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PADding my resume...

Several years ago, Peter David joined up with Neil Gaiman and Harlan Ellison for a speaking tour, billing themselves as "the Three High Verbals." Their Boston appearance was very near my birthday, so I was taken as a birthday present. (I ended up paying for it all, but that's another story.) I carried with me several of Peter David's books, but the autograph line (especially for the other two) was too long, so I failed.

Last year, at Shore Leave 27, I again brought along the books. I got to hear Peter David speak, and even got to exchange a few words with him. However, idiot that I am, I left the books at my friends' home.

This year, though, I made sure I had the books, and on Saturday I attended PAD's reading. Only six of us showed up (well, eight, but he sent away the first two because they were the only ones), and he read us two scripts he'd written for Marvel Comics' "young readers" title, "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man." One of them will be coming out soon, and even though I know how they go, I might have to grab 'em anyway. But I did not get to get his autograph.

Sunday, he read another script ("Spike Vs. Dracula #5,") and it sounds as great as the rest of the series. But finally I made my move. I got him to sign my hardcovers of "Imzadi" and "Dark Mirror."

And then I went back through the line, forked over $20 for "Writing For Comics With Peter David," and got him to sign that, too. I gave him a little ribbing about the Stan Lee blurb on the cover ("I can't think of anyone better qualified to give advice on comicbook writing than the multi-talented Peter David. I've been a fan of his for years and will be first on line to buy his book. ") -- "After Stan said such nice things, you won't give him a free copy?"

The second time through, I was fortified in my courage, and my able host (known for this posting as "Jay Paparazzo") captured photographic evidence.

I can die a happy nerd now... I have THREE books autographed by Peter David.

(Update: Crud, as thorleywinston points out, Diane Duane wrote "Dark Mirror," another of my favorite Trek novels by another of my favorite Trek writers. The book I had PAD sign was his own "Q Squared," which does contain a few similar elements. Thanks, thorley.)

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But where's Mr. Duckie?... (Below threshold)

But where's Mr. Duckie?


Let me know when he's speaking to you again.

Goddess, pry your eyes from... (Below threshold)

Goddess, pry your eyes from the blinding glare of two balding pates and cast them down by my left hand, peeking out my pants pocket.

Mr. Duckie would NOT be denied his glimpse of celebrity.


Sad to say, this nerd didn'... (Below threshold)

Sad to say, this nerd didn't really know what Peter David looked like. Fortunately, I did spot Mr. Duckie. Congratulations on a dream come true!

Mr. Duckie seems to be enjo... (Below threshold)

Mr. Duckie seems to be enjoying himself and it's really nice to put a face to the delightful posts you produce.

I'm glad I lived to see thi... (Below threshold)

I'm glad I lived to see this.

Caption for Peter David:<br... (Below threshold)

Caption for Peter David:
Um, is that a bird in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

now what no one knows excep... (Below threshold)

now what no one knows except me is that MR TEA had me take the photo, but there are 12 photos total taken.. the rest have his HAND IN FRONT OF MR DUCKY!!!! now picture someone ( me ) trying to hold a camera without drawing attention to it. .and making gestures to the effect of MOVE YOUR DAMN HAND.. fortunately I was persistant and MR DUCKY was finally exposed.. so to speak

My apologies, Jay Tea--I ha... (Below threshold)

My apologies, Jay Tea--I hadn't scrolled down far enough.

I'm so relieved.

Christ on a pogostick! And... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Christ on a pogostick! And to think I've been wearing my Tea shirts UNtucked all these years! Thanks for the fashion tip.

I'm gettin' the Shaggin' Wagon a bit more now, thanks.

"Three High Verbals" - a re... (Below threshold)

"Three High Verbals" - a reference to autistics?

Or am I missing it again?

mojo, here's a good account... (Below threshold)

mojo, here's a good account of the tour:


Take it from someone who was there. More specifically, the heckler whose ass was threatened with kicking by Harlan.


I like Gaiman, love Ellison... (Below threshold)

I like Gaiman, love Ellison (I have a signed first edition of "Dangerous Visions" if anyone's got lotsa loot), but never heard of David before.

Guess I need to get out to the bookstore more...

"But finally I made my move... (Below threshold)

"But finally I made my move. I got him to sign my hardcovers of "Imzadi" and "Dark Mirror.""

What did he say when you asked him to sign a book written by another author?

Diane Duane wrote "Dark ... (Below threshold)

Diane Duane wrote "Dark Mirror," another of my favorite Trek novels by another of my favorite Trek writers. The book I had PAD sign was his own "Q Squared," which does contain a few similar elements.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. :)






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