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It's all about location, location, location

Some times, people in neighborhoods that they feel are safe, they will take fewer precautions against random crimes. They won't be as diligent about locking their doors, stopping mail deliveries, and the like.

Sometimes, criminals know about this and try to exploit it. Often, they succeed.

Other times, though, there's a very sound reason why people might let their guard down a little in certain neighborhoods...

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ROFL!! Add that to the Dum... (Below threshold)

ROFL!! Add that to the Dumb Crook news of the week.

I bet they are kinfolks of ... (Below threshold)

I bet they are kinfolks of "Lee". (snicker snicker)

jhow66: I think you may be ... (Below threshold)

jhow66: I think you may be correct, real close relatives, maybe his parents? That would certainly explain his stupidity.

Stupid is as stupid does...... (Below threshold)

Stupid is as stupid does...






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