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Sometimes I have evil thoughts, Part 53

One of my prized purchases at Shore Leave 28 today was a button that reads:

Every time I take my shoes off in airport security, I give thanks Richard Reid wasn't known as the underwear bomber.

I am giving very serious consideration to wearing it through security tomorrow evening for the flight back to Cow Hampshire... any thoughts?

Update: after that idiot in Houston, I ended up putting the button in my checked baggage. It just goes to prove that it's always one idiot who ruins it for everyone...

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Considering the word bomb o... (Below threshold)

Considering the word bomb or bomber in any context will probably get you extra special attention, I wouldn't do it myself. But I'm shy.

jpm100 has a good point. No... (Below threshold)

jpm100 has a good point. Not to mention they might view the sharp pin portion as a weapon. But who knows. I would wear it, so don't hold back. But then again, I'm a rebel.

And I'm highly disappointed... (Below threshold)

And I'm highly disappointed by the lack of gagh on the Klingon Feast menus. Did you attend the feast, Jay?

As your mother would undoub... (Below threshold)

As your mother would undoubtedly advise you, make sure your underwear is clean and doesn't have any holes in it. Or clever sayings or pictures. Or cute little designs...

I would... and then I would... (Below threshold)

I would... and then I would hope the person screening me has a sense of humor.

Sure. Go ahead. Kevin and P... (Below threshold)

Sure. Go ahead. Kevin and Paul will cover your bail, or at least start a collection.

Warning, Will Robinson, War... (Below threshold)

Warning, Will Robinson, Warning! The TSA does not hire people who have a sense of humor!

I say go for it.Bu... (Below threshold)

I say go for it.

But then I'm a sucker for cavity searches.

Do NOT wear the pin anywher... (Below threshold)

Do NOT wear the pin anywhere near an airport. There is no sense of humor when it comes to security screening. Would not like to see you subjected to the consequences.

Maybe you shouldn't wear it... (Below threshold)

Maybe you shouldn't wear it, but it sure is good!!!!!!

I like the button but don't... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

I like the button but don't think it's a good idea to wear it. You could make the evening news though but not sure if it's worth the risk. Not only do TSA people have no sense of humour they also aren't helpful. I traveled to Fort Hood from Hawaii before seeing my hubby off to Iraq and having one disabled child and an 18 month old in a double stroller wasn't fun. What was even less fun is that there was no help for me taking apart the stroller, going thru security myself and then taking each child by myself. Then they told me my daughter had to walk by herself since she was 3 and I told them good luck, she can't walk. After a few minutes they finally let me carry her thru.
Don't risk the fools at TSA. Not worth it!

Love the button.Th... (Below threshold)

Love the button.

There right, they have no sense of humor. Why waste hours of your time explaining what a joke is.

Wear it proudly and in plai... (Below threshold)

Wear it proudly and in plain sight.

They'll never notice. Guara... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

They'll never notice. Guarantee it. TSA agent reactions: "Richard who...?"

I went through airport secu... (Below threshold)

I went through airport security in New Orleans on Friday. I carried a small rock with me for good luck and left it in my pocket. They flagged me for an extra pat-down and when I told the TSA officer what I had in my pocket, he said, "I thought you were just glad to see me." It is good that people in that position can have a sense of humor. Made the rest of my trip enjoyable.

My only suggestion is that ... (Below threshold)

My only suggestion is that if you do decide to where it, be sure to bring your own vaseline.

Gah, where = wear.... (Below threshold)

Gah, where = wear.

Remember what we were told:... (Below threshold)

Remember what we were told:

"To professionalize we must federalize."

Thanks a pantload, Tommy...

Does anyone think that ther... (Below threshold)

Does anyone think that there is any chance for improvement now that Mineta is gone?






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