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CBS... Still Gunning for Limbaugh

Consider this "A Tale of Two Headlines."

Headline #1

Limbaugh cleared in Florida Viagra probe

MIAMI (Reuters) - Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh has been cleared of wrongdoing following his detention at a Florida airport last month when agents found a bottle of Viagra in his luggage that was not prescribed in his name, authorities said on Wednesday.

Under Florida law, certain prescription drugs, including Pfizer's erectile dysfunction remedy Viagra, must bear the name of the person carrying them. Violation is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and 60 days in jail.

But the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office said Limbaugh's psychiatrist had agreed to have his name placed on the Viagra bottle, rather than that of his patient, "in an effort to avoid potentially embarrassing publicity."

Which is perfectly legal under Florida law. That's why he was cleared of all wrongdoing. Everywhere except over at CBS where they give us:

Headline #2

Palm Beach Won't Charge Limbaugh In Viagra Case
Charges Were Referred To Miami-Dade, Where Prescription Was Written

(CBS4 News) WEST PALM BEACH Talk show host Rush Limbaugh will not face criminal charges in Palm Beach County after authorities found he had a bottle of Viagra that was prescribed in his doctor's name, but now, the issue has been dropped into the lap of the Miami-Dade state attorney.

Dr. Steve Strumwasser's, Limbaugh's psychiatrist, told state prosecutors he "agreed to have his name on the label of the Viagra bottle in an effort to avoid potentially embarrassing publicity for the suspect," according to the state attorney's office filing. "Thus, the medication contained in the subject pill bottle was legitimately prescribed to the suspect by his physician."

It is generally not illegal under Florida law for a physician to prescribe medication in a third party's name if all parties are aware and the doctor documents it correctly, said Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County state attorney.

However, since the doctor wrote the prescription in Miami-Dade County, the case has been forwarded to prosecutors there for review. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office had no immediate comment.

CBS -in an unbylined story- is trying their damnest to hold out hope Limbaugh will be charged in Miami-Dade. - Which ain't gonna happen.

Forget the fact Limbaugh didn't break the law -a fact their own story explains- CBS still keeps hoping the National Guard memo story is true and that Limbaugh will be charged for a crime he didn't commit.

I just wonder when the people at CBS will tire of being the laughing stock of the news business.


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Comments (47)

Why won't CBS give Rush a b... (Below threshold)

Why won't CBS give Rush a break?

"I just wonder when the peo... (Below threshold)

"I just wonder when the people at CBS will tire of being the laughing stock of the news business."

Well, CBS is in a very tight race with the NY Times....

Limbaugh will have the last... (Below threshold)

Limbaugh will have the last laugh when the NYTimes and CBS both go dark.

To paraphrase Forest:... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase Forest:

Cheesiness is as cheesiness does.

"Hey Doc, does that Viagra ... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

"Hey Doc, does that Viagra work?"
"Sure it does."
"Well that's great. Can you get it over-the-counter."
"I can if I take two."

Seems pretty much un-Americ... (Below threshold)

Seems pretty much un-American to want to work so hard to falsify the truth to people.

No wonder these days that more and more people won't watch the CBS news. They are a joke to most people.

Seems the ONLY time the press can find possible WMD is if it is possibly in Rush Limbaugh's pants.

CBS will cease to be a laug... (Below threshold)

CBS will cease to be a laughing stock and become a legitimate news organization just as soon as Katie Couris takes over the anchor chair.............Sorry, someone had to say it

You're all wrong. FOX News ... (Below threshold)

You're all wrong. FOX News is the laughing stock of the media. One cannot even say "Fair and Balanced" without laughing.

Limbaugh is a dirtbag and I hop ehis fate is the same as Ken Lay's.

Typical liberal statement. ... (Below threshold)

Typical liberal statement. Hoping for death for someone a liberal disagrees with.

FOX News is the laughing... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

FOX News is the laughing stock of the media.

There must be a lot of people laughing because they are the number one news cable channel. CBS is constantly three in he network news field of three (But hey at least they constantly make the top 3).

Limbaugh is a dirtbag and I hop ehis fate is the same as Ken Lay's.

I know they say you shouldn't take viagra with a heart condition, but I've never read that Rush had cardiac problems, so I am doubtful. It is good to hear from a peace-loving liberal wishing another man dead, though.

Wrong about CBS, they alway... (Below threshold)

Wrong about CBS, they always give the HARD facts.

Whoops.... well maybe not in this case :)

Ryan please we are polite a... (Below threshold)

Ryan please we are polite around here,you go first.you scum.

THe liberals wish Rush Limb... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

THe liberals wish Rush Limbaugh dead while working hard for the terrorists' bills of right. Amazing!

Limbaugh is a dirtbag an... (Below threshold)

Limbaugh is a dirtbag and I hop ehis fate is the same as Ken Lay's.

Oh my, can't you feel the love? Next, Ryan will accuse Limbaugh of being a "hater."

But will Lee condemn him an... (Below threshold)

But will Lee condemn him and decry his lack of morals?
I know, I know, I've just spilled Odin's blood all over myself.

So CBS doesn't know the dif... (Below threshold)

So CBS doesn't know the difference between editorializing and reporting. Neither does FOX. Conservative or liberal, you gotta be pretty ignorant to get your "news" from the idiot box.

Anyway, who cares if Limbaugh committed a crime? It's fun to embarass people who are hypocrites or dumb-asses.

Take, for instance, the President of the United States, who falls off bicycles, chokes on pretzels, and mispronounces English words. All of these kind of fit his semi-contrived image of the not-too-smart Amurkan Preznit, though. After all, lots of voters are suspicious of people who are smarter than them. Limbaugh, on the other hand, has erectile dysfunction, quite possibly due to his addiction to Oxycontin, and takes Viagra for it. He's an armchair warrior who got a doctor's note (well, a proctologist's note) and dodged the draft in Vietnam, and now we know he is a drug addict who has erectile dysfunction. I'm happy to see his macho image get washed away by the "journalists" at CBS.

Another well reasoned argum... (Below threshold)

Another well reasoned argument, Matt. Who could possibly disagree with such towering intellect?

You sure showed us.

It's fun to embarass peo... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

It's fun to embarass people who are hypocrites or dumb-asses.

You pretty much did this to yourself with your idiotic comments above.

I love how the privacy rights liberals, who are screaming impeachment because the NSA dare listen in on terrorists, see nothing wrong with snooping around the medicine cabinets of conservatives.

What % of men, especially Rush's age, suffer from erectile disfunction? Gee, Matt mind if I have a look in your medicine cabinet?

Wonder where "matt"( he is ... (Below threshold)

Wonder where "matt"( he is not a idiot because he says he ain't) gets his "news"?

Can't we ban CBS like Russi... (Below threshold)

Can't we ban CBS like Russia just did ABC? Pack you bags and get out, and here I always depended on CBS for news from Russia. Now I know Pravda is more truthful than CBS, what a shock.
Don't worry about Rush, I posted last week that he's a man with a mission and the idiots that work for a country prosecutor aren't smart enought to deal with him. Now if the Feds. will find the worker (sic) that leaked the lies to the media and fire her, he'll (Rush) be about even.

Who was offering an argumen... (Below threshold)

Who was offering an argument, bobdog? Unless "I like watching Rush Limbaugh get publicly humiliated and shown to be as impotent as his own gasbag rhetoric" counts as an argument, in which case I win.

Take a look around my medicine cabinet, Kaffir. You'll find some Tylenol (for when I have a headache), Visine (for when I smoke weed), and lube and condoms (for when I have sex with my girlfriend). Why you'd want to know these things about a stranger you called out on the wienernet is beyond me, because I'm not a PUBLIC FIGURE who moralizes to the pre-marital-sex-hating crowd and ridicules drug users for a living.

I know if Al Gore tripped and fell in a mud puddle, you would watch the video fifty times and write ten letters to America's Funniest Home Videos demanding they replay it until science changes its mind about global warming, so don't get pissy when a liberal delights in the humiliation of this cretinous quasi-human.

Schadenfreude. It's the sa... (Below threshold)

Schadenfreude. It's the same psychopathology that gives Somalians mob-joy at ripping apart the bodies of American soldiers and dragging them through the street. It's the same social sickness that puts smiles and laughter on the faces of the Palestinians as they celebrate the murder and maiming of innocent Jews. It's the same soul cancer that infects Muslims who believe that death while murdering those who will not submit to subjugation will win them God's favor. A path to personal and eternal damnation. Have a nice trip, Matt.

Personally I think that Lim... (Below threshold)

Personally I think that Limbaugh has been victim to both an out of control district attorney and a very unfriendly press for his pill problem. And now with this Viagra thing, I feel bad for the guy, even though I can't stand him. Though the irony of not putting your name on the prescription to avoid embarrassment leading to another huge press pile-on is pretty rich.

I agree with much of what y... (Below threshold)

I agree with much of what you said, Mantis, but the question is not whether you can stand him or not. He annoys me sometimes, too. We don't have to like him. The issue is a complete disregard for his privacy by the local district attorney, the police, and the media. I'm still waiting for the media to break a major story that Limbaugh was (gasp) completely and embarassingly incontinent at one point and had an uncontrollable breast fixation. It was about 60 years ago, true enough, but the public has a right to know.

If you locate and reread the original story, you'll see that this is a completely legal and commonly used practice to protect the medical privacy of public figures like Limbaugh. The Limbaugh story merely makes the case that the practice is reasonable and necessary.


Matt, if you keep smoking pot, you'll just fall asleep and save us all a lot of bother. Have another hit. And I don't think anyone around here opposes the idea that you have sex; I just think most of us are surprised that anyone would want to be with you when you do.

Yeah matt, leave rush alone... (Below threshold)

Yeah matt, leave rush alone, he is a STAND UP guy. Well....sometimes he is a STAND UP guy. At least when he can get it up he is :)

This is great. More Rush more Rush please!!!!

You're right bobdog. What k... (Below threshold)

You're right bobdog. What kind of woman would sleep with a liberal? We're all fat and covered in Cheeto grease and live in our parents' basements. History's most prominent stud muffins are all conservatives, like John Wayne, and... umm... let's see... Winston Churchill?

I'm glad that some of you claim not to be, but Limbaugh is part of the anti-sex crowd, and he constantly harps on drug addicts (presumably not as much as he used to) for not taking responsibility for their actions. He's a hypocrite. Hypocrites aren't necessarily wrong, but they are deserving of ridicule. Hence the ridicule.

And good for you, twolanefast! That's a very big word for somebody who apparently believes in a place called Hell. I'm very glad that conservatives never ever engage in Schadenfreude, and never stoop to petty personal attacks.

"I'm glad that some of you ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

"I'm glad that some of you claim not to be, but Limbaugh is part of the anti-sex crowd, and he constantly harps on drug addicts (presumably not as much as he used to) for not taking responsibility for their actions."

Provide proof or shut up.

I don't expect quotes to su... (Below threshold)

I don't expect quotes to support claims asserting Hillary Clinton's feminiliberalism. Similarly, I don't feel any obligation whatsoever to demonstrate Rush's disdain for people who have made bad decisions and have to face the consequences. Howzabout you find a quote to the contrary instead, Big Mo. I'm not interested in reading Rush's brilliant words right now. It looks bad when I puke on my desk at work.

That's just about the lames... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

That's just about the lamest cop-out I've read yet.

So, in other words, you can dish it out, but when challenged to prove it, you can't.


Fine. Here's a list of quot... (Below threshold)

Fine. Here's a list of quotes, handily assembled by the fine folks at Buzzflash:


Read them if you want to; they are pretty funny, and support everything I have said about that prick. I have a smug look on my face, FYI.

OK, smart ass, now what was... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

OK, smart ass, now what was the context of those quotes?

Was he reading something? Was he quoting someone esle? Was he saying something as part of a larger point? Was he doing his trademarked "demonstrating absurdity by being absurd"?

If neither you nor Buzzflash can provide the context for those quotes, then your smug grin must look really goofy.

Try again.

Hmm, perhaps you're right, ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, perhaps you're right, Big Mo. Just kidding. Did you see Colbert's clip of himself sipping a cup of tea while doing a piss-poor racist impersonation of a Chinese guy? "Ooooooh, me rikeeeee tea! You come here pretty Western girrr, you brow on it and make it sweet for me!" He then followed that up with the conservative fall-back of "That clip was taken completely out of context!" Pretty much captures your reply. Satire has a hard time keeping up with the wankosphere these days.

So nice try, but you would have to have some kind of crazy imagination (not to mention a cultish devotion to Rush) to suggest that all of those quotes are some kind of self-reflexive ironical reductio of someone else's idea(s). Admit he's a hypocrite. You'll feel like a hundred pounds were lifted off your shoulders if you give up trying to defend this indefensible jerk.

Uhhh...no. Sorry. Not a hyp... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Uhhh...no. Sorry. Not a hypocrite.

I'll give you a hint: he was talking about people wanting to legalize hardcore drugs like crack cocaine and meth.

Rush got addicted to pain drugs because he was in physical pain, for which he got the proper treatment. He wasn't a junkie seeking legalization of dangerous drugs that have literally destoyed millions of lives.

How does that make him a hypocrite?

And your Colbert analogy wa... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

And your Colbert analogy was just stupid, and so was his so-called "satire."

Big Mo:This guy is... (Below threshold)

Big Mo:

This guy isn't worth your time. Isn't it amazing how liberals claim they're so much more "nuanced" than conservatives when interpreting life situations? There is a HUGE difference between recreational drug use and getting hooked on prescription drugs, as anyone can tell...unless you're a liberal and you have a chance to slam a conservative. But what do I know? I'm not "nuanced".

You meant to say my analogy... (Below threshold)

You meant to say my analogy was "apt", Big Mo, because it was in fact apt. Totally apt.

People that don't like Colbert are the people he ridicules full-time. That includes the wankosphere, the media, and the government (mostly Republians, but he swings his cudgel both ways, as does Stewart). I don't expect you to like being shown what a knob you are. Your opinion of his show has very little to do with the overall quality of the comedy and the underyling message, though.

Have some cocoa, calm down, and apply your energy elsewhere. You can't defend Rush, and your refusal to give up is making you look like a Freeper.

Yeah Tom, there are no para... (Below threshold)

Yeah Tom, there are no parallels between getting addicted to a painkiller with opiates in it and getting addicted to narcotics. None.

Jeebus, you're an idiot. Limbaugh scolds people who don't take responsibility for their actions. He purportedly used his maid to doctor shop for Oxycontin for his recreational use, which is illegal. The recreational nature of this abuse is obvious, because the amount of Oxys he was popping every day would tranquilize a herd of cattle. (And he's not that fat.) The guy spent a few years (how many I have no idea) HIGH AS A KITE. I would bet that the label on the initial prescription instructed him to take one or two a day, not thirty. Why wouldn't he take responsibility for his lack of will power?

Don't put words in my mouth... (Below threshold)

Don't put words in my mouth, bonehead. Admit there is a huge difference using coke, heroine, morphine etc., *for fun* and getting hooked on a prescribed medication for pain treatment.

And, give the guy credit for admitting to the world he had a problem, and went to rehab, and dedicated himself to kicking the problem. Yeah, as any other addict, he had to hit rock bottom and be forced to face the problem. But he's doing a lot better than a certain idiot that fronts Babyshambles, as he...

...took responsibility for his actions and got clean.

What's the matter? Too much nuance for you?

Now then. This horse is dead, kicking it will not make it any more dead.

Hey, "Matt"/ "Totally" - Ni... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Hey, "Matt"/ "Totally" - Nice to see that you're posting under at least two names here. Nice job outing yourself, dope. Any other names you've been using?

And sorry, if a "commedian" doesn't make me laugh, that isn't my fault. You never call a potential customer stupid or riducule him or call him a "knob" (whatever the hell that is) for not buying your product.

No wonder liberals continually fail at basic economics.

Just these two names, I thi... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

Just these two names, I think, Big Mo, but there could be others. Why don't you get on that, Dick Tracy? If you must know, I started one thread with a non-name, but accidentally started posting in the other with my name, which Firefox automatically filled in for some reason, and I forgot to change it and then thought to heck with it, who cares. Well, apparently you do, so if this has offended you, please inform me as to what code of blogospherical conduct I have violated. I wasn't trying to misrepresent myself, though.

Why don't you check out Horowitz's statistics on the ideological make-up of university-level economics instructors, before you accuse liberals of not understanding the discipline? And as for your "to each their own" blither on comedy, I thought conservatives were supposed to be objectivists. If you were, you would understand that the quality of Colbert's show, or any other, exists independently of a particular audience member's taste for it. Seinfeld is still funny despite my father's distaste for it. Ditto for you and Colbert. For a pithy discussion of the objectivist metaethics of culturally contingent practices (mostly literary examples, but easily extended to humour), I direct you to Joseph Raz's "Engaging Reason", available at your local university library.

Tom, if you want to give someone credit for doing damage control after they've been outed as a drug abuser, that's fine. I hope you agree with me that all addicts deserve the same opportunity to rehabilitate themselves that Rush enjoyed.

Good grief, Totally Matt, y... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Good grief, Totally Matt, you take yourself waaaaay too seriously. You're far too bitter.

Sorry, I don't buy your "Limbaugh is a hypocrite" schtick. And Colbert ain't that funny.

Why don't you take the Limbaugh challenge and actually listen to him for six weeks straight? Then maybe you'd actually learn something about him and his views, instead of taking him out of context.

I'll listen to Limbaugh for... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

I'll listen to Limbaugh for 6 weeks straight, Big Mo, if you listen to Democracy Now every day it's on too. And it's a shorter program, I think. No? Good! I wasn't keen on the deal either. =)

I have heard clips and read excerpts of Rush's stuff, and while I don't think he's as bad as, say, Michael Savage, I do think he is vindictive and mean. I think the whole Whitewater thing brought a little too much foam to his mouth. And anyway I don't live in an echo chamber like too many libs (and cons); I read lots of conservative material online to stay abreast of what has whose knickers in what sort of knot. Radio is simply very inconvenient for me.

I don't think the Viagra th... (Below threshold)

I don't think the Viagra thing is a big deal at all, but giving Rush a hall pass for addiction while not giving others IS hypocrisy. Because he is 'your boy' you want to so badly have an excuse for him and therefore create a phantom debate about recreational use and medicinal pain. Who cares? Heavy use, and in this case illegal use, leads to the same place: Addiction. This leads you further breaking the law further to get your fix, as Rush did. Addiction also leads to can also lead to disease, poverty, shattered homes, families. And you're arguing that HOW he got there is the legitimate route. I can't accept that since Rush came from a medical position he should get fairer treatment than someone who came to it recreationally. If you open that special case then every case you hear could be turned into a special case, somehow, some way.

It irks me when people just can't own up to the fact and have to make special cases to support the people they choose to like. Just admit he was addicted, he broke the law, he screwed up, but that you still like his viewpoints. My god is it that hard to release that little piece of ego? People on the left and right are both kind of nuts in my mind. I try to take in whatever makes sense, and will admit if something is wrong and not because it is 'left' or 'right'. To defend EVERYTHING someone does means you are a sheep. Religeous freaks do that to explain the scientific impossibility of some biblical occurences. Unless you can show me an 900 year old in an age of far superior cleanliness, I won't buy it.

I've listened to Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Rhodes, Franken, Savage and many others to balance out what's going on in the 'news' (if you want to call it that). My overall take is that all of them are 15% informative and 85% angst to the other side. I will say that Hannity, Rhodes, and O'Reilly win the awards for most emotionally driven 'news', if you want to call it that. If you need examples I'll give them. I actually like listening to Savage. Rhodes is too damn angry to get that much usefullness. I think Franken is pretty funny but we share the same sense of humor. I used to listen to Rush all the time, but honestly, when the drug thing hit, after all his 'tough love' policies, I couldn't even bring myself to listen to his shpeal. I understand where Coulter is coming from (not that I agree) but she is heartlessly mean spirited, and brings her game for pure shock value, which to me reduces her intellectual argument. Anyway, that's all just an aside to let you know where I'm from...

Matt - "vindictive and mean... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Matt - "vindictive and mean?" No way. I wouldn't listen to him otherwise. Vindictive and mean is the very reason why I stopped listening to Savage after two shows.

That's why you should take the Rush challenge. "Clips" won't do it. He's a master radioman and there's a lot of reasons why he leaves most other radio shows far behind in the dust--including every single liberal show. They don't "get it." If Rush was vindictive and mean, his audience size would never have gotten to where it is.

If leftists had any shame, ... (Below threshold)

If leftists had any shame, they wouldn't be leftists. Just another attempt by freedom fighting CBS to rid the world of its most dangerous characters. That is, anyone who disagrees with CBS.

CBS aren't "leftists", DOUG... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

CBS aren't "leftists", DOUG. They allow all sorts of eeeeevil corporations to advertise on their network, and didn't exactly take a firm stand against the invasion of Iraq. The problem is, they're part of the corporate media that depends in part on shock value to improve their ratings, and they obviously think that government scandals, contrived or otherwise, are healthy fodder for TV viewers. (Another reason to SHOOT YOUR DAMN TV and buy an HP MediaCenter.) Dan Rather was a leftist, but I'd say that for the most part their execs are probably partisan Democrats. And those sorts generally aren't leftists, if you care to use the word accurately. Limousine liberals, maybe, but "leftists" believe in sacrifice for the greater good. Rich TV execs don't make very many sacrifices.

Big Mo, next time Rush is on, I won't reflexively turn up my MP3 player, but a 6 week trial? I can't even commit to watching a whole ball game! =)

Six weeks of Rush; now that... (Below threshold)

Six weeks of Rush; now that's torture :0






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