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Exposing NEA Union Bosses: Priceless

This campaign to expose the NEA is brilliant.


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My dad was a teacher for 43... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

My dad was a teacher for 43 years, NEA Union steward for his high school for 20 of those years. Quit the NEA in disgust over the coruption and the hard left politics. SHe spent the last five years of his career trying everything short of a lawsuit to keep them from taking the political money from his check.


Bad typo, SHe should obviou... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Bad typo, SHe should obviously be He. Dang I need to preview.

The NEA folks think it's go... (Below threshold)

The NEA folks think it's going to be a great opportunity to gain some power and leverage.

I've met a lot of the NEA leadership. I've met a lot of AFL-CIO guys over the years. It's like minnows inviting the sharks in.

(And, as mentioned by Brian, the NEA is really hard left-wing. They talk like the posters on Democratic Underground...)

My local Association negoti... (Below threshold)

My local Association negotiates my benefit package, so I don't begrudge it a penny. I do begrudge the liberal bias of the state and national Associations because I see them furthering their agendas before looking out for my students and me.

I belong to the NEA because I have to if I wnat to belong to the local; I can't opt out. Ir does provide $1 million liability coverage, and I'd have to pay Fair Share anyway.

No Education Allowed (NEA) ... (Below threshold)

No Education Allowed (NEA) The proof is their drive to kill the 'no child left behind' program so they can't be held responsible for the failure of the teachers to teach. That is the entire problem in the school systems as a whole, teachers who can't or won't teach.

You dpn't owe your local AN... (Below threshold)

You dpn't owe your local ANYTHING. I teach and refuse to belong to a union. Check out www.righttowork.org and unionfacts.com

Public education will not i... (Below threshold)
just me:

Public education will not improve until the unions are removed. The unions are more about collecting dues and their political agenda than they are about education and teaching the children.

Fighting the NEA should be ... (Below threshold)

Fighting the NEA should be domestic policy priority #1. It is the lynchpin to Dem power as well as the lynchpin to our failing public education and breeding ground for America hating.






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