest you get a reservation in Canada, that is if they're still accepting cowards. Latest is they've changed quite a bit and may be more inclined to hang a terrorist lover than accept those such as yourself.

USMC Pilot has it right. T... (Below threshold)

USMC Pilot has it right. This poor misguided young man will spend the prime of his life in prison, while the moonbats are onto their next symbolic heroes or heroines to be used and discarded.

Just being a run-of-the-mill deserter, he will never command the notoriety and celebrity on the left of Mumia, who actually murdered a cop in cold blood before several witnesses.


First, to Henry from above ... (Below threshold)

First, to Henry from above serving on the Saturn: Thanks from my family and I for your service to our country. We appreciate what you are doing.

USMC Pilot: You and I both know that Watada will rot away in prison and the left will not care. Unless of course by some off chance he kills someone before being sent to prison. Then they may have occasional 'free Watada another victim of the facist police state!' rallies comprised of five smelly anti-war types of indeterminate gender marching nude in front of a recruiting station somewhere within bicycling distance of Berkeley. They seem to like murderers for some reason.

Adjoran - I must have read ... (Below threshold)

Adjoran - I must have read your mind. :) Mumia was one that I had in mind. The leftist predisposition to idolize murderers would be funny if it weren't for the deaths they cause.

No doubt, in a few years they'll be wearing shirts with Zarqawi on the front and text on the back decrying his death as that of another noble freedom fighter.

Watada is so cool! Can you... (Below threshold)

Watada is so cool! Can you imagine how much money he's going to raise for our anti-Bush groups? I hope he gets paid a lot, since he's going to be taking all the heat. What a great poster boy -- and a minority, too! Think of it -- he can sit it out in the brig, get a dishonorable discharge (big deal), and then rake in the dough from our donations. Um . . .

I've never seen so many soc... (Below threshold)

I've never seen so many sockpuppets gathered together...why are you lot not in Iraq fighting?

Happier to let others die as long as you shills get paid?

Lt. Watada first oath is to uphold the constitution of America...something the President seems fit to undermine and the sockpuppets fail to understand.

Lt. Watada, as I said before, is a true American patriot and a shining example of moral integrity...he is far from being alone.

Hillary Clinton's N.Y. Platform: Iraq War 'Illegal'

UN: Iraq war illegal, says Annan

An evening for the officer who said no to war
Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith was court martialled and sentenced on 12 April 2006 to eight months imprisonment for refusing to return to Iraq. Malcolm says: "I was right to make the stand that I did and refuse to follow orders to deploy to Iraq - orders I believe were illegal. I shall remain resilient and true to my beliefs which, I believe, are shared by so many others."

The Iraq Veterans Against War Mission Statement
Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is a group of veterans who have served since September 11th, 2001 including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are committed to saving lives and ending the violence in Iraq by an immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces. We also believe that the governments that sponsored these wars are indebted to the men and women who were forced to fight them and must give their Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen the benefits that are owed to them upon their return home.

Oddly enough, Mark, the Con... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Oddly enough, Mark, the Constitution states the President is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. With the AUMF-Iraq, Congress has given it's support. So both Watada and your interpretations are flawed on their face. He's going to jail, as a coward.

Whinetada raised his hand a... (Below threshold)

Whinetada raised his hand and swore in AFTER 9/11. And as it's made eloquently clear, you DO NOT get to pick and choose what you do or where you go - the military will work with you and send you where you'd like IF there's a slot available for you - but if there isn't, you're still going to go where they send you, and do your job when you get there.

I think he's just a sorry opportunist, myself, deserving of no sympathy and a jail term, then a DD. And if he's looking for a career in politics, he can always follow the example of Kerry and try to get his discharge upgraded later.


Mark:I've never... (Below threshold)


I've never seen so many sockpuppets gathered together...why are you lot not in Iraq fighting?

Why are you not in Iraq fighting...against U.S. troops?

If you hate us being there so much why don't you put your money where your mouth is, book a flight.

And to answer you question, not everyone is fit for army service. The fact that I had to bring up that obvious point pretty much puts in to perspective how ignorant you are.

Lt. Watada, as I said before, is a true American patriot and a shining example of moral integrity...he is far from being alone.

What did this man hope to gain by joining the armed forces if he was going to turn his back to the call of duty?

Watada is a shining example of cowardice, duplicity, dishonor, weakness, and lack of principle. If this is how you charactarize a true patriot, to whom you mistakenly credit moral integrity, you are truly warped.

Hey Mark, I was in the firs... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Hey Mark, I was in the first Gulf War, took a bullet, lost a kidney and got a medical discharge (which is not what I wanted to do). I was a 1st LT myself at that time. I am now married to a fellow Officer who is on his third trip back to the sandbox.
Why don't you join up, the Army is about to raise their recruiting limits to 42. I would go back (since I am 42) but they won't take me.
OF course you probably feel that the only vets worth talking to are the freaks who are now shills for the anti-war left. They're not a popular group with those who are over there now.

Mark also appears to believ... (Below threshold)

Mark also appears to believe that 9/11 was a US government plot and the towers were taken down by thermite. Don't even bother responding, though donations of Mellaril might be thoughtful.

Cate, "When I called Oce... (Below threshold)

Cate, "When I called Oceanic Time Warner they were the ones who said they had no room for views such as mine."

If that's true quit acting like a victim and take action. Youll get your time on their channel.

Well Lee, I'm taking a page... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Well Lee, I'm taking a page from your playbook. I want to play the victim for a change. So, you never answered my questions, were you in front of my house protesting with your nasty signs and did you kiss watada's ass last night at his rally?

"What did this man hope to ... (Below threshold)

"What did this man hope to gain by joining the armed forces if he was going to turn his back to the call of duty? " -Heralder

I was under the impression that joining the Armed Forces was not merely a promise to blindly follow directions, but to serve and protect the country. Americans have the responsibility to question our leaders and and the right to practice nonviolent protesting, such as refusal to fight in a war we don't believe in. It's the very basis of democracy. Joining the military does not negate one's basic American rights, and protesting the war nonviolently does not make one a coward.

We call the 9/11 terrorists "cowards"- and let me make this perfectly clear, I AGREE. Completely. But does anyone see the tables turned here? If one of those terrorists had decided not to go through with the attacks, they would be "cowards" in Al Queda's eyes for refusing- while we would call them "heroes" for not blindly following.

"Just following orders" is, afterall, what got us into the Abu Ghraib mess...maybe if they had refused...

Cate - You're welcome - no ... (Below threshold)

Cate - You're welcome - no problem!

Lee, I guess you were at my... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Lee, I guess you were at my house then. Next time, please shower first and use deodorant it's so helpful!






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