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I'm leaving on a jet plane...

If I time this right, this piece should post itself right after I get airborne, on my way to the lovely Baltimore suburbs, a day trip to DC, and the geektastic Shore Leave convention.

Blogging might be a little off for me over the next few days, but I really, REALLY need this trip.

I will be bringing along my camera and Mr. Duckie, of course... and, with luck, persuade someone whom I've mentioned here a few times to pose for a picture with him. It might cost me some green for his favorite cause, but it'll be more than worth it.

Wish me luck, and if any readers are considering attending, look for the guy with the "Jay Tea" nametag, especially at any event featuring Peter David...

Comments (4)

Jay, have the time of your ... (Below threshold)

Jay, have the time of your life! Talk to you soon.

Have as much fun as is lega... (Below threshold)

Have as much fun as is legally possible guy, and I hope you get that pic with Mr. Duckie and friend.

Jay, whenever you leave WB ... (Below threshold)

Jay, whenever you leave WB I'm as happy as when congress is on vacation.

Wow, Amanda Tapping and Gig... (Below threshold)

Wow, Amanda Tapping and Gigi Edgley in one place at the same time. If they could have gotten Claudia Black to show up, I'd be right there with you.

Strong, smart, hot, sci-fi chicks. Awesome.






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