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Paging Will Franklin...

If anyone happens to see Will Franklin, could you tell him it might be time for a followup to his Babe Theory Of Political Movements piece? I've stumbled across a veritable plethora of new supporting material...

Freedom is hawt.

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They are rather attractive,... (Below threshold)

They are rather attractive, aren't they? Especially when compared to their political opposites here.

Freedom is hot, folks.... (Below threshold)

Freedom is hot, folks.


Lizzie - Please, not before... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Lizzie - Please, not before morning coffe.

In fact, not ever!


Some of them saggy 'taters ... (Below threshold)

Some of them saggy 'taters looked like squash dipped in mud.

Lizzie - Please add a warni... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Lizzie - Please add a warning to links like that, some of us are reading at work and at the end of my lunch period after eating. I am not sure which potential issue could be worse.

Brian - no worse than that ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Brian - no worse than that Danny/Day-O lip-mash a few threads down.

THAT one's a real eeeewwwwww!

Oh, gosh, sorry about that!... (Below threshold)

Oh, gosh, sorry about that! *blushes* I really should think before I post.

Woah . . . who thought anyo... (Below threshold)

Woah . . . who thought anyone could give the Lebanese girls a run for their money?

Will Franklin is indisposed lately, unfortunately - drop him a line, and if he can't do a post on this - I will!!!

Leftists are so physically ... (Below threshold)
Peg C.:

Leftists are so physically grotesque, I think they have to gather at protests or go dateless. *shudder*

These lefists are too nasty... (Below threshold)
Lisa Gilliam:

These lefists are too nasty to look at.I wish someone would stop photographing.






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