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Ken Lay, Former Enron Executive, Dies of a Heart Attack

Drudge has this on his site but doesn't have a link yet. Fox just announced it as well.

Update: Drudge has a link to the AP story.

Townhall has a story as well.


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Comments (36)

I question the timing. ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

I question the timing.

Bush had him killed to prev... (Below threshold)

Bush had him killed to prevent Lay from revealing their secret deals. Bush had North Korea launch its missles today to divert attention away from the murder of Ken Lay.

Lay never admitted guilt...... (Below threshold)

Lay never admitted guilt...

Hmmmm.1. He's prob... (Below threshold)


1. He's probably pleased he beat the prison rap.

2. He can't be happy he beat the prison rap in quite this manner.

3. What a really lousy 6 months this guy has had.

no appeal this time... (Below threshold)

no appeal this time

I just read it on Yahoo! an... (Below threshold)

I just read it on Yahoo! and said "Gee, I wonder if it's up on Wizbang yet?" I think we all know the rest of that story.

I question the timing too.

he's faking his death to av... (Below threshold)

he's faking his death to avoid prison, money can buy anything when a guy like Bush is in the whitehouse.

C'mon people, it's obvious:... (Below threshold)

C'mon people, it's obvious: Rove had the guy greased. Heck, he probably iced the guy himself, he's that evil.

Let the lefty moonbat consp... (Below threshold)

Let the lefty moonbat conspiracy theories begin!

Hmmm.** Must Credi... (Below threshold)


** Must Credit "ed" **

Rove had him greased to avoid him becoming a witness for the Fitzgerald prosecution against Rove!


I don't know which is more bizzare. Life or it's parodies.

Of course he faked his own ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Of course he faked his own death.

He's now living next door to Elvis on that tropical island.

Ken Lay was a close friend ... (Below threshold)

Ken Lay was a close friend of the Bush family.

Oh for heaven's sakes - you... (Below threshold)

Oh for heaven's sakes - you people are SICK! Whether or not he was a particularly praiseworthy human being, a man is DEAD. And these nutbar conspiracy theories are just ridiculous!

Certainly Mr. Lay's family must mourn him (I would wish that on ANYONE).

As to ascribing all kinds of evil intent or action to either President Bush or Karl Rove - get over yourselves and quit making asses of yourselves!

More details are coming out... (Below threshold)

More details are coming out:

Since their release from jail in Lathem, Mass., the foursome lived a relatively quiet normal life. George moved backed in with his parents. Elaine sold cosmetics on the shopping network. Kramer wrote a book and Jerry agreed to do a movie based on Kramer's book, "Things in Life I Should Have Delayed".

Two days ago, Jerry was doing stand up at Lake Tahoe and got invited up to Aspen by Ken Delay for some skiing and to discuss Jerry's upcoming movie." In the movie was a reference to ENRON and Ken was the consultant for the court proceedings. Both he and Jerry had highly publicized court cases and their friendship grew from a casual phone call to many face to face meetings in LA, Denver and once in the coffee house that Jerry's show made famous.

Since it was Kramer's book, Jerry called Kramer to fly out to Aspen to meet with him and Ken. Kramer spoke to George and Elaine before he left and they convinced him to cash in his first class ticket and buy three coach tickets so they could come along.

The three amigos showed up on Ken's doorstep and, being the gracious host, invited them all to stay. Last night, July the 4th, the Delay household shot of firecrackers and waved sparklers as they celebrated Independence Day. Ken apologized for the lack of "real" fireworks and swore they had some Roman Candles and other fireworks but was unable to find them.

It was a quiet morning this morning and Kramer, George and Elaine, suffering from a bit of jet lag, were up early. George and Elaine headed out to the back porch deck to drink some coffee and Kramer went to the garage to find a fishing pole. While Kramer was rummaging around for the pole, he found a box of fireworks tucked behind a box marked "Easter". He ran to the back porch to show George and Elaine his find. George said let's shoot off a Roman Candle and after a few disagreements decided to shoot one over the lake. Kramer used a half a bagel Elaine was eating to slant the candle to fire over the lake. After the first ball of explosive fireworks went off, it shifted the candle so the next one bounced off the porch railing and into Ken Delay's bedroom window. The rest is history.

There won't be any tears sh... (Below threshold)

There won't be any tears shed for Ken Lay in Omaha. It's just like him to cheat us out of something (justice?) with his last breath.

Hmmmm.Oh ... (Below threshold)


Oh for heaven's sakes - you people are SICK! Whether or not he was a particularly praiseworthy human being, a man is DEAD. And these nutbar conspiracy theories are just ridiculous!

Actually we're being sarcastic and trying to outdo each other in emulating the loony-left.

*shrug* perhaps we should specify that next time.

In other words - these cret... (Below threshold)

In other words - these cretins have no morals. They are worse than the moonbats they mock. *shrug*

The death of Ken Lay has th... (Below threshold)

The death of Ken Lay has the Drive-by Media's panties in a wad. They were hoping to get more milage out of the story when he was sentenced

Well, that's just fine, Lee... (Below threshold)

Well, that's just fine, Lee, except these apparently serious posts are already UP at DU...

"...I have to wonder if Cheney had him killed. Lay knew where a lot of bodies are buried..."

"...I'm not buying it. Its too easy. Bush is probably putting his buddy boy up in some island resort for the rest of his life. I want to see a body!"

"...I keep thinking Ken Lay is somewhere in Argentina, soaking up the sun."

"...He killed himself rather than go to prison for the rest of his life. But there may have been a suicide clause in his life insurance policy, so his family wouldn't get the money if the authorities could prove he killed himself..."

"This is so typical; how many people are so blind as to think that everyone connected to something sinister with a reason to expose it will just suddenly have a heart attack. One of the EASIEST types of deaths to induce. It is amazing how many rich and powerful guys have been disappearing, found dead, etc. in the last 7 years. Google it.. you will be amazed."

As I say, as near as I can determine, all of these posts are serious, and I found them all in the same thread after looking through about 1/4 of it. Now, if you want to, you can argue that to be better, the posters above shouldn't follow the examples above. But in my opinion, and it's just my opinion, the satirical posts above are eminently justified, as many on the Left have spent the last 6+ years spouting one consipracy theory after another to try to explain the Left's loss of power.

Too bad he won't get to be ... (Below threshold)

Too bad he won't get to be a prison bride. It's also too bad that there's no such thing as hell.

Who cares if he never admitted guilt? Kenny Boy was human debris. He deserves an unmarked grave.

Ladies and Gentlemen, ... (Below threshold)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lets stop the speculation. We all know that Lay died on the spot having just opened his legal bill from esteemed counsel.

Collapse of Enron - @ $1 Bi... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Collapse of Enron - @ $1 Billion

Trial of Ken Lay - @ $4 Million

Lee discussing "cretins with no morals" - Priceless

Has Lair said anything in r... (Below threshold)

Has Lair said anything in response?

Well, that's just fine, ... (Below threshold)

Well, that's just fine, Lee, except these apparently serious posts are already UP at DU...

And that proves what? That people there are as stupid as people here? Ok, I'm convinced.

No, Lee, it doesn't, and he... (Below threshold)

No, Lee, it doesn't, and here's why.

The people at DU really believe what I quoted, and the people who posted above here were parodying them. I know from your posts that you're bright enough to understand the difference. You simply refuse to.

Dang. I meant Ken LAY in my... (Below threshold)

Dang. I meant Ken LAY in my post not DELAY.

You people have to dig as d... (Below threshold)
2006 Suckas:

You people have to dig as deep within the lib/Dem hierarchy as those wankers at DU to find stuff this stupid. Funny thing is, many of the leading lights of conservativism in America are as stupid and twisted as these "moonbats" you seem so intent on legitimizing.

Being a conservative is easier when you insist on ignoring smart people who disagree with you and magnifying and attacking the silliest fringe of the grassroots.

Sheik,<a href="http:... (Below threshold)
Sorry "2006", but DU is KOS... (Below threshold)

Sorry "2006", but DU is KOS is Huffington is where the mainstream Democrat Party is at these days; they are the tail wagging the dog. Just ask Joe Lieberman, a very mainstream Democrat indeed, and an incumbent senator who would easily win re-election if re-nominate, and not involved in any scandal. He's nevertheless in the fight of his political life, just because he will not toe the Kos Party Line on Iraq.

By the way, I look forward to November 8th when you'll be changing your name to "2008 Suckas".

I'm looking forward to 2008... (Below threshold)
2006 Suckas:

I'm looking forward to 2008 too, Evan3457, because regardless of what happens, the government will be better than the one we have now.

Cheers to that!

P.S. dude--it's not that Li... (Below threshold)
2006 Suckas:

P.S. dude--it's not that Lieberman won't toe the Kos line on Iraq; it's that he won't toe the American people's line on it (especially the ones who live in the state he is supposed to represent). You're way out of the mainstream here, Evan3457.

Thanks for that malanalysis... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that malanalysis, "dude", we'll see who's "out of the mainstream" when Lieberman either wins the Democrat nomination outright, or wins re-election as an "independent Democrat".

As for 2008, a better government? Maybe. I doubt it. Again, we'll see.

Just because KOS and the la... (Below threshold)

Just because KOS and the lamestream media claim they talk for the American people doesn't mean they do.

Gianni gets a cookie!... (Below threshold)
2006 Suckas!!!!:

Gianni gets a cookie!

I said Evan3457 was out of the mainstream, because a majority of Americans are opposed to the war and don't think it was worth it. An even larger majority of Lieberman's constituents hold these beliefs. I was not saying that Americans ought to agree with Kos; rather, Kos agrees with the majority of Americans.

You know, I'm not saying this makes you wrong; I'm just saying that more than 50% of Americans BELIEVE you are wrong.

If the majority are against... (Below threshold)

If the majority are against the war, where are the massive protests? Where are the floods of letters? Why did Bush 43 get elected in 04? The republicans still in the majority?
Aren't you supposed to be the reality based community, 2006?

Has it occured to anyone th... (Below threshold)

Has it occured to anyone that the government murdered Mr. Lay to avoid an embarrasing appeal? Everyone "in the know" was aware that Mr. Lay was innocent.






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