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Out of the mouths of babes...

I've mentioned my friend Candy a few times. To sum up: she's a happily-married mother of five, Christian, home-schooling mom in Maine (Massachusetts refugee) who also teaches adult ed, does web page design, and fends off the occasional bear. She also occasionally comments here, in her copious spare time.

On the 4th, she and the whole family trooped down to see the parade, where the kids were given American flags. The youngest boy, 4, (but he'll be 5 in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, he wants everyone to know) was initially delighted with his, then horribly upset.

It seems his American flag was MADE IN CHINA.

According to the lad, "all the USA flags should be made in America."

I could not agree more.

Kiddo, next time I come over, you get to dunk me in the pool, instead of me throwing you at your brother. And Candy, whatever you're doing with that boy, keep it up.

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I got a round of applause a... (Below threshold)

I got a round of applause at BJ's a few months ago when I picked up an American flag from their display, read the "Made in China" tag, and put it back in the box, with the [admittedly loud] question of "Is it too much to ask that the American flag be made IN AMERICA?"...

Uh oh, Candy's boy is a lib... (Below threshold)

Uh oh, Candy's boy is a liberal trade protectionist! Doesn't he understand, at *nearly* five years of age, that the invisible hand of the market is blind to nationality and geography?!

Seriously though, sounds like a smart kid. Hope he has a fun b-day.

He has announced to one and... (Below threshold)

He has announced to one and all that he wants to go to Aquaboggan water park in Saco, Maine. That's where we'll be. If anyone decides to join us, I have to warn you that the seagulls swoop in and steal food - last summer, a guy spent about $6 on a cheese steak and the darn seagull grabbed it right out of his hands. Three more went into a lady's beach bag, grabbed a bag of Doritos and dumped them all over the ground to share with their friends. I think I saw one trying to hotwire a Jeep in the parking lot, but I can't prove it.






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