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Must Read On Mobile Labs From Captain Ed

Don't miss Ed Morrisey's reports on those mobile labs found in Iraq (here and here).

I have written several times about the issue of the mobile laboratories in Iraq and the subsequent conventional wisdom that they served as hydrogen generators for weather balloons instead of WMD production facilities. In April, I pointed out that the hydrogen theory came as a minority opinion within the CIA/DIA teams that reviewed the two labs captured by the Coalition. One month later, Joseph Shahda translated a key memo showing that the Iraqis spent $33 million on the mobile labs in September 2002, while America decided to take military action against the Iraqis, and that the same agency that controlled Iraq's WMD programs (the Military Industrialization Committee) arranged to purchase these facilities.

One key point (besides the memo) that undermines the argument for a civil hydrogen production facility is the ease in which the Iraqis could already produce and store hydrogen. Oil refining creates hydrogen in fairly large quantities as a normal byproduct. If the Iraqis wanted hydrogen for weather balloons, they could have simply pumped it into tanks and used normal trucks to transport it where needed. Now we have another argument against the hydrogen production explanation.

A CQ reader with a doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Minnesota and with over sixteen years of experience in weapons and materiel laboratory work in the military has written a paper on why the hydrogen lab explanation cannot possibly explain the existence and the engineering of these mobile laboratories. Preferring anonymity for professional reasons, "ChemicalConsultant" has allowed me access to a condensed version of an analysis that he has sent to Joby Warrick at the Washington Post, Reps. Curt Weldon and Jane Harman, and former CIA director John Deutsch, now at MIT -- none of whom have responded to ChemicalConsultant or addressed these concerns.

An additional installment in this series will be posted at Captain's Quarters tomorrow.

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Perhaps another Inconvenien... (Below threshold)
Cardinals Nation:

Perhaps another Inconvenient Truth regarding the "Bush Lied, People Died" meme that the MSM/LibDems would prefer not to deal with? I think so.

There is a fellow at Macsmi... (Below threshold)

There is a fellow at Macsmind who thinks Mr. Greenwalds post might be bogus. I don't know,but Macsmind make afew good points.

A nuclear weapon in Sadam's... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

A nuclear weapon in Sadam's kitchen table wouldn't convince those who don't want to be convinced.

Can anyone imagine the numb... (Below threshold)

Can anyone imagine the number of experts who would have crawled out of the woodwork post 1963 had there been an internet then? As it is, for the past 43 years there have been countless "experts" who have found all sorts of alleged conspiracy evidence about the JFK assassination.

Were there the remotest possibility that these so-called labs could have been used for WMD production, there can be no doubt that Bush/Cheney would not be leaving the investigation to Captain Ed and his super-secret weapons advisor.

No one connected w/ these alleged labs has found a single shred of evidence or data to support the WMD/Lab allegations. Whether they were for the production of H gas or something else, Captain Ed isn't going to uncover a "truth" about this issue by engaging in rampant speculation.

These WMD/Lab allegations come from the notorius "Curveball" about whom the Germans warned this administration that he was delusional & unreliable.

Despite the German warnings, Bush.Cheney were deterrmined to use any absurd allegations to justify their war of choice, including those of "Curveball."

Hey old mak43 2/3 is back w... (Below threshold)

Hey old mak43 2/3 is back with his BS. Hey makie the sky is blue to me what color is it to you?

One day. My dream is to not... (Below threshold)

One day. My dream is to not be bored by Blithering idiots.people try to make those who read this blog to leave in disgust.Too bad it woun't work. I decided that from now on to just skip over these post,to read sane people and sane people only Post to your hearts content 44.

mak44:Can ... (Below threshold)

Can anyone imagine the number of experts who would have crawled out of the woodwork post 1963 had there been an internet then?

No one connected w/ these alleged labs has found a single shred of evidence or data to support the WMD/Lab allegations.

Is that your expert opinion ?

- MikeB






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