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I Hate Being Sick

For the past day and a half I have been fighting a stomach flu, and losing. I am feeling some better today, but have a headache and am still a bit shaky so I won't be back to blogging as usual until later. I did post a quick note at my personal site about my cousin's aunt, Dianne Ryhne, who went missing yesterday. The story is all over the Charlotte news. Please help spread the word and say a prayer for Dianne and her family. I also posted a link at Wizbang Politics to my Townhall column that got a mention on the Rush Limbaugh show today. That is a first for me. Thanks Rush.

Update: Dianna Ryhne was found alive in Asheville. The details are not yet known.

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Get better soon. ... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Get better soon.

Your Townhall column was very good. I like it whenever anyone brings to light the obvious nature of Democrat talking points. And they call Republicans mind numbed robots!

I hope that you get to feel... (Below threshold)

I hope that you get to feeling better, and I hope that your family gets good news soon about your cousin's aunt. God bless you and your family.

Get well soon!... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Get well soon!

Wishing you a speedy recove... (Below threshold)

Wishing you a speedy recovery from the flu and the safe return of your cousin's aunt!

Get well!I disagre... (Below threshold)

Get well!

I disagree with much of your politics, but I hate you being sick! Warmest regards from the friendly opposition...


My mom and my aunt are sist... (Below threshold)

My mom and my aunt are sisters. My mom is aunt to my cousin, as my cousin's mom is my aunt. If there was a third sister, she would be an aunt to both me, and my cousin. So wouldn't your cousin's aunt be either your aunt or your mom, or some kind of aunt-in-law or something? Whatever the case, hope she turns up ok.

Feel better soon, Lorie.</p... (Below threshold)

Feel better soon, Lorie.

Thanks all. I am feeling m... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks all. I am feeling much better this afternoon and am even going to try some blogging here shortly.

My cousin's aunt is not my aunt because her aunt is the sister of my uncle who is married to my dad's sister. Does that make sense?

Lorie:Glad you are... (Below threshold)


Glad you are feeling better and yes it does!

Prayers are offered for your cousins Aunt. I am sure we all wish for her safe return.

Lorie,Dianne is in o... (Below threshold)

Dianne is in our prayers - I will put her name out on the prayer chains tonight. Hope you are feeling better soon, and please keep us informed about Dianne.

I realize this is not a Christian blog by any means, but folks - whether or not you believe it, PRAYER WORKS - if any of you ever need prayer for anything, please let me know. Even you moonbats :)

Get well soon, Lorie. The ... (Below threshold)

Get well soon, Lorie. The stomach flu is nothing to mess around with.

BTW, I heard your name mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh Show today in reference to your Townhall column. Congratulations!! You're definitely an A-lister (though I've always known that).

Take care and get better real soon.

Oh, lord, Lorie, and you ST... (Below threshold)

Oh, lord, Lorie, and you STILL find time to blog?

I've been through the stomach flu a few times. The good news is, it probably won't kill you. The bad news is, you probably will wish it would.

It's no fun when your body demands on purging from both ends at the same time...


I mentioned to my husband t... (Below threshold)

I mentioned to my husband the other night that we now have 4 computers on a wireless network - yet only two bathrooms. I think we have to get our priorities in order.






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