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When Unhinged Trolls Attack

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is an excellent thinker and blogger and from my experiences (via email) with him, a pretty cool guy, too. I am still catching up on my reading from the past week and missed the details of the DDOS attack his site was under. Michelle Malkin has the specifics and tons of links to others with additional information and commentary. Jeff had a sick person leaving disgusting comments at his blog, resulting in that sick person resigning her position at the University of Arizona to avoid being fired. Michelle's latest update post says Protein Wisdom is now back online, but I was unable to access it. I did not post here the sick things Jeff's stalker wrote (they are in Michelle's post), but many of them involved his young child and "sick" is the mildest word I could think of to describe them.

Update: Unfortunately, Jim Hoft has found more examples of children being threatened by political activists.


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Comments (18)

Was just over to Michelle M... (Below threshold)

Was just over to Michelle Malkin's blog and clicked on the Protien
Wisdom blog. Things are up and normal hot straight and true.

Was just over to Michelle M... (Below threshold)

Was just over to Michelle Malkin's blog and clicked on the Protien Wisdom blog. Things are up and normal hot straight and true.

It's terrific that the form... (Below threshold)

It's terrific that the former professor at U of A Ms. Frisch resigned her position.

Threatening a 2 yr old is beyond the pale for anybody.

Just checked and PW is down... (Below threshold)

Just checked and PW is down again.

Yeah, the DOS attack has be... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the DOS attack has been going on for weeks now.

You know, when school lets out . . .

I personally think Frisch did us a favor by reminding us just how despicable the left is. I sympathize with Jeff, though, having his family threatened by a lunatice has to be terrifying.

I think all bloggers are ve... (Below threshold)

I think all bloggers are very brave to open themselves up to the lunatic fringe. Anyone who threatens to harm a blogger's child has obvious mental health issues and as such should be reported to the police. I truly hope this sick woman did resign from the University of Arizona. Just because she claimed she did does not necessarily make it so.

Isn't it funny, those on th... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny, those on the left that call the conservative/Republican folks haters, yet seem to be more then capable of spewing the bile, and rather well too.

Now she is trying to cast herself as a victim.

Some pearls from this freaks site . . .

In hindsight, the things I wrote were over the line of nastiness. I apologize to Mr. Goldstein.

Or this . . .

My intention in this post is to de-escalate the situation. The comments that started this all were nasty, not threatening. But I feel very threatened by the response. Jeff - I lost my job. You won. Could you call off the troops?

You have to love the moral equivalancy of this though . . .

Looks like someone at TalkLeft is siding with Mr. Goldstein. But here's a commenter named bigunit12 who gets it:

On one hand, what she wrote was wrong. But, on the other hand, it was only word. How many dead Iraqi mothers,American and Iraqi fathers, and Iraqi children are conservatives responsible for?

What is so stupid is this person, and I use that term rather loosely here, is a supposed PhD in psycology. You would think that she would know when to step away, doctor, heal thyself!

The wacko's site

I hope she was fired and ca... (Below threshold)

I hope she was fired and can never find another job and that law enforcement makes a timely visit to her home.

Is there any better indicat... (Below threshold)

Is there any better indicator that the left has lost the battle than this sort of thing?

This pisses me off. I mean.... (Below threshold)

This pisses me off. I mean... I know I don't post as much as I used to but DAMN, can't a guy get a good stalker?

Jeff gets this woman and all I get is that asshole Lee.

Life just isn't fair.

Terrific coverage of a nutc... (Below threshold)

Terrific coverage of a nutcase who truly is sick. Just the hint that the nutcase might be a lefty is enough to garner Wizbang's attention. Glad to see the folks around here are up in arms over important issues like a nutcase who verbally attacks someone, but totally ignore actual violence and murder like this.

Report: Rape victim was afraid of U.S. soldiers
Troops allegedly made advances against her

The young woman at the heart of an alleged atrocity by members of the U.S. military knew she had attracted the attention of the soldiers who manned the checkpoint near her home, neighbors say. And she didn't like it.

Neither did her family, and they made a plan to protect her, their neighbors told reporters over the weekend.

But it wasn't enough.

Abeer Qasim Hamza is the young woman identified in news reports as the alleged target of Steven D. Green, the former Army private who was charged Monday with her rape and the killing of her and three other family members in March.

A U.S. military official has described the attack on the family's home south of Baghdad as "totally premeditated," telling The Associated Press that the soldiers apparently "studied" the family for about a week before carrying out the raid.
[snipped for brevity]

People in her town, including the mayor of Mahmoudiya, tell reporters she was actually a teenager. A death certificate viewed by The Washington Post puts Abeer at 15.

Whatever her age, she was described as pretty by the townspeople, according to the Post. And she knew she had attracted the notice of the soldiers. She had to pass through their traffic checkpoint, about 200 yards from her home, almost every day.

Abeer's mother told a neighbor, Omar Janabi, that the soldiers had made advances toward her daughter and that the young woman was scared of them, Janabi told the Post.

The mother asked Janabi if Abeer could sleep at his house, in case the soldiers came for her at night. Janabi said yes, but he told the mother that her fears were unfounded. "I told her the Americans would not do such a thing," Janabi told reporters.

The next day, according to the military, they did.
[snipped for brevity]

Two of the soldiers who were in the house say Green took Abeer's father, mother and little sister into a bedroom and shot them with the AK-47, according to the affidavit, and he and the other soldier then raped Abeer, and Green shot her in the head.

News reports Monday said the family included two sons, ages 8 and 12, who discovered the bodies when they came home from school. They were screaming in the front yard of their house when police arrived.

Where is the right's outrage over this cold-blooded murder and rape? Why no concern about the 8 and 12 year-old sons who come home from school to find their family brutally murdered? Wizbang continues to ignore the inconvenient truths, and instead posts tripe.

If anything, Wizbang would report on the pointed bias of the Marine rape story -- "how dare the MSM call this an "atrocity" - just another sign of MSM bias against the war!

More importantly, why does Wizbang have a policy of not covering these stories of criminal wrong-doing in Iraq? Is the right's hatred so powerful that you ignore the truth that is front-page news around the world, and choose instead to seek out yet another easy chance to bash the left?

No, it's not funny. It wasn't mean to be.

Not only is Protein Wisdom ... (Below threshold)

Not only is Protein Wisdom back up, but the lefty untruth squad is out in force... they've already left comments on my own little blog claiming that it wasn't Mz. Frisch making those comments (despite the fact that she all but admitted it on her own blog) and that Jeff was deliberately not giving out the link to the original article (even though just about everyone has been saying that it's under a DoS attack).

Lest I be accused of not giving out the link, here ya go:

SNAP, Lee!Liberals... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

SNAP, Lee!

Liberals haven't called for the gassing of NY Times editors (Melanie Morgan). Liberals don't use eliminationist rhetoric when making fun of or disagreeing with conservatives (Ann Coulter). Liberals don't post phone numbers on their blogs and then defend it by saying that you could find said phone numbers on the internet anyway (Michelle Malkin, directing her flying monkeys).

Hey, some dumb-shit professor in Arizona is retarded! Alert the media! What does Ann Coulter have to say about it?

That's ONLINE INTEGRITY for ya. Fucking hell.

One minor correction, Matt:... (Below threshold)

One minor correction, Matt:

The person in question migrates between Oregon and Arizona, and is currently back at her main base near Eugene, Oregon, where she's been most of the summer. At least then you post might have some accuracy in it.

It's all for the children d... (Below threshold)

It's all for the children don't you know,unless the children are those of whom you don't agree.The left is good at accusing the right of what they are up to.Just listen to there rants against the right and you will know their possitions 100%.

epador, that's the only<... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

epador, that's the only inaccuracy in it. The implied accusation of hypocrisy is accurate and hopefully might make people with integrity a little uncomfortable at their silence regarding these lunatics.

Glenn Reynolds, third-rate lawyer at a third-rate school, defended Malkin et al by saying that people post his e-mail address on their blogs and that's just as bad as posting a mailing address. I know that the moderators of this blog are smarter than that want-wit.

jainphx, that's awesome. Yo... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

jainphx, that's awesome. You're smart.

This woman will become another Ward Churchill. Out of tens (hundreds?) of thousands of professors, you pick the craziest ones and take that as an indictment of the "left".

As you apparently don't know what a "straw man argument" is, jainphx, go look it up and then consider what you just barfed out as an example of it. It should sink in after a few minutes.

TM, you can find a healthy ... (Below threshold)

TM, you can find a healthy supply of leftists in universities to denigrate the left.

Heck, leftie God Noam Chomsky denied the Cambodian Holocaust for an entire decade, claiming it was basically lies and fabricated.






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