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Political Momentum Shifts in Favor President Bush and Republicans

That's what Noel Sheppard writes in his newest piece at The American Thinker:

Despite such unwarranted enthusiasm, the currents dramatically changed in June. This tidal shift began with the killing of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, followed by President Bush's surprise visit to Iraq, and culminating with the New York Times SWIFT article and the Hamdan decision. As a result, in a matter of just three weeks, the political discussion moved from illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, and Iraq, to an issue that Americans still feel Bush and the Republicans are better at handling...the War on Terror.

In effect, the Times and the Supreme Court changed the playing field of political discourse as drastically as moving a Yankees-Red Sox game from Fenway Park to the Bronx. In doing so, they also served Republicans up a fastball right over the heart of the plate that should be easy for them to whack out of the park.

Read the rest of his article. I hope Noel's analysis is right. I would love to see the Dems delivered another loss at the polls in November.


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This is what happens when... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when the fog clears enough to expose the democrat perpetual fraud. Like the Wizard of Oz. When certain events aren't capable of being distorted and spun by democrat media fog machine they begin to hyperventilate and if they can't create a new crisis or smear they can always recycle old disproven lies of theirs. Their the democrats , fraud is their way of life. It doesn't matter once they are elected as history shows.

RobLACa, I agree with every... (Below threshold)

RobLACa, I agree with everything you said.

A few additional thoughts:

The Dem's problem is that everything they have been saying the last 4 years is based upon non-reality. They have put themselves in a position where to win they must either deceive enough of the public or suppress reality (like the media has tried to do with the constant negativity about Iraq). A generation ago this would have worked. They are still operating as if it will now. They don't (won't?) see that there is an alternate media (blogs, Fox News) that actually tells the news as it is, not as they'd like you to believe it is. Of course, in their little cocoon, their world IS the world. If it wasn't then CBS would have surely seen by now what a laughing stock they've become. I would trust the checkout stand rags more than CBS nowadays.

Secondly, the Democratic plan to "move America forward" was unveiled a few weeks back. Not a single word about either immigration or the war on terror (much less Iraq). Reason: they don't have one. Or better yet, they don't have one that will appease their kook base. All the GOP has to do is make National Security an issue and they win. And it won't be hard to do that with the liberal Bush haters, and crazy tyrants like those nuts in Iran and North Korea.

Personally, I can't wait until election day!!!

The Democrats' policy for a... (Below threshold)

The Democrats' policy for all issues is that they can 'do better'. They never say how they can do better, but they are always filled with criticism of the Bush Administration.

They complain that nothing is being done on the WOT (if they will even admit there is one), and when something is done their friends in the MSM sabotage it by blabbing it over the front pages.

Kerry found out that just by saying that he 'has a plan', but never giving specifics, will never win elections.

Not to mention no democrat ... (Below threshold)

Not to mention no democrat in the "know" knows what their platform is that their leaders revealed last week. All hail the party of no direction.

On a more serious note, the tide started changing with the Senate Immigration bill dead ending. Then the Times. But the Icing on the cake was - - the Supremes and they remind us why we vote. We'll see if the tide turns again. What I do see is they are eating their own, ie Lieberman.

Come on now, Kerry had a pl... (Below threshold)

Come on now, Kerry had a plan. Remember what he said - go to my website and see my plan (ha ha).

(Actually I did and did not see a plan).

Kerry's plan was to fight t... (Below threshold)

Kerry's plan was to fight the GWOT smarter. Woops, the NYT just blew that option.

They can "do better." Uh-hu... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

They can "do better." Uh-huh. That was why the local Democrat party marched in the parade Tuesday in Webster Groves, Mo, holding posters of JIMMY CARTER and WOODROW WILSON, two of the biggest failures who ever sat in the White House.

To accompany FDR and Truman and JFK, they would have done better to marched with James Polk and Grover Cleveland.

Wishful thinking. Take a l... (Below threshold)

Wishful thinking. Take a look at this timeline: there is simply too much momentum for it to be stopped so easily.

Also, now that Zarqawi is dead, attacks continue unabated, rendering his death only a minor footnote in the war.

Let's focus on bringing our troops home now, not squabbling over partisan electoral politics, and who "benefits" from issues that effect real people.

Nicolai, Were yo... (Below threshold)


Were you trying to be funny? Cause that was some of the lamest tuff I have heard .

"effect real people". You mean affect real people right? Like the same sort of effect when democrats lied in this situation.

"when Democrats lied 3 million died"

You conscienceless basturds would love nothing than to repeat this. Who is truely the Party that is squabbling over partisan electoral politics as you mentioned?

"Also, now that Zarqawi is dead, attacks continue unabated, rendering his death only a minor footnote in the war"

There is only one truth to your statement , one dumbass opinion and an outright lie and exactly in that order.

Your the one that is wishfully thinking.

RobLACa,Don't be t... (Below threshold)


Don't be too hard on ol' Nicolai, he is just poster child parroting the Democrats talking points from the BDS addled ACE LLL minds at the "reality-based community".

Too bad for him "reality-based" is NOT reality. In many ways people like Nicolai are exhibiting the same behaviour as members of cults. If Reality starts to get too "real" for them expect them to start busting out the kool-aid anytime.






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