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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Presenter Danny Glover, left, kisses Harry Belafonte backstage after Belafonte received the BET humanitarian award during the 6th annual BET Awards on Tuesday, June 27, 2006, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Winners will be announced Sunday. I know that I owe winners for the last two contests.

I'm working on finding a new judge to takeover the contest...

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (94)

Hamlet and Yorick; the Sal... (Below threshold)

Hamlet and Yorick; the Salad Days

"I wish I knew how to quit ... (Below threshold)

"I wish I knew how to quit you!"

(Someone had to say it)


Dumbblack Mountin'... (Below threshold)

Dumbblack Mountin'

[please don't take this as racist, the dumb refers to their idiotic leftist politics]

"You had me at Day-O!"... (Below threshold)

"You had me at Day-O!"

"Tally me Banana."... (Below threshold)

"Tally me Banana."

Or,Baldblack Mount... (Below threshold)


Baldblack Mountin'

(nyuk nyuk)

In a push to make African A... (Below threshold)

In a push to make African American males more comfortable in expressing their feelings for each other, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte share a "smooch on the loops" for the camera. When asked about the experience, Belafonte stated, "The kiss and the gentle caress of my head were fine but the cupping of my nut-sack was a shocking, yet not un-pleasurable, bonus."

"If you like this, how abou... (Below threshold)

"If you like this, how about I show you my lethal weapon?"

"It was great and all, but ... (Below threshold)

"It was great and all, but a real liberal would have grabbed me with his *left* hand."

Thought balloons above both... (Below threshold)

Thought balloons above both: "This tastes just like Hugo Chavez's penis."

That's just wrong.... (Below threshold)

That's just wrong.

Mandingo... (Below threshold)


"The Fruit Of The Poor Lemo... (Below threshold)

"The Fruit Of The Poor Lemon Is Impossible To Eat."

Mmmm, fits like a Glover</p... (Below threshold)

Mmmm, fits like a Glover

Danny Glover: Harvester of ... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

Danny Glover: Harvester of Souls

How each man managed to mis... (Below threshold)

How each man managed to miss the other's buttocks with his lips is beyond me.

"Celebration Of The White S... (Below threshold)

"Celebration Of The White Sox Winning The World Series Continues."

Belafonte thought bubble: C... (Below threshold)

Belafonte thought bubble: C'mon man, open up and give me some tongue.

"This tastes just like Hugo... (Below threshold)

"This tastes just like Hugo Chavez's penis."


I'm app....

I'm ap...



I'm appalled.

*tear drips*


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy... (Below threshold)


Tyrone! I know it was you w... (Below threshold)

Tyrone! I know it was you who betrayed me! But you are still my Bro!

(The Godfather Ghetto Style)

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, th... (Below threshold)

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

"Too Much Fruit In The Punc... (Below threshold)

"Too Much Fruit In The Punch."

Au chante... (Below threshold)

Au chante

Look we put our heads toget... (Below threshold)

Look we put our heads together and we look like Halle Berry's ass.

Broke Backstage... (Below threshold)

Broke Backstage

Oh Danny, is that a Lethal ... (Below threshold)

Oh Danny, is that a Lethal Weapon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

In a variation to the Vulca... (Below threshold)

In a variation to the Vulcan mind-meld, Danny Glover tries to force a thought into Harry's mind.


Thought ballon over Glover's head: "Gibson is a better kisser."

Blacula, Part Deux... (Below threshold)

Blacula, Part Deux

Blaxploitation! We don't ne... (Below threshold)

Blaxploitation! We don't need no stinking blaxploitation - we can do it ourselves.

I don't have a caption... <... (Below threshold)

I don't have a caption...

But I just wanted to go record as saying Kevin... All the hot babes you've posted over the years have officially been cancelled out by a single picture. Nice work.

"If this thing grabbed hold... (Below threshold)

"If this thing grabbed hold of us in Iran, we'd be dead!"

"This tastes familiar...Cindy Sheehan, you slut!"

No caption to add, just tha... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

No caption to add, just that this has to be the best caption contest I've seen on the 'net yet. Keep 'em coming! I haven't stopped laughing yet!

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


Thought bubble over both: G... (Below threshold)

Thought bubble over both: Got to prove we're not homophobes... Got to prove we're not homophobes... Got to prove we're not homophobes...

Gay-O Gay-ODaylig... (Below threshold)

Gay-O Gay-O
Daylight come and he wanna go home
Gay, he say gay, he say gay, he say gay,
He say gay, he say gay-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and he wanna go home

In an ill-fated attempt to ... (Below threshold)

In an ill-fated attempt to revive left wing moonbattery, Danny Glover attempts cardio-pulmonary recusitation on Harry Belafonte.

This week's caption brought... (Below threshold)

This week's caption brought to you by Hugo Chavez's screen saver.

Why Danny Glover can't get ... (Below threshold)

Why Danny Glover can't get a taxi.

Sometimes you feel like a n... (Below threshold)

Sometimes you feel like a nut.

As a Black man, I have to s... (Below threshold)

As a Black man, I have to say that is one of the most disturbing pictures I've ever seen.

But, for what it's worth, MY favorite captions are...

"Hamlet and Yorick; the Salad Days"

"Dumbblack Mountin'"

"You had me at Day-O!"

"Tally me Banana."

and my all-time favorite...


I laughed my a** off when I read that one. But, I'll bet Kevin doesn't have the guts to use it. ;)

The Left's circle jerk reac... (Below threshold)

The Left's circle jerk reaches its inevitable conclusion.

Kevin:Have you guy... (Below threshold)


Have you guys ever considered having a reader-judged voting system for the contest? I am not quite sure how you would implement it but, once done, it would certainly take the work off Wizbang. Probably should number entries, then vote by entry number, starting at a fixed time from the beginning of the contest. I am not sure if any other bloggers do this. It could be interesting.

Then again, you would have ... (Below threshold)

Then again, you would have to worry about scripts, trolls and general a-holes messing it up. Scratch that.

Bill Cosby and Ray Nagin...... (Below threshold)

Bill Cosby and Ray Nagin...who knew?

I'm too old for this shit.<... (Below threshold)

I'm too old for this shit.

Fuck the caption, I think I... (Below threshold)

Fuck the caption, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...that *is* goo... (Below threshold)

"Mmmmmmmmmm...that *is* good spaghetti!"

Hmmmm.Holy Crap!</... (Below threshold)


Holy Crap!

I didn't need to see this man!

Could you put that thing under the Fold please?

My eyes! My eyes!

Black on Black crime... (Below threshold)

Black on Black crime takes a new turn........

Glover and his Harry lover<... (Below threshold)

Glover and his Harry lover

"Boyfriend, your kiss is on... (Below threshold)

"Boyfriend, your kiss is on my list."

hollywood ejaculate transfe... (Below threshold)

hollywood ejaculate transfer caught on film.

It didn't work for Maddona ... (Below threshold)

It didn't work for Maddona and Brittany and it wont work for Harry and Danny.

In political news, support ... (Below threshold)

In political news, support for the amendment to ban gay marriages went up 12 points.

I cannot think of anything ... (Below threshold)

I cannot think of anything that could possibly match - let alone top - Webster's, the very first one posted.

Webster, you have my admiration.


An undercover agent from Te... (Below threshold)

An undercover agent from Team America captures the first documented evidence of the secret greeting practiced by members of the Film Actors Guild.

OJ finally finds the real k... (Below threshold)

OJ finally finds the real killer.

Danny: "Harry? Oh F***, I ... (Below threshold)

Danny: "Harry? Oh F***, I thought they said Halle! Dude, my bad..."

Extended version of my last... (Below threshold)

Extended version of my last post:

Danny: "Harry? Oh F***, I thought they said Halle! Dude, my bad... Man, I hope nobody saw that."

It was you, Fredo.... (Below threshold)
Mike A:

It was you, Fredo.

With the Emperor dead Mace ... (Below threshold)

With the Emperor dead Mace and Lando could now openly express their feelings...

Teethful Weapon... (Below threshold)

Teethful Weapon

Danny Glover felt, after Mr... (Below threshold)

Danny Glover felt, after Mr. Belafonte had criticized President Bush over the Iraq war, that a different kind of tongue lashing was in order.

"You like me! You really l... (Below threshold)

"You like me! You really like me."

You must remember this<b... (Below threshold)

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss ...

No longer living on the "do... (Below threshold)

No longer living on the "down low", Glover and lover come out on BET, to raise awareness.

I surrender. "you ha... (Below threshold)

I surrender.
"you had me at day-o" just blew me away. Absolutely gut-busting LOL.

"Take me Mandingo!"... (Below threshold)

"Take me Mandingo!"

"Chocolate City Brokeback: ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Chocolate City Brokeback: The Reunion"

A near fatal accident occur... (Below threshold)

A near fatal accident occured yesterday while Harry belefonte was speaking at the BET awards yesterday. Mr. Belafonte was trying to make a political statement regarding President Bush when Mr. Belafonte's brain suddenly jumped out of his mouth, screamed "F*** THIS S***!", and ran out the door.

Audience members were aghast as Mr. Belafonte's head then started collapsing inward. Danny Glover quickly grabbed Mr. Belafonte's skull and reinflated it with his own breath, all the while whispering the secret chant of "Bush lied, People died".

When questioned by reporters as to his quick thinking, Mr. Glover replied, "That's exactly the same way Michael Moore inflated my head a few years ago when my brain fled while I was talking to Mel Gibson. Except where I used my lips to save Harry, Michael used his ass to save me."

Mr. Belafonte was reported to have replied, "I smell brautwirst."

Danny Glovers support for H... (Below threshold)

Danny Glovers support for Hamas paid off this evening when CAIR representative Sayed al Chopfryu presented him with the head of Harry Belafonte. It seems the 50s calypso idol mistakenly believed the black tie event to be a roast and began singing "Haji Girl". Glover said the picture attesting to authenticity and freshness would be included for the prospective Ebay buyer.

When Harry met Danny... (Below threshold)

When Harry met Danny

Chocolate kisses. ... (Below threshold)

Chocolate kisses.

Watching the kiss on TV, Fi... (Below threshold)

Watching the kiss on TV, Fidel Castro turned to Hugo Chavez and said, "Why don't we do that anymore?"

As serenaded by Snoop Dogg ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

As serenaded by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre:

"It ain't nothing but gay thing, ba-by...
two locked up brothers so cr-azy..."

Log Cabin Moonbats.... (Below threshold)

Log Cabin Moonbats.

Seinfeld: Not that there's ... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Seinfeld: Not that there's anything wrong with that...on second thought..maybe there is...

Bad gay.... (Below threshold)

Bad gay.

Blackulips?... (Below threshold)


BTW, anyone notice that Dan... (Below threshold)

BTW, anyone notice that Danny's eyes are closed?

Great Comment, J. Blogworth... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

Great Comment, J. Blogworthy.

Nice take on the Irish Ballad; everybody
else, including me, is now fighting
for second and third place, respectively.

Steve D. Jr.

MMMMPH There did You get th... (Below threshold)

MMMMPH There did You get the 3rd one too? Yeah 6 grams right? MMMMPH right.

Black is Beautiful! well us... (Below threshold)

Black is Beautiful! well usually.

If the glover fits? then su... (Below threshold)

If the glover fits? then suck My zits!

Damn, Danny! You kiss bette... (Below threshold)

Damn, Danny! You kiss better'n a Twenty Dollar whore!

Since the invention of the ... (Below threshold)

Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

Danny Glover stars in Lustf... (Below threshold)

Danny Glover stars in Lustful Weapon II.

Where is " Ms.Celie" when y... (Below threshold)

Where is " Ms.Celie" when you need her?

I think I am going to start growing my hair back.


"Yes, We DO have bananas, a... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Yes, We DO have bananas, and Harry, yours
is much more impressive than Mel's."

Did anyone say "Brokeblack ... (Below threshold)

Did anyone say "Brokeblack Mountain" yet?

You righties are killing me, but I must admit, most of these posts are pretty clever :)

An older Wesley Snipes repr... (Below threshold)

An older Wesley Snipes reprises his role as the Daywalker, in Blade IV "The Gay Blade" by sucking the life force from his nemesis, The Skull, played in a cameo by Julian Bond. Tragically, given the paucity of life rforce, it is a short part indeed.

"Thank You, Danny; at this ... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Thank You, Danny; at this very minute, I'm stiffer than Reverend King and Malcolm, respectively."

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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