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Wizbang Redesign Update

A while back I mentioned that the much delayed redesign at Wizbang is back on track thanks to Sadie and Phin at Apothegm Designs. We're still hard at work on the new layouts, but I did want to give you a draft preview of a portion of the new header.


One of the goals is to move content up the page and better utilize space, while retaining a unique and stylish look. I think we're well on on our way toward that goal.

More updates soon...

Comments (18)

I like it professional and ... (Below threshold)

I like it professional and sharp, but please capitalize the W. I hate it when someone goes all out to be professional but fail to follow one simple rule that helps bring respect to a brand.

I like the look as well, al... (Below threshold)

I like the look as well, although when looking at it for too long one can see the muslim crescent and star, but that is probably because I have been reading about the way they are trying to "honor" the victims of the Pennsylvania flight and also because I look at everything way too closely.

Please put the bang back on... (Below threshold)

Please put the bang back on the logo. Something about that '!' makes me laugh, like it's making the 'bang' louder or something :). Other than that, it's very nice!

Ooh, also, dot the I with that lit fuse. That would look cool. And try to work in a picture of Bucky Katt from that 'Get Fuzzy' comic strip. He tests well on the east coast.

And it never hurts to add a little Homer Simpson. Here, I did it for you. Feel free to use it if you want.

... And what are you going ... (Below threshold)

... And what are you going to replace the pink-bikini girl with?

throwing in bucky from "get... (Below threshold)

throwing in bucky from "get fuzzy" was pure and utter genius Kevin M.

Kevin M I dig your design ... (Below threshold)

Kevin M I dig your design minus the cartoons. I like the dotted I with the "bang" as some have called it. I would also say Wizbang not wizbang.

Kevin, after being a parent... (Below threshold)

Kevin, after being a parent for almost 20 years and doing web design for about two years, as well as a host of other things in life, I know this: if you ask ten people their opinion on something like this, you'll get ten answers. I shudder to think how many opinions you'll get here, and there is NO pleasing us all!

(My two cents worth is that I LOVE it, and I love the small "w". It looks great. But do whatever YOU like - it's YOUR blog.)

I was just kidding of cours... (Below threshold)

I was just kidding of course. I had a bucky katt all chopped out of the cartoon and needed a picture to put him in is all :)

Even without a giant homer head, Mr. Aylward's pic is very nice.

I like it. Nice and neat.</... (Below threshold)

I like it. Nice and neat.

I always wondered what that... (Below threshold)

I always wondered what that thing was around the "W" in your logo. Doh...

Very cool, though I'd cap t... (Below threshold)

Very cool, though I'd cap the "W", add a degrading, shaded colorfill inside the bomb, and pick a different font.

Other than that? Golf claps!

Needs more cowbell.<p... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Needs more cowbell.


Tea wins the thread.... (Below threshold)

Tea wins the thread.

Jay Tea, thanks for making ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, thanks for making me spit coffee all over my screen!

I gotta fever! A fever for more cowbell!

Kevin, it looks great, as a daily reader I'm looking forward to the new design.

...not that there was anyth... (Below threshold)

...not that there was anything wrong with the old design...

Looks nice Kevin.... (Below threshold)

Looks nice Kevin.

I look at this RSS feed and... (Below threshold)

I look at this RSS feed and my eyeballs practically weep scream "Christopher FARKING Walken."

New tagline to replace "Exp... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

New tagline to replace "Explosively Unique": "Blood for Odin!"






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