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Be careful what you wish for...

Massachusetts, as has been widely noted, is arguably the "bluest" of the blue states. And the crown jewel of the state, the gleaming sapphire that puts all other blues to shame, has to be The People's Free Democratic Republic of Cambridge. The home town of Harvard and MIT is filled to the brim with people too educated to think, and so damned stinking rich that they don't have the slightest problem with jacking taxes for whatever is the cause du jour (because, after all, that's what the accountants are for -- to make sure that they don't have to pay a penny more than absolutely necessary).

A while ago, Cambridge decided to declare itself a "Sanctuary City" for illegal aliens. That meant that local law enforcement was forbidden in any way to enforce immigration laws, or cooperate with other agencies that do. It was a wonderful feel-good moment for the Cambridgeans. as the only illegal aliens they ever encounter are menials -- anyone wealthy enough to live in Cambridge is wealthy enough to secure legal status. So they opened their arms to their landscapers, maids, roofers, and the like, knowing full well that they could never afford to take advantage of the proferred generosity.

Well, someone decided that Cambridge's noble gesture deserved a bit of attention, and perhaps even some help in implementing it.

ProjectUSA, a Washington-based immigration control group is choosing to give Cambridge a hand in putting their theory into practice. They're planning on putting up billboards announcing Cambridge's "Sanctuary City" status, along with a phone number where illegal aliens can get info on how to get there and how to contact public officials.

Said Cambridge officials are a smidgen upset at this unsolicited assistance. ProjectUSA director Craig Nelson (not the actor, I believe) dismisses the "racist" charge, noting that that is one of the fallback stock insults from the Left when they have no other answer.

I think it's a grand idea. One of the most devastating and most honest tactics in a debate is to simply highlight the words and deeds of one's opponent, and all ProjectUSA is doing is spreading the word about Cambridge's bold, brave stance. How the hell can they possibly object?

Oh, I forget. It's CAMBRIDGE. Simple logic and reason doesn't apply. They are not only utterly divorced from reality, but they've obtained a permanent restraining order keeping reality a safe distance away.


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Comments (15)

It's nice that Cambridgeans... (Below threshold)

It's nice that Cambridgeans can be so generous and welcoming to illegal aliens, until they actually have to be generous and welcoming to illegal aliens.

I love it.... (Below threshold)

I love it.

Why are liberals so upset? ... (Below threshold)

Why are liberals so upset? Isn't it the peoples' 'right to know' what government officials are doing?

Great. Maybe some of the i... (Below threshold)

Great. Maybe some of the illegals from my part of MA, Lawrence, will now move to Cambridge!

On a serious note, it's a n... (Below threshold)

On a serious note, it's a nice idea to promote the "open" status of The People's Republic of Cambridge (PRC), but nothing will become of it. The PRC has some of the highest real estate anywhere in the country, and many poor people simply cannot afford to live there, and that, of course, is how the good leftists of the PRC can be soooooo progressive and still keep the riff-raff out. It might, of course, scare them a bit, but none of these idiots will ever take any responsibility for their actions or feel any remorse for screwing up.

A few years ago a hard working group tried to open a three-quarter house in the PRC to provide low income housing for recovering alcoholics and addicts. This group has a long history of doing great work with difficult cases. Their clients are individuals who have gone through tough programs and remained sober for over a year. They need housing in an area with good mass transit so that they can work and keep moving forward with their lives. Oh, man, you should have seen the fit the PRC had when this group tried to get the necessary permits. You'd think someone was building a state prison in their backyard.

The PRC is the first to demand social justice and equal opportunity for all citizens -- up until their property values might be affected.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

I think if we all pool our ... (Below threshold)

I think if we all pool our pennies, we could start a free shuttle service from the Rio Grande to Cambridge. Just drop them off at the Town Hall. What do you guys think?

It would probably be enough... (Below threshold)

It would probably be enough of a threat to start having people call City Hall and the various social wellfare organizations to ask about relocating to People's Republic of Cambridge because it is an open city. (My foreign language skills would never fool anybody.)

In particular, the Cambridge Health Alliance (www.challiance.org) would love to know that tens of thousands of uninsured people are considering relocating to People's Republic of Cambridge because the city council (Council of the People's Deputies) decided to declare it an open city.

Didn't Santa Cruz open its ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Santa Cruz open its doors several years ago to homeless migrants by providing food and no legal hassles? I believe it was a great failure and about a year later they recinded the offer. Some folks never learn, except the hard way. Maybe if we moved Cambridge to the worst slum in Mexico it would help!

Perhaps a little eminent do... (Below threshold)

Perhaps a little eminent domain finagling by Taxachussets in the PRC to obtain some land to build a community housing project to house all these illegal aliens is in order? You think the Supreme Court would agree?

epador:That's bril... (Below threshold)


That's brilliant. The folks in the People's Republic of Cambridge have so much political clout they could probably beat back the attempt, but using the Kelo decision is a good thought.


So, is Berkeley the Cambrid... (Below threshold)

So, is Berkeley the Cambridge of the West, or is Cambridge the Berkeley of the East? I know Cambridge is older, but seems to me the key issue is which one became a People's Republic first.

Love to see a 2nd tier righ... (Below threshold)

Love to see a 2nd tier right-wing blogger insulting the intelligence of faculty members of Harvard and MIT.

In other, saner nations, intellectual accomplishment is admired. Not here, though! Book learnin' BAD!

And do you think illegals will be able to afford to live in Cambridge? Ooooh, this will TOTALLY show these educated simps! Or, much more likely, not.

"Intellectuals" whose favor... (Below threshold)

"Intellectuals" whose favorite philosophies deny the efficacy, if not the validity, of the intellect deserve to be made fun of, although perhaps not insulted.

What are you trying to get ... (Below threshold)

What are you trying to get at, FreeKeys? Conservatives are the ones who think faith ought to operate alongside reason.

Intellectuals work at universities, for the most part, and are for the most part liberal-minded. But no, don't take that as indictment of conservativism or the 5% of academics who embrace Hayek over Keynes/Rawls; take that as an indictment of 95% of the segment of the population of this country who have PhDs. That's right, the conservative blogosphere gets it right whereas professional thinkers are misguided idiots.

Oh wait, I forgot: Ward Churchill! Fuck, I lose this argument AGAIN!

I,don't think the illegal's... (Below threshold)

I,don't think the illegal's could rent a house their. If that could be worked out.You all, may have, the right Ideal,to get the officials to open their eyes. It must be hard for them to deside on any thing with out fully knowing, just what it's all about.That would realy drive home, our point of view and this would say it all.It wouldn't take long for them all to get another ideal. THE true picture, of what all Americans,are facing ever day.






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