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Dying for some food

In Rhode Island, a guy and his buddy decided they were hungry, and hit the local supermarket. And I mean that literally.

James Wilcox took his friend and his five-year-old daughter with him to the local Stop & Shop and loaded up on groceries, then left -- skipping the key "pay for them" step. When he went to flee, a police officer tried to stop him. After being hit by Wilcox with a minivan, the officer shot him. Wilcox was DOA at the hospital.

What. An. Idiot.

Now there's a five-year-old girl who will grow up with the memory of watching Daddy be shot and killed right in front of her because he put a load of groceries above her safety and the life of a police officer.

I'd say "good riddance," but why do these morons always manage to off themselves in such a way as to leave a huge mess for others to clean up?

Update: Radio reports say the purloined merchandise was baby formula. I am probably mistaken, but isn't that used in some drug manufacturing process?

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I've noticed from several o... (Below threshold)

I've noticed from several of your posts, Jay, that you take a macabre delight in the misery of others.

You probably shouldn't set yourself up as judge and jury until you've walked a mile or two in "the idiot's" shoes.

Just sayin.'

Len,Because, it appe... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Because, it appears that in some of these cases the idiot stole the shoes.

Yeah,I always took m... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I always took my little children with me when I would go out to rob a liquor store.
That way, I could tend to robbing the cashier while the kiddies grab the good scotch. Healthy five year olds can easily get out with two quarts each. I always tried to be a good parent, I would never allow them to "pack heat."

Len,I have re-read J... (Below threshold)

I have re-read Jay's post several times and nowhere do I sense any evidence of a "macabre delight in the misery of others."

The culling of the herd con... (Below threshold)

The culling of the herd continues.
Let us hope that the magic of genetics puts the daughter ahead of the father in the IQ sweepstakes.

But, but, he was hungry.</p... (Below threshold)

But, but, he was hungry.

Now he ain't...

Len, until you have walked ... (Below threshold)

Len, until you have walked a mile in the shoes of a blogger, perhaps you should hold your own judgement of Jay.

Jay, thanks for thinking of the little girl, and the effect this will have on her. One wouldn't expect such emotion from a macabre-delighter in the misery of others!

BlogDog - LOL.... (Below threshold)

BlogDog - LOL.

Here's a link, JT to concer... (Below threshold)

Here's a link, JT to concerns about folks stealing formula and reselling it to finance drugs.


When I had babies they took... (Below threshold)

When I had babies they took the powdered formula off the shelves at the grocery store. You had to ask for it.

Maybe, just maybe, that fiv... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Maybe, just maybe, that five-year-old daughter was hungry? No money and the pressure was on. What, I ask you know-it-all childless party animals, would you do? Dumpster divin'? Male prostitution with your wealthy frat brother for another $20 loan? Suck Port-o-Poddies for a living?

Oh God. That's what I thought.

<a href="http://www.projo.c... (Below threshold)

Newspaper story on the shooting.

Yes, because a guy who tries to run over a cop with a minivan, who has three outstanding arrest warrants on him, who has an extensive prior history of narcotics & assault charges, is just a poor innocent father with a starving child.


Couldn't be bothered to actually go find and read the news story yerself before you opined on it, could you?

PS -- five-year-olds don't eat baby formula, dumbass.

"PS -- five-year-olds don't... (Below threshold)

"PS -- five-year-olds don't eat baby formula, dumbass."

Chuck, that wasn't nice. how do you know that Len is not still on baby formula.

I know I have not clue, one way or another.

Red Dog woof, woof, woof..... (Below threshold)

Red Dog woof, woof, woof....

Red Fog... knew a lady. Wh... (Below threshold)

Red Fog... knew a lady. What she did was bring her recipt back to the store and claim she somehow missed a whole bag of groceries and pointed out the items she'd paid for but "didn't get." They gave her another bag of groceries.

No, she didn't make a habit of it but she was *really* in a pinch with three little kids to feed. She'd agree it doesn't make it right.

Still, she managed not to hit a police officer with her car. I mean, the idea that she'd actually have injured someone to keep from getting caught? Sure, because that's part of being desperate to feed your kids. (Get arrested and social services will feed them.)

Chuckg,Is the "g" ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


Is the "g" short for gang thang? Anyway, thanks for the enlightening link but not for calling me a 'dumbass'. It is true that baby formula typically stops by three years of age. I was indeed too lazy to find the story and gleen the details to safeguard myself from attacks such as yours. But, Chuckg, I never called the father "innocent" and I really don't appreciate you inferring that I did. For that, I am asking the Omega Kappa Delta brothers to call the $680 debt you've accrued in the past week at $20 per ...

<a href="http://wi... (Below threshold)
Red Fog at July 3, 2006 02:14 PM said:

Maybe, just maybe, that five-year-old daughter was hungry? No money and the pressure was on.

I don't know of a community out there that doesn't have some sort of food bank that offers reduced price food, or if you cannot pay, free food. Hunger doesn't excuse trying to run down a police officer. No matter how anyone tries to spin it.

"Hunger doesn't excuse tryi... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

"Hunger doesn't excuse trying to run down a police officer."

I guess you've never been to the third world, wave_man. Hunger is like sleep deprivation but takes longer. And who is making excuses for this dead man? Not me. This kid could have enrolled in the army and potentially died with dignity.

Since WHEN do FIVE year old... (Below threshold)

Since WHEN do FIVE year old children need BABY formula? This scum bag probably grabbed somew formula to use it as an excuse if he got caught. 5 year olds DO NOT eat baby formula. All you libs who moan and whine about "maybe his child was hungry" are just exposing your impressive ignorance about children's eating habits and dietary needs.

At 5, the kid was way to ol... (Below threshold)

At 5, the kid was way to old for formula. They use it to cut coke and meth, besides reselling it for cash. That's why it's locked up behind the counter at some stores now. The guy was probably tweaked out of his mind.

red dog,I don... (Below threshold)

red dog,
I don't know(and rather doubt) if you've ever read anything by Larry Niven.He writes "hard" sci fi and fantasy.His main protagonist in his future history series is Louis Wu;Louis likes to state,"Stupidity can be a cpital crime."Please see the formula crook.
You should certainly consider this.I notice you thanked someone for not calling you a 'dumb-ass'.I certainly question your basic intellect.Remember,it's a CAPITAL(pun intended)crime.The mills may grind slowly,but stop the bungee jumping,packing your own chute to save 2 dollars and reusing your baggies to sniff glue.Dumb-ass.

Do I have to be the one to ... (Below threshold)

Do I have to be the one to point out the obvious? It costed more in gas to run down the cop with the minivan than the formula.

Except the daughter has alr... (Below threshold)

Except the daughter has already been taught that "the Man" is out to get Daddy. Daddy always had a good reason for the things he did (at least those he admitted to doing) and "the Man" is evil. But most of the things "the Man" says Daddy did are just LIES. Just LIES.

guess you've never been... (Below threshold)

guess you've never been to the third world, wave_man

Uh, Red? This ain't the third world.

Sadly, criminals have kids too and they are just as honorable in protecting them as they are in respecting the property/personal rights of others.

Absolutely no one has to steal to feed their kids. No one.

That scumbag took his littl... (Below threshold)

That scumbag took his little girl along with him to commit a crime; all you need to know about the quality of fatherhood he'd been providing her with can be determined from that disgusting fact.

Lookie,James Wilco... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


James Wilcox was a fiend with a five-year-old who was fatally shot by a cop in the gut after steeling baby formula to cut with crack/meth and I'm a big fat dumbass! Now we at least know that much.

Darleen, people do have to steal to feed their kids but it should not happen in a welfare state out East. No way! We all know overpopulation leads to genocide time and again. It could happen here as the world's refugees flood over our borders. But, back to Wilcox, our All-American dad. Based on all the new information so gracefully supplied here, Wilcox was steeling to feed a bad habit or make a buck dealing smack and his very unfortunate kid was just along for the ride. It's just too bad Wilcox wasn't recruited in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Flint by a noble warrior and packed off to Baghdad to live or die honorably while feeding his kid. It's a better program than that offered by the Pawtucket drug scene.

corwin. corwin? Are you okay, corwin? I'm so, so sorry if I am too much of a bungee-jumpin' dumbass, corwin. Gosh, I'm sorry for that. Do you have something to say about Wilcox, corwin? Do tell. I'm listening. corwin. corwin. I'm here. Do you have soft hands, corwin?

I have to agree with Len, I... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

I have to agree with Len, I never criticise someone until I have walked a mile in their shoes...

That way when I do criticise them they are a mile away and I have their shoes.

"I'll be takin' these Huggi... (Below threshold)

"I'll be takin' these Huggies and whatever cash ya got"

RF,He was shot by th... (Below threshold)

He was shot by the cop not for stealing, but for trying to kill the cop with a freaking minivan.
Please, try to let the details get in the way of your narative in the future.

SCSIwuzzy,Isn't th... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


Isn't the theft and resisting arrest by attempting to run over the cop with a minivan interconnected? Listen, here in the Midwest we eat a lot of corn. It doesn't digest too well. I welcome you, SCSIwuzzy, to pick it out of my stool if you are starving for something savory to nuture yourself. Force your liberal self to recycle with me.

Oh, and SCSIwuzzy, do you have a point to make about Wilcox? If not, just eat and enjoy my narrative.

Dwayne LMAO that's one of m... (Below threshold)

Dwayne LMAO that's one of my favorite movies....ROFL

All I have to say about the... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

All I have to say about the dumbass who took his kid with him while he tried to steal from a store is...

"Blood for Odin!"

<a href="http://wi... (Below threshold)
Red Fog at July 3, 2006 04:43 PM said:

I guess you've never been to the third world, wave_man.

Wrong on both points. I have been to the 3rd world, although not to some of the more desperate countries. As ably pointed out by Darleen, we're not talking about the third world. You even pointed out that this dirtbag was apparently involved in the drug scene. I don't really understand your point unless you are trying to act as an apologist for him.

No scumbag deserves to continue to breathe air if they attempt to kill a police officer discharging their sworn duty. Give it a rest.

wave_man,My point ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


My point is to reinstate the draft. Wilcox was and refugees and unemployed liberals are potentially good candidates for our armed services. But, alas, I suppose I'm wrong on all of these points as well. Many may not qualify, I know. It's very hard to find a brave liberal.

Oh, and I'm not apologizing for Wilcox! Some cat wants to throw his life away, let him do it for his country. I would hope you could follow that logic; I know the cop who shot him can. Wilcox belonged on our frontline in harms way but you panzies would rather call me names than face the choice our next GOP president will make.

By the way, folks attempt to kill cops everyday and never for a good reason. That's part of a cop's daily reality. Take the drug user/dealer off the streets and put them onto the frontline. I know, wrong again but so are you.

Red Fog said:My... (Below threshold)

Red Fog said:

My point is to reinstate the draft. Wilcox was and refugees and unemployed liberals are potentially good candidates for our armed services.

In these two sentences, Red Fog shows

1) that he believes that violence prone drug dealers would feel at home in the U.S. military and

2) that he's willing to hijack any thread about any subject, no matter how unrelated it may seem, and turn it into another anti-Bush, anti-war screed.

In other words, just your garden variety, Kos-worshiping, DUmmiecrat troll.

fatman,The U.S. mi... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


The U.S. military can decide if 'violence prone drug dealers' are fit to serve. They are more experienced at shaping up troubled kids than you may ever realize.

How is reinstating the draft an anti-Bush, anti-war screed? I'm just thinking ahead in hopes we can win this war, you beanhead. I am not attempting to hijack this thread. I am suggesting a solution to Wilcox and his ilk.

Geesh. Have you no brain fatso?

The US military has decided... (Below threshold)

The US military has decided. They don't want troubled kids. They won't take troubled kids. If your record (and urine) is not squeeky clean they WON'T TAKE YOU.

No one in the military wants a draft. No one in the military wants to have to work with conscripted soldiers. Anyone with any knowledge of our present military is aware of this.

fatman has it completely right. Soldiers consider themselves professionals, and they are. Red Fog considers the military a good fit for violent drug dealers, it's not.

Red Fog is a plant/ sock pu... (Below threshold)

Red Fog is a plant/ sock puppet.
The term cock-sucker leaps to mind as well, but I don't want to insult my gay friends or the world's oldest profession...

SCSIwuzzy,I imagin... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:


I imagine you to be like Napoleon Dynamite but without an ounce of humor.

just to answer you all, he ... (Below threshold)

just to answer you all, he had a 4 month old,as well. remember,father of 3. she was his oldest daughter(in the van),youngest was at home with mom.waiting for them to come back. i hope clown's feel cool, giving your thought's,when most of you,are WAY off. my brother was no angel, but last time i checked, minivan's don't move sideway's.and maybe the "hit and run" that happend to the cop, 2 year's before that(that had the cop,out for a yr.),had the cop "panicky,trigger happy",or maybe he was honestly scared. ethier way, he shot threw the driver's window,as the van was passing him. the was no threat then,and i'm pretty sure,a cop car,would have been able to catch a minivan. i beleive he was just mad,and fired. not really felt in danger. but that's only,one man talking. think before you type, moron's






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