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Sometimes the crime is its own punishment...

Let's see... you're facing arrest on charges of stealing a truck, driving without a license, and driving drunk. How can you possibly make your night even worse?

How about hiding from the cops in the woods, only to get found by a skunk?

The judge ended up letting him off early, presumably under the theory that he'd suffered enough, and did turn himself in after the skunk administered its own rough (and smelly) justice. I happen to disagree with the judge, but I wouldn't want him in my jail, either.

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Now, if only he'd had his n... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Now, if only he'd had his nipple bitten off by a beaver...

(See Blue Collar Comedy Tour if you don't get the reference.)

I think forcing him to shar... (Below threshold)

I think forcing him to share a cell with other inmates would be boderline cruel and unusual punishment ... for the other inmates.

I don't care about the othe... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

I don't care about the other inmates. Where is the justice for the guy who owned the ruck that he stole? I'll bet that if the judge owned that truck he wouldn't have gotten off lightly.

Judges spend so much time dealing with scum, that the become immune to the crimes that they commit. Victims should determine penalties, not judges!

Too bad we dont treat motor... (Below threshold)

Too bad we dont treat motor vehicle thieves like we used to treat horse thieves.

Something like this happene... (Below threshold)

Something like this happened on my street. I trapped a skunk in the high weeds of the lot next to me. The Humane Sheltor said I had to wait until the morning before they would pick it up.. A couple of kids were stealing out of cars on my street that night. My neighbor heard a noise and came outside, and the kids ran to the weeds to hide. She said she then heard one yell and two kids running away, then she smelled the shunk. Told the police to look for kids who stunk. Never found them though.






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