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Interview With An Iraqi General

The Real Ugly American linked to and commented on this interesting interview Sgt. Boggs conducted recently with Iraqi General Ali. Here is an excerpt of General Ali from the interview.

We continue to work with the Americans, we captured many bad guys, more than 800. We found caches we found mortars, many weapons. They attacked my house many times. They did not send messages to me but instead sent car bombs and mortars to my family. But I did not stop my mission. I encouraged my family but I did not go home. For three months I did not see my family, I stayed with the coalition to serve my country because my country needed me.

I was in this same position as battalion commander in 1987 during the war between Iraq and Iran which started in 1980-88. In that war I was injured 7 times and have 17 medals for courage. I did not go to Kuwait in 1991 because I did not believe in the old regime and also my tribe did not believe the old regime. He killed many people in my tribe from the military. But now that all the people believe me they work with me and help me.

As two local Sheiks sit across the room for us listening in on our conversation General Alit turns the conversation to them for a minute.

You see those two sheiks they came to thank me because I made their area secure. They are very happy when they see the work being done in their area. When they see people working at night, people driving. Basra and Baghdad are dangerous but my area now is very safe. In my area the security is excellent. Now I can guarantee that you can go by yourself in your uniform with no armor, no helmet, no weapon, and I'll give you my vehicle that you can go to Qayyarah to shop in the market and come back to here and you will be safe. This happened because before the terrorists were in control there was no trust between the Iraqi army and the people. They just believed the terrorists but when I came I controlled this area and I had a meeting with all the sheiks and all the people all the doctors and I made clear to them that all the terrorists and all the criminals were killers against Islam and they believed me and helped me. They gave me information and even caught terrorists and brought them to me. This is excellent. I told them that it was their job, that it was their country. All Iraqi people must fight the terrorists because it was not just the job of the Iraqi army. The terrorists were killing civilians and because of it the people believed me and they came to work with me.

Comments (6)

I agree that terrorists are... (Below threshold)

I agree that terrorists are against Islam. They use it to cheat and lie to people.
But Lorie if it goes on the way it is the people will always be fighting the terrorists. It is like dogs fighting.
Don't you think we should have a different type of sollution? Where we try to find out what makes people become terrorists?
For some strange reason people seem to be biased towards me, but please think on this matter logically my friends.

One possible way to find ou... (Below threshold)
Medican Unity:

One possible way to find out is to take some of them apart, Lee. Love the bitchin' new nom-de-plume.

The time-honored technique of reading entrails can be most enlightening and may help your inderstanding, but you must be certain to use a statistically large sample, say, near 100%, to be certain.

Somehow I have trouble imag... (Below threshold)

Somehow I have trouble imagining that excerpts will make it to Parade Magazine or even Reader's DIgest.

What makes people terrorist... (Below threshold)

What makes people terrorists?
1) Indoctrination...for you lefties that would be brainwashing. Starting at, oh, birth!
2) Uneducated masses...If you can't read you can't question the Imam
3) Uneducated masses...It is the fault of America that we are poor, never mind the billions of oil
4) Tribalization, i.e. non-melting pot effect: You tribe killed my 7 x great uncle, you will pay
5) Martyr Which is better? The promise of 72 virgins after death or living in squallor with no hope of improvement?
6) Indoctrination...Yes, wealthy Muslims become terrorists, but they have been brainwashed since birth and when you are the 7th kid by the 5th favorite wife or concubine, you gotta do something to get daddy to notice you. Rebellion or taking daddy's beliefs to the extreme. (Beat you to the counter arguement, didn't I?)

In other words, terrorists make more terrorists. Blaming other countries for the plight of Muslims is BS.

TO Muslim Unity:
I've read enough of your posts Muslim Unity to know that you blame everyone else and don't feel that Muslims should be held accountable. You throw in the platitudes, mouth the right things from time to time, but then your true beliefs/views get plastered all over your posts.

What this general has said ... (Below threshold)

What this general has said in such soft tones is the magnificent accomplishment the USA has made in Iraq and Afghanistan...nationalism over tribalism.

With a nation of Iraqi they can accomplish a republic. Its a beautiful thing...

What makes these people ter... (Below threshold)

What makes these people terrorists? Indeed, that is a question that has yet to be satisfactorily answered. Many people say it's economic - but then what about well-educated, relatively successful people who become terrorists? Furthermore, would giving a state or a people economic prosperity, rather than that state or people working for it on their own with some help, actually solve anything? Some people say it's US foreign policy and/or Israeli policy - but then who else is going to solve problems and secure their own survival?

Why terrorism spreads is a complex issue that cannot be boiled down to one factor that should be solved. Even if it were, there's no way to solve it. The situation isn't as simple as "solve for x."

One factor in this I will mention, because people don't mention it enough: the spread of dissatisfaction among the people in Muslim lands is a manifestation of the utter failure of Muslim states to take responsibility of their future and work hard to improve it. Every single unsuccessful Muslim state is corrupt, oppressive, and incompetant when it comes to governing. If Muslim states wanted to excel, they very well can. Japan and Germany rose from completely defeated and shattered states into economic powerhouses. This is not to say Muslim states need to do it alone, except all the help (financial or otherwise) they have received has been squandered and abused due to corruption and incompetance. And when other states try to advise them on what they ought to do, the Muslim states refuse to listen.

In any case, this does not help us. What we need to deal with are terrorists that are attacking us now. The only way to deal with them is to kill them. They do not negotiate (unless as a stalling technique). They cannot be reasoned with. Simple as that. We cannot assume they are as we are. They are quite different. Anyone who assumes otherwise is either naive or deliberately refusing to see reality.

The only logical solution is to eradicate the terrorists while improving the lot of other peoples. Some forms of terrorism will exist and flourish no matter how successful a people may be. So, we need to be prepared to deal with terrorism for a long time. But the more a people improve, the better the chances that they will be too busy making a living, and bettering their lives, to devote themselves to terrorism or militancy.

If only Muslim states would let us help them, which often they refuse to do.






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