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What's Korean for "Tiger tiger tiger?"

(Shamelessly stolen from my friend Candy)

Does anyone else see the irony in Japan of all nations warning us of Korea's attempt to sneak-attack Pearl Harbor?

My, how things change in a mere 60 years...

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Hmmm.Kimchee Kimc... (Below threshold)


Kimchee Kimchee! Kimchee!


Ahem:"Ho-rang-i! H... (Below threshold)


"Ho-rang-i! Ho-rang-i! Ho-rang-i!"

("rang" sort of rhymes with "long" - it's an "ah" sound.)

(Former US Army Korean linguist.)

Somehow "Ho-rang-i! Ho-rang... (Below threshold)

Somehow "Ho-rang-i! Ho-rang-i! Ho-rang-i" doesnt' have the same ring as "Tora! Tora! Tora!".

I will say this: My husband has every darn war movie ever made, which drives me insane. But I finally broke down and watched "Tora!..." and it was amazing.

I still hate "Blackhawk Down" which makes me a nervous wreck every time I try to watch it.

"We Were Soldiers" and "Saving Private Ryan" are awesome, even for the girl who loves chick flicks like "Hope Floats" and "Steel Magnolias".

...and that's all I have to say about that. (quote from probably the best movie ever made - don't argue with me - you know it's true!)






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