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Making Good On A Promise

I remember hearing the story of the President's visit with this soldier earlier this year and the promise he made him. Yesterday he made good on that promise. From the Associated Press:

President Bush took a jog Tuesday with a soldier who lost part of both legs in Iraq, following through on a bedside promise even the president had doubts about at the time.

Despite a slight drizzle, Bush and Staff Sgt. Christian Bagge took a slow jog around a spongy track that circles the White House's South Lawn. About halfway through their approximately half-mile run, Bush and Bagge paused briefly for reporters.

"He ran the president into the ground, I might add," Bush said, as the two gripped hands in an emotional, lengthy shake. "But I'm proud of you. I'm proud of your strength, proud of your character."

The president met the soldier on a New Year's Day visit to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where Bagge had been recuperating from his injuries for months. Bagge, now 23 and a native of Eugene, Ore., was in a convoy hit by roadside bombs a year ago in the remote Iraq desert south of Kirkuk.

Bagge's left leg was amputated just above the ankle, and his right leg ends just above the knee.

He told Bush during their January visit that he wanted to run with him. Bush was an avid runner who had mostly traded the activity for mountain biking in the last couple of years because of knee problems.

"I looked at him, like, you know, there's an optimistic person," Bush said. "It's an amazing sight for me to be running with a guy who, last time I saw him, was in bed wondering whether or not -- I was wondering whether or not he'd ever get out of bed."

But, the president added, in tribute to the hard work Bagge did to realize this goal, "There was no doubt in his mind that he would."

"It's a privilege," commented Bagge, who had changed in the Oval Office into a special set of prosthetic legs that he uses to jog.

And then the pair took off for the remainder of their run.


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Comments (14)

If anyone might have a grip... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

If anyone might have a gripe with the president, it would seem to be Sgt. Bagge. However, it also seems that people of courage think one way and cowards think another.

Just another political stun... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Just another political stunt to get his poll numbers up, right Lee/mak/jp2?

Not only is that story very... (Below threshold)

Not only is that story very touching, it is a pleasant surprise to see Jennifer Loven write about the president without a hint of bias or snark.

Little doubt it was Sgt Bagge's fighting spirit that got him from the bed to the White House jogging track in only five months.

Sgt Bagge's story is absolu... (Below threshold)

Sgt Bagge's story is absolutely incredible. You can only hope that his postive outlook and determined spirit continue to grow with him throughout his life. I can't imagine the difficulties he is going to face, but hopefully he can look back at this moment to remind him that he can accomplish anything.

Just saw him on Fox and Fri... (Below threshold)
s credeur:

Just saw him on Fox and Friends--upbeat and positive and, oh yeah, very cute too!

Once in a while, it would b... (Below threshold)

Once in a while, it would be nice if we could all put the politics aside and just look at the man (or woman). He's a good man.

When refering to a specific... (Below threshold)

When refering to a specific person, isn't "President" supposed to be capitalized? It has been a long time since my school days but If I remember correctly when a title is used instead of a name as in "He ran the president into the ground" the word is capitalized. Any English majors in the group?

I remember when the President made that promise. I am glad to see it fullfilled.

tyree:Could be wro... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Could be wrong but I think it is only capitalized when used as "he ran President Bush into the ground".

P.S.It also depend... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


It also depends on who is doing the writing. Most moonbats say "President Clinton or president bush". I prefer that we show respect for the office, even when we have none for the man.

AP style is to capitalize o... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

AP style is to capitalize only as a formal title before names:

The president

President Bush

George W. Bush, president of the United States

Big Mo and USMC Pilot...<br... (Below threshold)

Big Mo and USMC Pilot...
Thanks for clearing that up.

Big Mo said:" The... (Below threshold)

Big Mo said:
" The president
President Bush
George W. Bush, president of the United States

- United States President, or
- George W. Bush, U.S. President
- Mr. President
- a president

I'm undecided on the president/President. Sometimes it's used as a title, others as a description.

"A mad scientist hopes to create viruses to infect a president, but the President wasn't concerned."

This should not be a surpri... (Below threshold)

This should not be a surprise to any one,that this honorable man would keep his promise,hes not a dem.

That's not fair. There are... (Below threshold)

That's not fair. There are plenty of dems who keep promises and have honor, just like there are reps that are lacking in those depts.
However, the vocal and prominent members of the dem party in Congress don't seem to be among them...






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