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NASCAR Loves Cheney

I still remember many years ago, when Bill Clinton got booed at a NASCAR race. When I first heard about it I remember wondering who's bright idea it was to have him appear there. I couldn't believe his handlers had so terribly misunderstood the NASCAR crowd. Tonight, on the other hand, Dick Cheney was greeted with loud cheers.

Update: Just to be clear, I did not mean to suggest that NASCAR fans are all Republicans, just that most are not Bill Clinton Democrats. Now Zell Miller Democrats... that's another story. (Follow the link to my favorite Zell Miller picture. Dale Sr. fans will like it, too).


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Lorie,I may just h... (Below threshold)


I may just have to start going to NASCAR races...

Out Here
Rodney Graves
[email protected]

So was baseball inherently ... (Below threshold)

So was baseball inherently anti-American when Cheney was booed?

We are working on convertin... (Below threshold)

We are working on converting baseball to the right. When the president becomes the baseball commish in 2009, hopefully there will be no left wing moonbats in baseball...

Ollie, didn't you used to b... (Below threshold)

Ollie, didn't you used to be somebody? Before Kos? maybe you need an astrologer.

Oliver, baseball is not ant... (Below threshold)

Oliver, baseball is not anti-American for booing Darth Vader. It is symbolic of the DNC though. Most people who go to baseball games might say they go for the game but the truth is not so. They go for the food, beer, relaxing setting, and so forth. A small few go to watch baseball. The DNC is the same way. Most people in the DNC are one issue people. Abortion, trial lawyers, government hand outs, big government, labor unions, environment, "civil rights", and so forth. Few of them are really there to take the whole package to heart. They sell themselves out for one or a couple of issues. That is why the DNC can never say what it stands for and hope to win national elections.

Between Cheney at the 400 a... (Below threshold)
Mel M.:

Between Cheney at the 400 and Terry Schiavo, Harris is a lock for Senate!

Ollie refers to the opening... (Below threshold)

Ollie refers to the opening day appearance at the Washington Nationals' home game.

Opening day is an event, a place to be to see and be seen, in most cities, and nowhere moreso than DC, having just regained a franchise.

If a significant percentage of the DC home-opener crowd did NOT boo Cheney, THAT would be noteworthy.

Naturally, Ollie doesn't mention why Pelosi, Reid, and Dean don't throw out first pitches at all, but I expect most of us can guess.


Lorie,You drew the... (Below threshold)


You drew the attention of "Filet o' Fish" hisself!

You definately have all the right enemies!

I wonder if "Filet o' Fish" had the blessings of KOS before posting?

Out Here
Rodney Graves
[email protected]

"So was baseball inherently... (Below threshold)

"So was baseball inherently anti-American when Cheney was booed?"

errr, o-Dub? The notion of Major League Baseball being played inside the Beltway under any name other than "Senators" is inherently anti=American.

Now nip off and write another screed against O'Reilly.

I remember a story about Cl... (Below threshold)

I remember a story about Clinton wanting to tour the shops on NASCAR row in the Charlotte area.
Of course he chose Earnhardt Sr. for the tour, and when Big E heard about he said 'get someone else'


LOL typical Bait and Switch... (Below threshold)

LOL typical Bait and Switch. OW receives one point for every post that follows off topic.

This is a thread about Nascar, not some namby-pamby sport.

Beer, Broads, and loud engines in the sweat and dust of summer. Perfect setting to cheer the VP!

I knew I had a house full o... (Below threshold)

I knew I had a house full of Dale Earnhardt. Sr. relics for a reason. That he didn't like slick Willie is reason to buy some more. Guess i'll have to move some Dale Jr's to make room.

Wonder why Ole Oliver Willi... (Below threshold)

Wonder why Ole Oliver Willis didn't see fit to link to http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12138831/

guess he sort of forgot! Now can we get back on subject or does Willis still wanna play gotcha

This was written by an AP w... (Below threshold)

This was written by an AP writer? And it was sent out after the final draft in these words?
Dare I say...there maybe hope for the MSM!

You don't necessarily have ... (Below threshold)

You don't necessarily have to be a Republican to be a country music or NASCAR fan - but you sure as hell had better be PATRIOTIC!

"Just to be clear, I did... (Below threshold)

"Just to be clear, I did not mean to suggest that NASCAR fans are all Republicans" -- Lorie

Let's see here. We got spectators cheering on other people riding around in circles, polluting the air that we breathe as they go, causing global warming, and using up unrenewable resources without giving a damn about whether the people of tomorrow might have any need for oil.

Why, Lorie, of course they're all Republicans!!

After all, it's the Jesus thing to do, right Lorie? Say, wasn't that Jesus himself standing in the third row, cheering on the drivers???

Mars is going thru a global... (Below threshold)

Mars is going thru a global warming period Herman.

Must be all those race car tracks there? Or all them "fans" (like you) fartin' in the wind.

Or was ya just being satarical?

Herman, Tissues ... (Below threshold)

Tissues are real cheap at Target.

Candy: well put: PATRIOTI... (Below threshold)

Candy: well put: PATRIOTISM is what unites NASCAR fans. I'm not fan myself, but I have never met a fan who wasn't a great person. I also notice that they tend to be POSITVE about America as a whole, while not overlooking areas that need work.

Herman: your exhaling is more polluting that any NASCAR race.

Oh, wait, that's really mean. I'm sorry; I shouldn't have written that. Let me rephrase:

The effect of NASCAR in terms of the attitudes of its fans is a net postive contribution to our country. The effect of critics of anything patriotic is a net negative. I much prefer the esxhaust of NASCAR race to the exhalations of the nasty left.

That's better, if more long-winded.

"It is symbolic of the DNC ... (Below threshold)
The Rat:

"It is symbolic of the DNC though. Most people who go to baseball games might say they go for the game but the truth is not so."

If that's the case are people going to NASCAR for the politics? It must be painful for some of these Georgetown types to endure an afternoon of heat and noise in order to get they're populist bonafides.

After all, how many fast cars and fast women flashing their titties can you see before the effect wears off?

"Naturally, Ollie doesn't m... (Below threshold)
richard mcenroe:

"Naturally, Ollie doesn't mention why Pelosi, Reid, and Dean don't throw out first pitches at all, but I expect most of us can guess."

Because Major League Baseball can't afford to be seen with a Mafia princess like Pelosi, Pelosi has a better arm than Reid, and Dean can't help throwing at the batter's head...

"Dean can't help throwin... (Below threshold)

"Dean can't help throwing at the batter's head..."

Screaming all the while, I might add. YEEEAAAHH!!!!

What funny people. They'll ... (Below threshold)

What funny people. They'll cheer Cheney, boo Clinton, but won't act rudely towards Muslims?!

Just kidding, of course. I don't follow NASCAR, but I disagree with the image NASCAR fans have. People who look down on them - as liberals and others are wont to do - are irritatingly elitist.

Within an hour's ride of my... (Below threshold)

Within an hour's ride of my house is Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine. We went there about 7 or 8 times last summer for different events aimed at kids - but last night, we attended a special Miller Lite night with a ton of races and fireworks.

There were some INTERESTING CHARACTERS there, to say the least. But whatever the adult rate is for a particular evening, kids 12 and under get in free, so it's a hot spot for families.

We had SO MUCH FUN! I can't hear anymore, but that's our fault for getting there late and having to sit too close to the track.

That was the BEST fireworks display we've ever seen outside of Boston.

If you have a small track near you, take the family and have a ball. It's a cheap night out, and it's so much more exciting than watching even NASCAR races on tv.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shower the smell of exhaust and rubber out of my hair. Oh, and the bug spray.

Good point, Candy:... (Below threshold)

Good point, Candy:

You don't necessarily have to be a Republican to be a country music or NASCAR fan - but you sure as hell had better be PATRIOTIC!

I've been going to Nascar races since 1983. I've not noted a significant political separation of any of the people I have met. They are practical, hard working, glad to have a vacation for this or that race, and - above all - patriotic. I have never met anyone who agreed with me on all things political - and I am conservative.

Are Nascar fans conservative? Overwhelmingly, yes.
Do they agree on everything? Never seen that one. Everyone's got a different solution - but they generally agree on what the problem is.

Patriotism is not something that Nascar fans walk around with on their sleeve. But they are conscience of its value and they make up a large cross section of all that is America.
We camp every time we go. Many of those camping have portable flagpoles (as we do). Flags with their favorite driver and their favorite college alliance - and 95% of those flagpoles have the American flag on them first. Everything else is extra.

I was at that Darlington, S... (Below threshold)

I was at that Darlington, SC race where Clinton visited during his first run for president. It was the Labor Day weekend and it was NOT a warm reception from the fans. All the drivers and crews welcomed him and "pressed the flesh" so to speak, but there was not one cheer to hear from the crowd.

The piece-de-résistance was the guy who flew a Cessna over the race track all day long with a banner that said, "NO DRAFT DOGER FOR PRESIDENT!".

As far as I remember, Clinton has never attended another NASCAR race.

Zell Miller is a dying bree... (Below threshold)

Zell Miller is a dying breed today. A politician who is an American first, not democrat or republican. Come to think of it, the news media used to be that way too (with a few exceptions).

"NASCAR LOVES CHENEY"......... (Below threshold)

"NASCAR LOVES CHENEY"......and this is news?

"NASCAR LOVES CHENEY"...... (Below threshold)

"NASCAR LOVES CHENEY"......and this is news?

It is, considering Cheney's job approval rating is lower than dirt.


Pretty Good 31

Only Fair/
Poor 65

Not Sure/
Refused 4

Oh, well that explains ever... (Below threshold)

Oh, well that explains everything.






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