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Osama bin Laden to Issue Tribute to Al-Zarqawi

And no, we're not talking about a new summer album from the lovebirds. The Associated Press reports:

Osama bin Laden will issue a videotaped message paying tribute to slain al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a message posted on an Islamic militant Web site said Wednesday.

The message did not say when the video would be posted or whether bin Laden himself would appear in the video or just speak in a voice-over. The al-Qaida leader has issued three audiotapes this year but has not appeared in a video since one issued on Oct. 29, 2004.

In an editorial coup, Wizbang has received an advanced copy of tape you can see in the extended entry.

Okay, that was a lie. Thanks Point Five, anyways. We'll just wait for somebody to leak it to the press like everybody else.

Regardless, cue the moonbats going "Where's the real terrorists? Where's Osama?" Because, as we all know, as soon as Osama bin Laden is dead all terrorism on the planet will cease.

Plus: SondraK's singing my song.

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LOL... (Below threshold)


How touching.. Osama and Za... (Below threshold)

How touching.. Osama and Zark must have had a thing for each other.

I wonder if He will be nominated for an Emmy this year? or will it be rigged again?

Murtha will be giving the p... (Below threshold)

Murtha will be giving the prayer at the funeral.

Carrying the casket: Lee, Mak44, Old Time Religion.

So, which one of them was t... (Below threshold)

So, which one of them was the goat in that relationship?

Bahhhhh!! my guess is its M... (Below threshold)

Bahhhhh!! my guess is its Mak44 by a tail.

But...but...I thought peopl... (Below threshold)

But...but...I thought people like OBL were HAPPY that the "not terribly effective" Zarqawi was dead.

Wonder why makie is not pos... (Below threshold)

Wonder why makie is not posting on this one? he he

Because its a solemn moment... (Below threshold)

Because its a solemn moment........

Now, THAT was funny.... (Below threshold)

Now, THAT was funny.

As tired as Brokeback jokes... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

As tired as Brokeback jokes are quickly becoming, this one is pretty damn funny! Especially the ending credit....






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