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The Generals

Over the past few months, Laura Lee Donoho has written some very informative posts about the generals that have come out in opposition to President Bush and the war in Iraq, and she does so again today in response to a column from Jed Babbin that more is to come from those generals.

My husband was a Lt. Col in the J-8 (Resource Management) in the Joint Staff during the Clinton administration. The peace dividend taken by President Clinton over his two terms castrated the military. However, to ensure that there was no bad press the Clinton administration required the cuts to be in the areas which were less visible.

A great deal of the general officers at that time rose up and in protest submitted their resignations. (this was integrity) The rumors around the Pentagon were that they would publicly decry the destruction of the military's ability to defend our country.

This did not happen. From what my husband heard through the grapevine the administration made very viable threats against the mass protest and they had a reputation of making good on their threats.

What is little known to the public is how these cuts were accomodated by the newly appointed generals who replaced those who had resigned. They redefined the support structure of the military combat units.

My husband saw the results of these cuts when he was a senior planner for the Iraq Invasion. The accomodation made by the Clinton administration generals was to do away with support structure by contracting out the majority of our logistics. This presented a tremendous amount of problems which in Iraq, resulted in the lack of specific equipment (armored Humvees, body armor, sufficient repair parts, and transportation assets) and in some cases resulted in losses.

The Army's new leadership under Clinton stipulated that these cuts in support would be assuaged by civilian contractors rather than the military system that had been necessary in the previous fifty years. The new "just in time logistics", and the loss of the military Depot system as well as the reduction of support personnel was responsible for a four day lag in the march to Baghdad as well as numerous issues dealing with the logistical lines and problems with the Army support units internal capabilities. (i.e. Jessica Lynch story and others)

The generals we are now hearing from are the same ones who were the architects of this fiasco under Clinton.

Read the rest, including the excerpt from Jed Babbin's column that inspired her post, at Wide Awake Cafe.

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This did not happen. Fro... (Below threshold)

This did not happen. From what my husband heard through the grapevine the administration made very viable threats against the mass protest and they had a reputation of making good on their threats.

Great, another right-handed moonbat. Thanks for sharing this insightful gossip.

And it doesn't re... (Below threshold)
And it doesn't require both genders to have children, only their biological material. Gay men can donate to sperm banks which lesbian couples can go to.

One half of the biological material still must come from outside of the marriage, regardless of what scientific breakthrough is employed.

I'm still thinking about the "Senior citizen/infertile couple" argument.

Oops....wrong window, wrong... (Below threshold)

Oops....wrong window, wrong thread...


Great, another rig... (Below threshold)
Great, another right-handed moonbat. Thanks for sharing this insightful gossip. Posted by: Lee
Anything constructive to say Lee?

It's hardly "gossip," all mannor of logistics were cut as part of the so called Peace dividend."

In the Navy the problems went from the mundane like civilians taking over some shipboard kitchen duties that were formerly done by "bootcamps" (new sailors were required to spend 90 days helping the real navy cooks when first reporting on board from bootcamp.)

And the problems extended to forward deployed ships not getting the critical supplies needed to deploy. EXAMPLE. I watched as an entire shipboard turbine generator set cut from the side of the ship in Yokosuka Ja.

That gen set then replaced a faulty one in another ship that was scheduled to deploy to the Arabian Gulf the following week.

During pre"peace dividend" times that NEVER would have happened. The parts would have been on hand in Japan for immediate use.

And before you ask ("but the ship deployed didn't it?) it did hurt readiness. The ship sat for 3 months with plywood covering the hole waiting for the "civilian" supply system to replace the gen set. Critical time lost when forward deployed ships in Japan are there for the very reasons and events that have occured over the last 10 days in N. Korea.

My advice Lee; Before you dismiss something as "gossip," or more to the point post a comment about it, know what the hell your talking about.

A tall order for some I think.

If you have the mind of eve... (Below threshold)

If you have the mind of even a child you know for a fact that the Slick Willie administration destroyed the U.S. Military. There was no depot system left to supply even small arms ammo for the attack against Osama. The troops were in fact using left over WWII ammo in some weapons. Every ammo plant in the country was on idle and had to fire up 24-7 to provide the ammo. If we had been attacked by a small force, say Cuba, they could have taken a dozen states before the U.S. military could have been supplied with enough equipment to repel an attack.
Wake up lefties, Slick Willie got hundreds killed during the 90's, including those in NYC and the attackers walked free. Oh, you can count the blind man as the only terrorist captured.
This was not the first time a failure from the left has destroyed the military, Dimmy Carter did it and President Reagan built it back. From Personal expercience I can testify that the military under Dimmy didn't have sufficient ammo to practice with any weapons system, including the annual small arms firing range requirement. Fighter planes were grounded from lack of fuel and those that could fly from time to time didn't have ammo and bombs to make the training effective.
I was in a Major Air Force Headquarters during this time and know the truth. The only thing I never figured out is what the Slick Willie administration did with Billions of dollars worth of military equipment. We know they traded Top Secret Missile Guidance plans to China for political donations, but who got the billions from the hardware? Could that be why (Billions from the equipment) the Weasel Hellary says they were broke when they came to D.C. but are really, really rich now?

I remember when the msm rep... (Below threshold)

I remember when the msm reported several generals offered to resign. Then no news on this anymore.

Scrapiron. I distincly remember the USMC cut the budget in everything but ammo....

Been there from 97-06 and I... (Below threshold)

Been there from 97-06 and I can agree with the anti-Clinton rants here. The nefarious Haliburton involvement in DoD mushroomed because of this. We didn't [and still don't] even have enough cooks or dishwashers when we deploy, and end up hiring Haliburton third-world MUSLIMS to cook and wash for our soldiers in the Middle East. The Brits I met in the sandbox could not BELIEVE our military support structure being so dependent upon contractors.

LLD knows of what she posts.

[trying to be nice] I think Lee is missing some critical info here.

But, I thought it was all B... (Below threshold)

But, I thought it was all Bush's fault. (Sarcasm intended.)

Since it is specifically me... (Below threshold)

Since it is specifically mentioned in the Constitution, how in the world can anybody justify slashing the military budget?

We are only expected to protect the entire world.

Heh...I'm a civilian marine... (Below threshold)

Heh...I'm a civilian mariner who happens to be a part of one of the supply systems. For any and all information regarding this system please visit Military Sealift Command. Before any of you start screaming at me, I have to let you know that the combat support ship element actually works more efficiently than the navy. I cannot say anything about the sealift logistics side of things, nor the preposition logistics ships, but the underway replenishment ships (MSFSC-Military Sealift Fleet Support Command) work quite well. In truth, if we are inefficient, its because of what the navy requires us to do. Let me explain...

I last sailed aboard the USNS Mount Baker T-AE 34 (AE means she was an ammunition supply ship). When we were deployed in the Persian Gulf with the USS Theodore Roosevelt's strike group, we barely moved any of our cargo. We kept piddle farting around moving small amounts of ammunition and dry cargo from one ship to another (using the helicoptors deployed on us), but we barely moved any of our own cargo. To add insult to injury, one of our speed runs, we ran way out of our way to pick up some ammunition to deliver to the carrier via helicopter. The ammunition we received was bad ammo, I remember talking to the 2nd mate in charge of cargo and he was complaining how the entire supply system kept passing it on high fiving each other until the MB raised its hand going "hey um guys".

Anyways. The civilian supply system in and of itself isn't a bad one. However, the way the navy TREATS the civilian supply system...needs to be rectified. Again on the last ship I was on, we got a new Boiler 2nd Engineer who got off the USNS Mount Whitney (the flagship of the 7th fleet), and he was explaining the conversion of that ship for the supply,deck, and engine departments to civilian mariners, and he was explaining how the navy captain couldn't get used to guys under his command who wouldn't wipe his butt for him.

The situation is getting better, and the system is streamlining, but the civilian supply system has been around since 1972, when the fleet replenishment oiler USNS Taluga was converted to being run by Civilian Mariners. The amount of ships has been growing for years, now there are ships finally being built entirely for MSC (the USNS Lewis + Clark T-AKE 1 has just finished sea trials and will be traveling from San Diego to her home port in Norfolk soon).

There are more sides to the story than you care to admit.

Henry -Nits to pic... (Below threshold)

Henry -

Nits to pick - the USS Mount Whitney is the 6th Fleet command ship (7th Fleet is based in Pearl Harbor and its command ship is the Blue Ridge).






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