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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ grossed more than a few people out. It was next to impossible to judge, especially as I was contemplating an e-mail from Angelina Jolie, or rather her lawyer, but that's another, for another day. Back to the captions - they were excellent, and you'd probably be best served (sort of like I was by Angelina) by reading the whole list of entries. As for the Angelina thing, when your site appears at the top of Google for Angelia Jolie Baby Shower pictures and the turn out to be stolen, the lawyers are sure to come calling... Still her naked goodness in Gia helps wash away the psychic damage done by this weeks picture...

Presenter Danny Glover, left, kisses Harry Belafonte backstage after Belafonte received the BET humanitarian award during the 6th annual BET Awards on Tuesday, June 27, 2006, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Tom Blogical) - "You had me at Day-O!"

2) (Insomniac) - "This tastes familiar...Cindy Sheehan, you slut!"

3) (Guido) - "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy-O!"

Honorable Mention

4) (the Pirate) - "Why Danny Glover can't get a taxi."

5) (No One of Consequence) - "Danny Glover: Harvester of Souls"

6) (COgirl) - "When Harry met Danny."

The Wholly Inappropriate, But Stunningly Funny Award goes to:

(bullwinkle) - "Thought balloons above both: "This tastes just like Hugo Chavez's penis."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (7)

Thanks Kevin. I was lucky e... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin. I was lucky enough to enter it first but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought it.

You know, I had <... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

You know, I had successfully repressed ever seeing this horrid picture. Thanks!

Now these twits will will be causing me to laugh all day long, and I won't get any work done.

If you happen to come across a picture of the Cindy Shee-hag frenching Hugo Chavez and have the urge to do a caption contest, please violently surpress that urge. ;^)

(I still liked the very first entry from the contest, though: Horatio and Yorik: The salad days.)

Big Mo, I liked "Horatio... (Below threshold)

Big Mo, I liked "Horatio and Yorik: The salad days" too. Maybe it was a little too high brow Shakespeare to win ;)

But my favorite was, "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy-O!" I laugh harder at that than any of the others! Glad to see Kevein had the pair to post it ;)

Oops, sorry about the name ... (Below threshold)

Oops, sorry about the name misspell Kevin. Sloppy typer on board.

the Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy... (Below threshold)

the Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy-O from Guido was about the best for me.

Because of that I started re-writing the whole banana boat song. I got to --

Gay-o Gay-ay-ay-0
Gay night come and I wanna your bone.

I said to myself 'What are you doing?' and quit after that.

You *love* me!! You really... (Below threshold)

You *love* me!! You really, really *love* me!!!

There are so many funny one... (Below threshold)

There are so many funny ones and the caption picture is so entirely gay I could not even come up with anything. hahahahahaha thanks for the laughs.....






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