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Judge Rules On Jefferson Document Raid

U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan ruled today that an FBI raid on Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson's office was legal. Details are posted at Wizbang Politics.


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Comments (10)

Duuhh...... (Below threshold)


Wait a minute, did the Feds... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute, did the Feds knock 3 times first before entering?

An agent didn't swear or affirm the facts were true, so 'help me God' did he? Seperation of Church and State, ya know.

Was the warrant executed on the 5th Wednesday of the month....isn't that in the Constitution somewhere?

Wait, wait, Simps..er....Jefferson is black! King's X. He gets a freebee.

The first step to serious j... (Below threshold)

The first step to serious jail time for this crook!

The Democratic culture of c... (Below threshold)

The Democratic culture of corruption continues.

No politician could be happ... (Below threshold)

No politician could be happy about that ruling. It destroys their self-granted immunity and they ALL have something to hide. They're better than us, you know.

Heh, this should get very i... (Below threshold)

Heh, this should get very interesting soon now that the prosecutor can review the seized evidence.

The Dem leadership can't be very happy.

It's a Congressional... (Below threshold)
Totally Matt:

It's a Congressional culture of corruption, COgirl. Hastert wasn't exactly cooperative.

This Jefferson puke needs to go away. He's an embarassment.

Its an Elected to Elitis... (Below threshold)

Its an Elected to Elitism culture We are enduring here. They all need to go away..

Jay Rockafeller call your o... (Below threshold)

Jay Rockafeller call your office.

Wow'' a judge actually got ... (Below threshold)

Wow'' a judge actually got something right for once.... We need a judge like this to go over the whole Clintock misery years, just for shits and giggles.






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