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NC Blogger Power

Visit Right Wing News today where I will be guest blogging along with some of my favorite people -- three of us are from North Carolina. Here is the full list. Be sure to check out all of their blogs, as well. If you aren't already visiting them daily, you should be.

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North Carolina.... That's, ... (Below threshold)

North Carolina.... That's, like, Oklahoma without tornados, right? And they host some college that all the FARKers think ill of.

If you confuse Oklahoma wit... (Below threshold)

If you confuse Oklahoma with N.C. I'd keep that one a secret. Not real bright, eh?

North Carolina is God's country. And that's a fact.

I am beginning to suspect a... (Below threshold)

I am beginning to suspect a massive conspiracy based in the Tarheel State, aimed at taking over the world.

First they snag the NASCAR Hall of Fame, now their bloggers are showing up everywhere . . . I think the whole Duke Lacrosse 'Rape Scandal' thing was a diversion, designed to keep us occupied and entertained while their devious plot hatched . . .







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